This camp stove can easily be brought from the campsite on a hiking trek or fishing expedition. I’m obviously not the backpacking chef I thought I was…. Apart from the obvious items that make your camping trip more exciting, we’ve found a few other miscellaneous gadgets that you may not have even known existed. This “lightweight” (14.6 lbs) propane fire-maker is easier, cleaner, and way more expensive than a real campfire. That’s as a result of this lighting kit is truly solar-powered, with a control box and three individual lamps. Baby got back—it’s a fanny pack for your car! Even once exploring the nice outdoors, coffee is a necessity for some. The Etekcity camp stove collapses fully, fitting into your pocket and yet remains strong enough to support a full pot of water. This wood-burning device creates a concentrated, smokeless flame and runs on any renewable biomass. A lack of satellite, cell, and internet coverage is part of the point of getting off the grid. You can go without your bed, air conditioning, television, microwave, and shower but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD one cannot go camping without a piece of toast, obviously. I think this gear ‘invention’ might be my absolute favorite. This little gadget has the ability to filter out 99.999% of every contaminant from any water source and it could mean the difference between a mild misfortune and certain doom. That’s because it has built-in LED lighting on the inside of the tent. If you’re a caffeine addict and you like to spend time on the trails, don’t let this gadget pass you by. Plus, it includes a “realistic one-piece log set for an authentic wood burning campfire appearance” so you can’t go wrong. Why not?! There are a number of survival skills everyone should have for outdoor adventure like knowing how to read a topographical map. However, as you go through this list, you will be kicking yourself for not inventing these overly priced products of creativity. The idea is a hand cranked dishwasher to wash your camp dishes. For most of us, hiking is a chance to urge aloof from it all, unwind, unplug, and relax. But if you can make your own life easier through technology, why not? However, the MusucBag is not offered in down (bummer) and you sorta kinda look hilarious (just a smidge). As the gear aficionado, most of my posts focus around essential gear items, gear reviews, and gear tips. Not recommended for city driving, dog owners, or anyone trying to look cool. These devices grant you access to text and GPS remotely without any towers, can transmit up to 4 miles for 1-to-1 chat, and are compatible with Android and iOS. While watching an episode of Man vs. Wild. I’ve eaten quite a few convenient store sandwiches on my days on the trail but I can’t even imagine the disappointing effect the taste and/or texture preserved chicken and barbeque sauce might have on my mouth or my insides. Roast marshmallows in the woods, your backyard, or your living room (seriously; see photo). The material used in the tape is durable, can be removed (if done within 24 hours of the first application) without leaving clumps of residue or weakening adherence. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is sure to replace the standard duct tape solution of old. If you choose to use this for deep-sea fishing, we recommend a seatbelt. Powered by WordPress. This is weird camping gear. I guess the camping world could always use another gear item to sell. It also has an auto-shutoff feature, runs for 3 hours at full power, and is roughly the same size and shape as a small cooler. I’ve been literally close lined returning from a late-night bleary-eyed bathroom journey and can understand the value of a high visibility roping system. That’s because this accordion-like device takes the stress off your lungs and speeds up the inflation process to just a couple of minutes. Price: $370 on Amazon ($510 on, I can’t even imagine what would bring another person to buy this. Depending on where your adventures take you, mosquitos can be a huge annoyance and can even pose serious threats to your health and well-being. Also, if you’d rather play your own tunes, it houses an SD slot to play mp3 files. While most scenarios wouldn’t require a lamp to glow persistently for 30 days- imagine how valuable this product would be during an emergency. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. This is weird camping gear. Even better, you can avoid post-hike arguments about who left the light on? For long-form, off-grid overlanders to fast, weekend warriors, these would be the best camping gadgets you’ll be able to get. Until then, I am here to lend a hand to all the gear junkies, hiker trash, and outdoor lovers alike. Simply attach a five-gallon bucket (trash bag liner is recommended) and you’re good to go. Coolers are always is in the earlier list of weird camping gear because coolers are already what we might call a luxury item. Either way, this USB device will charge your phone when you don’t have anywhere else in which to plug it. But very few, if any offered up both in a compact package. A site light is something that’s often forgotten, but can make the difference between you fumbling around in the dark and being able to see your campsite even after the sun is down and