Re-designed website They see each other and start to plan their fight, but asthe night goes on it is no longer about fighting with the Sharks toTony. Iowa City West High's student newsmagazine View archives from 1968-2010 here: Then after the first act drags on and on, the second act was completely rushed. The former leader of theJets, Tony does not get along with Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks.The two gangs attend a community dance at which practically everyonewill be at. New York, NY 100001 To explain the art world’s longtime disregard for Avedon’s oeuvre, Gefter ventures several theories. This denouement is, in the words of Stearns: "Anita’s fateful change of loyalties from which the rest of the drama unfolds. " April 15th 1990 T. As a fan of the film I picked up this book thinking it would just be a fun little rehash of the story, something small to carry in my bag and read on breaks at work. This approach generated some of the most iconic photographs in the entire history of fashion. At best, keeping company with them gave Avedon access to the most audacious and “transgressive energies then animating and shaping American culture,” in the words of a former director of the Richard Avedon Foundation. Of the forty ‘kids’ who landed the jobs - - for most, their Broadway debut - - many went on to a wide variety of show business (or related) activities. Confession: This play is one of many cultural touchstones I've somehow passed over. for soloists (S,3M,T,2Bar), chorus and orchestra. In this effort, Gefter weaves the particulars of Avedon’s life story into a larger narrative about American culture in the decades after World War II. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I like the written play, but I prefer the movie. I also understand that the musical glosses over what the gangs in the show do that make them "gangs", and that maybe it is only fair to elaborate on their activities when it's not being represented by dance. A pair of star-crossed lovers takes on a whole new meaning in this modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Thus described, Avedon’s trajectory bears a notable resemblance to that of the writer he claimed as a defining influence: Marcel Proust, an interloper among swans who in mining their world for poetry produced a work of profound insight and enduring beauty. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Worst thing: Natalie what'shernames ridiculous accent. I love the lingo used and it was great to get a more in depth feel of the characters and what they were feeling. For all its purple-prosy flourishes, this passage highlights a dual thread in the Avedon biography. Six years later, Laurents and Leonard Bernstein were working (independently) in Hollywood, where they conferred on the aborted project. Like The Outsiders, West Side Story is a story about two rival gangs, and has a body count of three. Library of Congress Digital Archives, Leonard Bernstein at the opening of West Side Story at the National Theater, Washington DC, August 12, 1957. May not be used without permission. Te adoro, Anton.". for guitar and small orchestra Wood’s reaction was understandable anger, and later on when she filmed her role in Gypsy, no substitutions were made for her singing voice. I really enjoyed this book. I also know songs from the musical, and it seemed as if the writer who wrote the novelization was trying very hard to fit in words from songs, at times. Carol Lawrence (who played Maria) is at his left, and lyricist Stephen Sondheim is playing the piano, 1957 Tony becomes so distraught with the news of Maria's 'death' that he runs out into the street yelling for Chino to kill him. Not only have I made it a point to go and see it, with or without family and/or friends, but I've even made special road trips to the opposite end of the Bay State and to neighboring states just to see the original 1961 film version of West Side Story on a great big, wide screen, in a real movie theatre with the lights down low, and sharing the whole experience with other people, whether I know them or not. As someone who has friends in theatre and plays music for musicals, I can recognize that a lot of the writing was script-like, meaning it felt almost like I was reading a stage direction or directions on how to say a line, at times. I am going to see a local theatre production of this next Saturday and now I am even more excited! The operatic innovations introduced by the WSS creative quartet: broader song dimensions, simultaneities in complex counterpoint, etc. The singing voices of Richard Beymer (Tony, in the movie) was that of Jim Bryant, a Hollywood jazz and commercial arranger and bass fiddler, chosen because his singing timbre matched Beymer’s spoken sound. Soon after its premiere, Bernstein wrote about the lengthy gestation between the show’s conception and birth: "All the peering and agony and postponement and re-re-rewriting turn out to have been worth it." Review I mean, really? Worst thing: Natalie what'shernames ridiculous accent. The leader of the Jets (Whites) riff does'nt the leader of the Sharks (Purto ricans) Benardo. They move to this crazy part America. West Side Story Summary and Study Guide. Bernstein once said the show could not "depend on stars, being about kids." She'd be pretty otherwise, but then I found out she didn't even do the singing! مسرحية خفيفة أعادت صياغة (روميو و جولييت) لشكسبير في قالب جديد يتناسب و متغيرات القرن العشرين ، و اضفت لها بعد سياسي عن العنصرية و مشاكل المهاجرين او الملونين في امريكا ، و آخر اجتماعي عن مشاكل الجيل دا من الشباب وقتها في العموم .. New York City, the upper west side split in two by the nastiest rivals this side of the GWB. Don't get me wrong, I love the musical. Dialogue: Nina Bernstein (Maria) - Alexander Bernstein (Tony). On long shots there was no problem, but on close-ups she had to hedge it one way or another. riff- Was accidentally knifed in the chest by Bernardo as they fought with switchblades. West Side Story Guide and Commentary by Jack Gottlieb. I'm still pouting that I wasn't cast as a Jet. That's an extremely rude thing to say, especially after her lover just died. This play is about to rivial gangs fighting over a street. On stage, the bubbly "I Feel Pretty", at the beginning of Act II, was a kind of extension of intermission babble. This is considered one of the best musicals written. Unable to add item to Wish List. Performance Notes: The two Concert Suites cannot be performed together. Alternate (reduced) wind version: 3(I,II,III=picc).1.3(I=Ebcl,III=bcl).asax(optional).2- guitar(=elec.guitar)-pft(=cel)-strings(vln,vlc,db), 2.2(II=hrnA).3(III=bcl).2(II=cbssn)- (=Pitched Drums, Timbales, Maracas).perc:bongos/tam-t/SD/BD/vib/cym/wdbl/xyl/glock/chimes/mark tree/antique cymb/choke cym/4 pitched drm/TD/finger cym/cowbell/timbales/guiro/temple block/maracas/tamb/trgl/ sus.cym/congas-harp-pft(=celesta)-strings. So they both Hatee eachother and both created groups called: Jets(Americans) And Sharks(Puerto Ricans). Maria, the sister of the Shark's leader Bernardo, and Tony, the 'right hand man' to the leader of the Jets. Maria - Kiri Te Kanawa; Tony - Jose Carreras; (He was in the pit to conduct the so-called Overture - - a compilation of tunes not made by him - -for one of the early Broadway revivals). From "American Theatre" 2018, Book by Arthur Laurents; Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (in English), September 26, 1957. I honestly liked this book because it was a quick read with a good plot. Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Thisnovel written by Irving Shulman was a exceptional book. 2020 AWARDS. The most astonishing career to be launched from the WSS pad was that of its lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, considered by many to be the most significant composer-lyricist of our time.