var parentWidth = $("#slider143_container").parent().width(); $ChanceToShow: 2, //[Required] 0 Never, 1 Mouse Over, 2 Always if (parentWidth) { }*/ $BulletNavigatorOptions : { $Steps: 1 //[Optional] Steps to go for each navigation request, default value is 1 //options.$SlideSpacing = 0; $DragOrientation: 1, //[Optional] Orientation to drag slide, 0 no drag, 1 horizental, 2 vertical, 3 either, default value is 1 (Note that the $DragOrientation should be the same as $PlayOrientation when $DisplayPieces is greater than 1, or parking position is not 0) Atwood / HydroFlame Blower Motor & Wheel Kit, Suburban Furnace Blower Motor And Wheel Kits, Air - Hydraulic - Electric Leveling Parts, RV Custom Battery Control Center & Repair Parts, Intellitec Battery Control Centers & Repair Parts, Battery Isolators - Combiners - Seperators, Power Gear - Kwikee Slide Out Controls & Parts, Generator / Transfer Switches / Surge Guards / Energy Management Systems, Generator Start / Stop Switches & Controllers, Parts By RV Manufacturer: Monaco & Holiday Rambler, Atwood / Wedgewood 1/4" Oven Gas Assembly Kit 52704, Atwood / Wedgewood 12 Volt Ignition Module 56162, Atwood / Wedgewood 6500 BTU Burner Valve 53200, Atwood / Wedgewood 9000 BTU Burner Valve 53201, Atwood / Wedgewood Black Oven Door Handle 52025, Atwood / Wedgewood Black Range Top Assembly 57113, Atwood / Wedgewood Burner Box Assembly 57105, Atwood / Wedgewood Burner Bushing, 4 Pack, 53011, Atwood / Wedgewood Burner Electrode Kit 54800, Atwood / Wedgewood Burner Mini Valve 57213, Atwood / Wedgewood Burner Tube Assembly 54136. $.ajax({ { needlessly burning out fire grates and baffle plates and even Atwood / Wedgewood 12 Volt Ignition Module 56162 If there is a stove spare part that you are looking for and we have not yet listed it on our website then please do not hesitate to contact us, by phone or by email, and we will do our very best to source it for you. if(window_width > min_width) async:false, { if (typeof doneonce == "undefined" || typeof doneonce == "object" || !doneonce ) { ScaleSlider143(); headerDetails:imagelistArr, // },50); $31.60 $24.99. Woodburner Spares - suppliers of spares for stoves of leading stove brands including Charnwood Stove spares, Arada Stove spares, Clearview Stove Spares, Contura Stove Spares, Stovax Stove spares and general Wood burning stove spares .attr('href', ''); var imagelistArr = '{"id":"143","website_id":"46","animation_code":"AC143","record_type":"ANIMATION","category_type":"","category_id":"0","animation_name":"Home","slider_type":"standard","autoplay":"Y","single_slide_on_mobile":"N","fill_mode":"2","timer_interval":"4000","hover_pause":"1","play_orientation":"1","arrows":"09","bullets":"17","dimension_type":"PIXELS","height":"307","width":"980","screen_height":"100","thumbnails":"N","transition":"slide","transition_speed":"1500","caption_transition":null,"slide_transition":null,"portfolio_id":"0","keep_height":"N","sort_order":null,"countdown_timer_date":null,"zoom_enabled":"N","single_image_enabled":"N","date_created":"2015-07-23 15:19:57","date_updated":"2015-08-26 15:10:14"}'; method: "POST", }, var basecontent143; outputAnimation143(); // IE and firefox seem to not display the text if its not set to relative $("#getbasecontent143").html(code); changedcode=true; //Function added by JG : START $AutoCenter : 1 IN LINE spark arrestor. } //Set Screensize in cookie } jssor_slider143 = new $JssorSlider$("slider143_container", options143); $DisplayPieces: 1, //[Optional] Number of pieces to display (the slideshow would be disabled if the value is set to greater than 1), the default value is 1 } // if (href) location.href=href; if ($("#slider143_container .keep_height").length){ code = basecontent143; $PauseOnHover: 1, //[Optional] Whether to pause when mouse over if a slider is auto playing, 0 no pause, 1 pause for desktop, 2 pause for touch device, 3 pause for desktop and touch device, 4 freeze for desktop, 8 freeze for touch device, 12 freeze for desktop and touch device, default value is 1 var headerDataArr = '[{"id":"1492","website_id":"46","animation_id":"143","animation_type":"image","animation_image_code":null,"animation_image":"charnwood spare parts authorised dealer","animation_filename":"ANIM_143_charnwood-ssp-new-banner.png","mobile_animation_filename":null,"video_embed_url":null,"header_text":"","body_text":"","header_color":"#ffffff","body_color":"#ffffff","header_background":"","body_background":"","link_url":"","link_new_window":"N","html_content":null,"orderby":"10","thumb_filename":null,"image_slide_transition":null,"image_caption_transition":null,"search_engines":"follow","date_created":"2015-08-25 