This is where they earn their worth. The zippered front pocket found on the Arc Zip and Arc Haul Zip is also quoted as being 2 litres larger than the mesh pocket found on the front of the Arc Blast and Arc Haul. Someone PMed me about this so I thought I would just post a picture here. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Nearly waterproof, lightweight frame, good external storage options, Complex frame, no hip belt pockets, designed for specific use, expensive. Gregory’s flagship men’s Baltoro and women’s Deva packs are long-time favorites for those carrying serious weight. Otherwise I just fold it over and it works great. Alternatively you can use a large trash compactor bag as an internal pack liner (or a “real” pack liner if you’d prefer that). In addition, Arc’teryx uses a durable waterproof fabric along the top and front of the bag for fantastic weather resistance. But in short, my personal favourite is the Arc Haul Zip with it's more durable Gridstop fabric and the convenient front loading zipper. This photo shows the Arc Haul Zip with a massively exaggerated arc. It’s the largest vertebrae in the neck and sticks out the most, so it should easy to find. And it looks like all you did was tie the shock cord (bottom loop) to the daisy chain on the hipbelt and to the included "base straps" on the zpack? Rules about how big of a pack you need are not hard and fast. Organization on the Mariposa is excellent. Get our Handbook - the resource you need to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, and pack weight. 8.3 oz.Fabric: Nylon (100D & 210D)Capacities: 48, 58LWhat we like: Excellent carrying comfort for the weight.What we don’t: Limited organization; buckles are small and one broke during testing. How about: I’m a keen hiker who is passionate about lightweight backpacking. Weight: 5 lbs. The earliest Zpacks backpacks were made from DCF, while Gridstop is a more recent addition to the Zpacks line. Makes no difference IMO. I agree. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The model we tested had an additional lumbar pad, and a V shaped top strap. The Osprey Exos 48 is arguably more comfortable against your lower back since the contact point is much softer, but it has the downside that the hip belt is not removable. A more recent alternative is front zippered access, similar to what is seen on many travel backpacks. The Arc Blast does not have a hydration bladder pocket inside but does have a small sewn-in loop for that purpose. So unless you are aiming to trim every ounce of your base weight, I think the more durable Gridstop material is generally the way to go.