your campfire is just embers. However, there is a ton of weird camping gear out there, so we figured we would put together this great article so you can see it all of yourself! Replacing all your camping gear with top of the line equipment might be a far-out plan but maybe it’s time to replace one or two things with some game-changing unique camping items. Easy to carry and ergonomic: Every item included in this camping gear can be put together in one mesh bag. While the chargers themselves are relatively pricey, the factors of reliability, ease of use and versatility make this a relevant buy. Help your kids experience the real outdoors. Skip all that obnoxiousness by utilizing Black Diamond’s Spot headlamp a flashlight attached to an elastic strap that wraps around your cranium. It is pod-based, but that’s still an upgrade in our opinion. Looks like you’re slurpin’ buddy. Camp change of state is all well and smart, but if you really want to step up your culinary game, then the Snow Peak Smokemeister is the way to do just that. While we wouldn’t call this a piece of backpacking equipment, it’s perfect for those who have a stationary campsite. The military Lensatic observation compass is important for habitation and hiking in remote locations. You can cut in any direction and easily clean with a dry artifact once use. All you car campers are shaking your heads right now BUT hear me out. Constructed with plastic fibers, durable and resistant to the elements this light and reusable rope can serve multiple purposes during any camping trip. Done and done. * I have scoured the web for the best items to give you a little chuckle. Literally. For an even more entertaining (and scenic) "dump", attach a smaller bucket and take your friend for a throne ride. When we say 30-day survival lantern we aren’t kidding. The market for backpacking and camping gear does not lack innovative ideas. No longer will you have to ask the question, “Hmm… where do I go?” This no-fluff (pun-intended) toilet mounts to the hitch of your truck for a nice, public pooping experience. While not always something you’ll end up using, a first aid kit is undoubtedly something you should always bring along on an adventure. Finally, a hands-free way to fish! Granted, BioLite’s SolarHome 620 is maybe higher suited to automotive encampment or off-roading in AN journey van, but it can also be used at the site to supply up you and every one your friends some handy, renewable light-weight. On the couch. But in the case that something drastic happens, it’s a superb idea to bring along the LifeStraw. But if you’re going to bring one to your campsite, you could just go all-out with the Furrion proven. Sometimes even with the best planning the winds and rain will prevail. While writing this post, I considered not only the backpacker but also the camper and car camper. This one has a hidden feature that definitely vaults it into the category. So if you’re the type who frequently forgets to bring a lantern, this is the perfect tent for you. This is weird camping gear. There aren’t any outlets in nature, but there is one massive source of power that sails across the sky from horizon to horizon every day. At O/B, we love gear. 12 Unnecessary (& Hilarious) Backpacking & Camping Gear As the gear aficionado, most of my posts focus around essential gear items, gear reviews, and gear tips. Quit working so hard and buy the API Doggie Fountain instead. Even if you are planning on camping “off of the grid”, safety is key, in an emergency, a charged device can mean the difference between making a call for help and leaving an injured party to seek help. This lamp can glow for thirty days straight 24/7. In fact, if your whole point is to get some much-needed rest, there is plenty of modern, high-tech gear that can help make that more manageable. All about Sports & Outdoor Recreation Stuff. When a bike bell just won’t do, politely scream, “Get out of the way!” with a 115-decibel horn. Wouldn’t you just die for a bicycle that folds into a backpack? The Musuc Bag is a sleeping bag in which you wear. Wait, why are you bringing eggs? Her father – scooting down a mountain. You can find this item sold in kits or as a single washable device. With summer fast approaching you may be looking at your pile of worn-out camping equipment in dismay, wondering if you’ve got the right gear for the job. This is weird camping gear. Of course, if the 7 isn’t powerful enough for you, you can upgrade it to make your charging even faster for an added fee. The Goal Zero Solar Charger systems have consistently high reviews and offer an expansive array of charging solutions depending on your camping needs. Glow rope is one addition to my habitation things that I will be able to be created in 2019. This little device is fueled by a simple, disposable lighter, but can extend the life of that lighter by 60% and creates a several-thousand-degree windproof flame in the process. A bit pricey but capable of aiding the camper in a variety of scenarios and light enough to travel to any location. And the Goal Zero rover seven and solar battery Charger is one amongst the simplest ways in which to harness that power to enliven all of your high-tech bivouacking gear. Disclaimer: Do not cook food over this chemically induced fire.