15:42:44","date_updated":"2020-10-09 12:45:17"},{"id":"1495","website_id":"46","animation_id":"143","animation_type":"image","animation_image_code":null,"animation_image":"morso spare parts banner","animation_filename":"ANIM_143_morso-ssp-new-banner.png","mobile_animation_filename":null,"video_embed_url":null,"header_text":"","body_text":"","header_color":"#000000","body_color":"#000000","header_background":"","body_background":"","link_url":"","link_new_window":"N","html_content":null,"orderby":"20","thumb_filename":null,"image_slide_transition":null,"image_caption_transition":null,"search_engines":"follow","date_created":"2015-08-26 15:10:07","date_updated":"2020-10-09 12:45:17"}]'; } var opt = options143; else }); set_screen_width:"set_screen_width" All our products come with rapid shipping, so you won’t have to wait long to get your camping gear. $UISearchMode: 1, //[Optional] The way (0 parellel, 1 recursive, default value is 1) to search UI components (slides container, loading screen, navigator container, arrow navigator container, thumbnail navigator container etc). else{ jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { // if its smaller then dont scale as normal but instead maintain the minimum Certain popular stove parts are readily opt["$FillMode"] = 0; spares may take us a little longer. if (typeof $JssorSlider$ == 'undefined') var jssor_library_file = ""; wid=$(el).width(); }); Caesar incredibiliter neglegenter amputat tremulus rures. $(window).bind("load", ScaleSlider143); To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. So simply click the "stove glass" menu link and then select the make and model of your stove. available and can be quickly supplied to you, whilst some irregular var href=$this.parent().find("a").prop("href"); //options.$SlideWidth = 0; url: "", $Class: $JssorBulletNavigator$, // img.css({"object-fit" : "none", "object-position" : "50% 0%", "height": minheight+"px" ,"min-height": minheight+"px", "top" : "0 !important", "width": containerw+"px" , "transform":"inherit"}); //Code Added by JG For Mobile View : END function setScreenSizeStandard143() containerw = $("#slider143_container").parent().width(); } $AutoPlay: true, //[Optional] Whether to auto play, to enable slideshow, this option must be set to true, default value is false containerh = $("#slider143_container").parent().height(); { Heat shields that attach to your tent frame that protects side walls from excessive stove heat. ScaleSlider143(); $(el).parent().css({ "display" : "block","background-image" : "url("+$(el).prop("src")+")","background-position": "50% 0%"}); JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. }; } else { $MinDragOffsetToSlide: 20, //[Optional] Minimum drag offset to trigger slide , default value is 20 jssor_slider143 = new $JssorSlider$("slider143_container", opt); Atwood / Wedgewood 1/4" Oven Gas Assembly Kit 52704. currentScreenSize: $(window).width(), For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. // ml =(((img.width()-containerw)/2)+1); function ScaleSliderKeepHeight143(doneonce){ Although some items will differ based on their design, most items like the gasket, fireplace and wood buck will have common components across all manufacturers. //[Optional] The way to fill image in slide, 0 stretch, 1 contain (keep aspect ratio and put all inside slide), 2 cover (keep aspect ratio and cover whole slide), $SlideDuration: 1500, //[Optional] Specifies default duration (swipe) for slide in milliseconds, default value is 500 $AutoPlayInterval: 4000, //[Optional] Interval (in milliseconds) to go for next slide since the previous stopped if the slider is auto playing, default value is 3000 $(this).children("a").css({"background-size":"cover","background-repeat":"no-repeat"}); $this=$(this); $(".wbSliderHeader, .wbSliderSecondary").css({"position":"relative"}); } //FUnction added by JG : END Our sensible pricing means you will not pay over the odds to keep your stove in top condition. // $(".bulletnav").hide(); data: { This helpful video from shows you the steps required to replace the rope seal. Even if you do not need a stove spare yet, we hope that you'll use The Stove Spare Parts website's knowledge base to learn more about stoves and their safe and legal installation as well as how best to operate them to maximise performance and fuel efficiency. /* window.onresize = function () { .appendTo('head') window.setTimeout(ScaleSlider143, 30); Members of the Stove Spare Parts team are always at hand to help you with any questions. else $.getScript(jssor_library_file) // "width": minwidth+"px","height" : minheight+"px", img=$(this);