Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. And if that wasn’t unusual enough, he’s probably the villain most keen to get his hands on the character played by his own daughter…. “My first job ever he played my alcoholic dad, who shot me. "His Dark Materials"- Staffel 1 spielt in einer anderen Welt. In 2012, Will Keen appeared in four episodes of the Titanic mini-series before going onto earn roles in Sherlock, The Musketeers and The Refugees where he appeared alongside his daughter in her first acting role. “I thought, never mind, I’ll just carry on with my life,” she says. “My first job was with him,” Dafne told us. She is in this dark place where she’s going, ‘My father has betrayed me and I’m completely alone.’ But Lyra is an inspiration. Shop now, awarded just two stars by The Telegraph's Anita Singh, The Guardian's Stuart Jeffries was much more enthusiastic, According to Louisa Mellor from Den of Geek. Im Jahr 2007 erschien von New Line Cinema zum ersten Buch der Reihe unter dem Titel Der Goldene Kompass ein Film, der unfortgesetzt blieb, sodass die Filmrechte an Pullman zurückgingen. His Dark Materials is a fantasy drama television series directed by Tom Hooper, Dawn Shadforth, Otto Bathurst, Euros Lyn and Jamie Childs. His Dark Materials – did you know these two actors are related? She has taken plenty of her away from the experience already. When Miranda had finished shooting, they all went for a meal to see him off. That’s quite uncool, but it’s very me!”, His Dark Materials returns on Sunday 8 November on BBC1 at 8.10pm, Line of Duty season six – release date, cast, plot, trailer and H theories. Keen had seen it – was she aware that this new version might be controversial, given the backlash the movie attracted? But there are plenty of Lyra-esque flourishes that make it obvious why she got the part. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Well, her dad, professional actor Will Keen, ended up cast in the series as well, playing the malevolent Magisterium figure Father McPhail. “He’s a very nice guy in real life, OK, he’s not as scary as he looks. D afne Keen does not much look like Lyra Belacqua, at least not as Philip Pullman describes her in His Dark Materials. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but only the first was made – and Pullman’s theme of an abusive authoritarian religious body was watered down almost beyond recognition. “Now I’m a massive, massive fan. She was 11. He got Keen tickets to see his smash-hit musical, Hamilton. It’s moving to see how another person can save you from horror. Keen, who is half British, half Spanish and lives in Madrid, is darker and is already the master of an intense glare, as anyone who saw her alongside Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine swansong Logan will know. Is it really red?’ My mum went, ‘No it’s fine.’ And then she went, ‘Oh no, it’s not fine.’” Her face was red and swollen but she had to do the tape. Lin does the same thing.” Lin is Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Lee Scoresby in His Dark Materials. “She was every inch Laura. “Will Keen and Maria [Fernández Ache], and they’re really wonderful actors. In Northern Lights, the first book of the trilogy, she is “like a half-wild cat”, with dirty fingernails, green eyes and grubby blond-ish hair. “I was sitting in the waiting room with 20 other girls,” Keen remembers. Biden will walk into Oval Office facing a litany of issues. His Dad Materials: There’s more than one reason Lyra might call this character “Father”…. "The BBC, by contrast, is seeing the epic drama through from the opening glass of tokay to the concluding moment, when Lyra's daemon mutates into a pine marten. “Mine is quite easy to figure out, because it’s what everyone called me on set. Keen was still on set when the makers of His Dark Materials asked her to record a final audition. The starring cast includes Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Anne-Marie Duff, James Cosmo, Ariyon Bakare, Clarke Peters, Lucian Msamati, Will Keen, Lewin Lloyd, Daniel Frogson and others.. Watch the official trailer for His Dark Materials I don’t physically look like this character, and these girls all do. “My heart was beating big time,” she says. And it was somehow sunny there, which was very surprising!”, MORE: His Dark Materials season 2 – cast, plot, start date and everything you need to know, DK: “Because I live in Spain, people don’t expect me to be there, so I don’t have people recognising me! Keen particularly liked hers as a pine marten. Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson) verhört die gefangen genommene Hexe Katja (Marama Corlett) während sich Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) auf eine Mission begibt. Alle Serien auf - Seit über 15 Jahren! “But I think people are reading too much into it. Dafne Keen and Will Keen both star in His Dark Materials on the BBC - did you notice the father and daughter in the BBC Philip Pullman drama? “So I am kind of used to that,” she laughed. “I thought, I’m just going to dive in and ask them, and they loved it, so I was lucky.”, Jackman remembers the audition well. Since then, the Oxford-born actor has gone onto appear in over 30 films and TV shows. He has a part in His Dark Materials, as Father MacPhail, part of the Magisterium faithful. “I used to call him the human jukebox because he was always singing. We meet him at around the two-thirds mark of the first episode when he’s introduced as Father MacPhail, a member of the seemingly all-powerful Magisterium, the almost authoritarian regime that controls the world of His Dark Materials. Order a copy of the magical Christmas edition and calendar direct to your door. Epic BBC fantasy stays faithful to its novel origins. The new series stars Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson as Lyra and Will, alongside Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott and Clarke Peters. The Guardian's Stuart Jeffries was much more enthusiastic, awarding the episode four stars. FILMING LOCATIONS: Where was His Dark Materials filmed? The first of series two's seven episodes was awarded just two stars by The Telegraph's Anita Singh. There have been various adaptations of His Dark Materials over the years: a Radio 4 series, a play at the National Theatre and the 2007 Hollywood attempt, The Golden Compass, with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. !’ But I was given a His Dark Materials coat and now it’s cold in Spain so I wore it the other day and they said, ‘You lied to us!’”, DK: “I’d be one of those small monkeys who are very cheeky and they steal from people’s fridges and are very noisy. “I’ve got videos of me and Lin singing it.”. Everyone calls me Monkey.” In the books, daemons change form until their human reaches adulthood, when they settle as one fixed animal. Set in an alternative reality - the deserted city of Cittagazze - the drama is based on The Subtle Knife, the second book in Pullman's trilogy. “And then I also have my mum [Galician actress, theatre director and writer María Fernández Ache] on set who’s my coach. Here's what they are. I suddenly felt this thing on my face and then it started stinging and then it expanded all over my face. His Dark Materials, series 2 episode 1 review: only Pullman fans will still be watching this dense drama 2/5 The epic fantasy series takes us into new worlds, but fails to capture the imagination She loved it. "For avid Pullman fans, the series might be a treat. EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter loses it in the Queen Vic. Despite Dafne Keen standing firmly in the spotlight in His Dark Materials as the series’ main character, she isn’t the only Keen to make an appearance in the series. While the BBC’s colleagues in this endeavour, HBO, are no strangers to creating big-budget series, His Dark Materials is widely reported to be the most expensive show ever to air on the BBC. SEE ALSO: What year is His Dark Materials set in? In Pullman’s books, people have daemons, an animal manifestation of their “inner self”, which lives alongside them. While Dafne Keen takes on the starring role of Lyra in the BBC’s and HBO’s His Dark Materials, she is joined in the series by her father, Will Keen who is also an actor. For a series about magical worlds, aimed at younger viewers, however, there's not quite enough magic.". How well do you know Prince Harry and Meghan? We meet the morning after the world premiere of His Dark Materials, which was the first time Keen had watched it. She’s magnetic. His Dark Materials which features Will Keen and his daughter Dafne continues on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday, November 10th. (“He was playing my evil father, yes. The youngster plays Lyra Belacqua, the heroine in His Dark Materials and was raised at the fictional Jordan College. There was even a bread shop with real bread. All rights reserved. "This isn't the sort of easy series you can write without thinking about it in great depth (The Golden Compass film tried to do that by turning it into an action-adventure film, which it isn't really). For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode His Dark Materials 2x01: «The City of Magpies» Lyra (Dafne Keen) und Will (Amir Wilson) finden sich an einem merkwürdigen neuen Ort wieder. When we meet, in a London hotel, she has the self-possessed cool of a total pro, even at 14. But I think he liked it.” Did he offer his approval? Die Fantasyserie His Dark Materials schreitet im Dezember auch hierzulande in die zweite Staffel. “Then I found out you have to study biology, and to do that you have to study maths, and I went, mmm no, I’m not doing that. {{#media.focal_point}}. How His Dark Materials brought daemons to life. But what was once event TV is now a middling fantasy.". “Two VIP Lin-Manuel Miranda guest tickets. Cumming said that some elements of the books had been lost while being adapted for the BBC One drama. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! “The thing you need to know about Dafne is, her parents are actors,” Keen’s co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Lee Scoresby in the series, told “He is terrifying,” says Keen. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Hauptdarstellerin Dafne Keen auf der Comic-Con 2019 His Dark Materials ist eine dreiteilige Buchreihe, die von Philip Pullman zwischen 1995 und 2000 veröffentlicht wurde. His Dark Materials may star Dafne Keen but did you know her father, Will, also makes an appearance? “I was thinking, oh god, they’re all blond. TV tonight: our highlights for Friday 6th November. “He always plays bad people. “So my audition is with a jelly-face,” she smiles. Dafne Keen: “I was excited to explore Lyra’s vulnerable side, because in series one, she never shows it, she hides her pain. Leap into Lyra’s Victorian adventure on the BBC! But just who does he play in the series and what else might you know him from? “Which is when I got stung by the jellyfish.”. "There's often a sense of genuine peril, but His Dark Materials never leans too far into the potentially very violent moments of Pullman's books," he continued. I was really happy to hear that.”, Keen had not read the trilogy before she auditioned. So it’s like the whole family’s on set.”. 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