The soldier was Amos and the “children of the battlefield” were Frank, Frederick, and Alice Humiston. Of course, I could find the grave by walking up and down the entire New York section, but since I knew the row (B) and the grave number (14), I wanted a more direct approach. Private Myers was a member of Battery E, Tenth Field Artillery. The … The pallbearers were: C. H. Frey, G. E. Peters, C. E. Bischoff, J. Ross Kable, Ira Engle and Ralph Wallick; all artillerymen who served with Myers. That section, of 102-graves, contains four rows; consisting of a few veterans from the Spanish American War and World War I; although the majority are aged Civil War Veterans. Why were these men not buried in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, a cemetery created for all veterans of the Civil War? William’s middle name, Hargraves , is the maiden name of his grandmother on his mother’s side; Mary (Hargraves) Timperlake. His mother also recalled an enlistment attempt in Kansas; which might have been his third or fourth unsuccessful attempt to enlist. President LincolnWWI & WWII Navy Destroyers Named after York VeteranU.S. Then select Search. It is closed to new burials. 30 with NO Traffic Lights, Buckwheat harvest and uses in York County. Veteran Henry F. Emswiler should be honored The 10th Field Artillery continuing to train at Fort Douglas until orders were received to transfer to Camp Merritt, New Jersey; prior to debarkation for overseas duty with the 3rd Infantry Division on April 23, 1918. Wood of York following WWIGreat War tales from the Fairground wallWWI chaplain Albert D. Bell of YorkWWI veteran James Franklin SchumanVeteran Henry F. Emswiler should be honoredYorker Jeannette Zinn a national WWI PatriotMore about WWI patriot Jeannette ZinnFirst York County WWI soldier dies in FranceGerman Submarine Mailed Letter at Newport then Sank 6 ShipsYork WWI Veterans buried near Eiffel TowerLocal WWI Veterans buried in EuropeYorker George B. Hoffman killed with sinking of U.S.S. A capital letter identifies each of four rows in the inner circle of graves. In 1908, Emma Myers remarries Howard S. Sheely. The cemetery stands on the battlefield, just south of town and adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery. William H. Myers is also honored on the Gate 4, World War I, Memorial Tablets at the York Expo Center. The 3rd Infantry Division is famed for its actions at the Battle of the Marne from July 15th to 18th, 1918. For all three, the honors were presented posthumously to their parents. A number of other legionnaires accompanied the body and acted as escort.”. Hello Everyone! Wilbur Suiter: from York erecting engineer to WWI hero That claim was approved and Emma received $10 per month, with 20 months maximum. To continue our example, point your web browser to Private Myers was but 16 years old when he enlisted. For extraordinary valor under fire the Distinguished Service Cross was awarded him and presented to his mother.”, The Gazette and Daily, York, PA, reported on Myers funeral in an August 8, 1921 article: “Funeral services over the body of Private William H. Myers were held Saturday afternoon (Aug. 6th) at 2 o’clock at St. Matthew’s Church, with Rev. Stephen H. Smith retired as a Manager of Design Engineering at York International Corp. William H. Myers is the only York County Veteran noted as receiving the Distinguished Service Cross in “York County and the World War,” by Hall and Lehn; thus he was likely the first of the three to receive that honor. Wood killed in WWI, Funeral of George A. For heroic actions in the Battle of the Marne, the entire 10th Field Artillery was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, with three members of the unit being awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Copyright (c) 2017-2020 Sue Thibodeau. The GPS coordinates for NY Plot B-14 are 39.82057, -77.23139. The key to finding a specific gravestone (like “NY Plot B-14”) is first to find the state’s raised stone marker (see Step 2, above). Next, face in the same direction as the Genius of Liberty statue at the top. The following view looks south towards Soldiers’ National Monument in Gettysburg National Cemetery; from behind “Section 8” graves. What about biking U.S. Civil War battlefields? Recently the site has been dropping photos from YorksPast posts. The Consecration of the Soldiers' National Cemetery was the ceremony at which U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. Most importantly, though, you must remember that the cemetery has two arcs of graves—each separately numbered. (actually H.) Myers, a York boy, who died in France in the World War, will rest in the National Cemetery at Gettysburg. Civil War Cycling - We learn U.S. Civil War history on a bike -, A Schematic Map of Soldiers’ National Cemetery, How to Find Graves in Soldiers National Cemetery, 1. Second, the outer circle includes Maine, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Indiana. The 3rd Infantry Division is famed for its actions at the Battle of the Marne from July 15th to 18th, 1918. If you look toward the graves from the state’s raised stone marker, or from the base of the Soldiers’ National Monument, the names of the inner arc rows are D-C-B-A, in that order. With so many books and articles that include the “plot numbers” of individual graves in Soldiers’ National Cemetery, you’d think it would be easy to find graves there. Behind the stone, you will find rows of flat gravestones. a Dallastown Soldier buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery. Most Confederate bodies were removed from temporary graves 1871-73 and then re-buried in South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Click on this LINK for a Full Size View of the original photos in this post if details are cut off in the cropping of the photos, or if any have been removed from the site. However on William’s fifth, and finally successful, enlistment attempt, he added 2-1/2 years to his actual age of 16-years and 5-months. M. R. Hamsher officiating. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. In 1908, Emma Myers remarries Howard S. Sheely. … William H. Myers is featured in “York County and the World War,” by Clifford Hall and John Lehn. That is to say, the cemetery’s plot numbering scheme is based on the arcs of two concentric circles that each have a set of rows. More about WWI patriot Jeannette Zinn However on William’s fifth, and finally successful, enlistment attempt, he added 2-1/2 years to his actual age of 16-years and 5-months. Private William H. Myers was killed in action during that battle, at Chateau-Thierry, France, on July 15, 1918. Why do we need an article on how to find graves in Soldiers National Cemetery? WWI declaration to Lafayette, we are here!Susquehanna Trail WWI Memorial Sycamores, Reading the Headlines: A Quick Index to All YorksPast Posts.