Now operating 18 remote clinics and a mobile dialysis unit called the Purple Truck, Purple House is getting patients back home so that families and culture can remain strong. Was established to address the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice system. Another crucial weapon that was used against the enemy was a gigantic assortment of traps. Below are details on relevant funds to donate to, protests to attend nationwide, legal and educational resources, and a list of Indigenous music labels and businesses. To help the Dungay family show the government that David is not just a statistic; that he was loved, and that he did not deserve to die in prison and to help our family recover from the shock of David’s death. Is an independent community organisation based in Queensland, which advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison, and their families, and provides services to address their individual needs. At this point, the Collective now had numbers that were massively superior to the British. The donations will assist with Accommodation and Travel Costs and other expenses. Contributors include Adam Goodes, Tony Birch, Celeste Liddle and Miranda Tapsell. Bad Apples: An Indigenous-owned and -operated hip-hop record label, started by the rapper Briggs. Even though it was nearly evening, the British infantry stormed into the village, destroying the army that had tried to protect it. Is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. The Alliances take the lead in ensuring that the voices of as many women as possible are heard, especially those who in the past have found it difficult to engage in advocacy and decision making. Birthing on Country (BOC) is a once in a lifetime project, created and driven by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to build a better future for First Australians. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Based in the heart of the Noongar Nation – a distinct Aboriginal cultural group from the south-west of Western Australia – Yirra Yaakin is Australia’s biggest Aboriginal-led theatre company. The first class constable charged with her murder recently entered a not guilty plea ahead of his trial later this year. Many elders have serious underlying health conditions putting them at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. This time, nine ships were able to turn and head back to Britain, but only three hundred men of the original four thousand survived. Is a place where culture is shared and celebrated, and where practical support is available to all Aboriginal women and particularly to Aboriginal people who are currently experiencing family violence or have in the past. In desperation, the Council called for any riflemen across the country to come to their base. With the help of the League, the armies of the Collective quickly moved in to occupy the remaining regions, garrisoning it with the strongest forces on the island. The British plan was clearly to move slowly through the republic, capturing and maintaining key positions, although the Republic had not yet worked this out. Barpirdhila Foundation’s First Nations Artists & Community COVID-19 Appeal – A community-run non-for-profit organisation raising money to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Worthy of passing to the next generation. Is a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism – resistance and revival. Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service is an Aboriginal community controlled health organisation which was established in 1974 as the Perth Aboriginal Medical Service; changing its name in 1998 to Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service. We at House House will be paying at least 1% of our income to Indigenous groups, in perpetuity, as part of the Pay the Rent movement. There, the invaders regrouped, took battle formation and charged back. FERN also acknowledges storytelling has always been an indigenous and Aboriginal practice, thus we hope to honour this sacred practice. But the food problem turned out to be just one of a series of catastrophic events. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) LTD, is a non-profit, community based organisation contracted by the Commonwealth Attorney Generals’ Department (AGD) to provide criminal, civil and family law services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and their families in Queensland. Comments for this article are now closed. Two ships were obliterated. This will continue with or without funding but we would be excited to see what could eventuate with increased funding and support. We'd encourage others to do the same: They had been trained to shoot with them, and they proved to be incredibly effective. The Bush Medijina vision is a sustainable, independent enterprise that supports their indigenous women, culture, community and future. On the 26th, the First Fleet landed on the shores of Camp Cove, having travelled upwards from the infertile lands of Botany bay. The Collective swept through the remainder of New Zealand, meeting with their ships at the bottom of the lower island. The turned and tried to gun the tribesmen down as quickly as they could, but they were overwhelmed by sheer number. Delivers high quality and culturally competent legal services to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. Just some of the artists who have been vocal include Yorta Yorta rapper Briggs, Arnhem Land’s Baker Boy and Kira Puru, who have compiled a list of ways to support Blak Australians here. List of Prime Ministers of the United States of America (A United Kingdom of Scandinavia). IAHA leads sector workforce development and support, to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Free Her – Organised by Debbie Kilroy of Sisters Inside, this ongoing campaign uses collected funds to release Aboriginal women from prison or pay outstanding warrants. GiveEasy will allow you to pay via credit card or paypal and we will also send a receipt straight to your email. Thanks for taking part! The Warlpiri people are asking for an independent inquiry into both the shooting and community policing. Back in Britain, the country was filled with unrest. Now, along the coastline, watchmen stood guard for any sign of another invasion. The Collective landed on one of the most northern points, naming it Crescent Bay in their merged language. The first battle in the conflict between the Aboriginal Collective and the British. The Trust emerged from a need for greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Koorie culture throughout the community, and the immediate need for Koorie cultural heritage material to be controlled, managed and curated by Koorie people. The National Women’s Alliances (the Alliances) represent over 180 women’s organisations from across Australia. Almost the moment they landed the Second Fleet were greeted with hordes of attacking tribesmen. The Captain had been badly injured as a result of the storm, and another man had been forced to take charge, but this man was not respected as the Captain was, and failed to keep the ships in order. Remote Australian Aboriginal communities are the most vulnerable populations to the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of the Pay The Rent movement (a grassroots reparations initiative to support First Nations people in Australia), from now on House House will donate at least one per cent of its income to indigenous groups. They could not be beaten. It took place from the 26th of January 1788 to the 29th of January, and resulted in a victory over the British colonists, leaving only nineteen survivors, but also many dead tribesmen. Is a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism – resistance and revival. Australia’s Original Nations people suffer huge disadvantages, both culturally and socially. Is proud to be a Central Coast-based service that provides Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation opportunities for men (Indigenous and non-Indigenous from all over NSW). In light of the reignited Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd. The ship was attacked, the survivors murdered, and the resources looted. IndigenousX: A media organisation founded in 2012 that platforms First Nations voices and wishes to “create a media landscape where Indigenous people can share their knowledge, opinions and experiences with a wide audience across the world”. When the army arrived, it was immediately decided that as their opponents didn't know that they were there, they would be able to launch an effective surprise attack by completely surrounding them. Within hours, a small army was assembled. As the British invaders charged, many were caught in an establishment of nets that had been lying around. It is an initiative for Indigenous and non- Indigenous people to look after Country, share their experiences and collectively explore ways to achieve their goals. This is the First Nations way of learning. Change The Record – Australia’s only national Aboriginal-led coalition of peak Aboriginal bodies and non-Indigenous allies. They apply their expertise to advancing human rights by representing and giving voice to the vulnerable who would otherwise be unable to find legal representation. GMAR has been fighting the ongoing Stolen Generations all around Australia since 2014. The wielders of these were trained to the highest standard. With the successful invasion of the north lands, the collective declared that Australia was at last unified. But they had no idea of how huge the Collective was, and, believing that they only had a single tribe to contend with, they ran inland. Upon their arrival in June, the Aborigines had massively furthered their militarization attempts. Midwives work with Aboriginal communities, in an effort to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for Aboriginal families at The Royal. We are following the example set by Australian artists and activists this week, who have organised and spoken up against the racist violence First Nations communities are subjected to in Australia.