Most of the approximately 20,000 Warao inhabit Venezuela's Orinoco Delta … I actually posted this video like two weeks ago(?) De term Warao vertaalt als "de bootvluchtelingen," na een leven lang en intieme verbinding van de Warao aan het water.

Although I actually dislike how I colour nowadays and can't find suitable palette that shows like a tarot... EDIT: Now when I hear back, my English sounds sucks. and I forgot to post it here.
I usually draw couple stuff in messy sketch way. || DeviantArt || Twitter || Instagram || Website || Youtube || Facebook || Tictail || Gumroad, WIP (no internet back then so I posted this today lol), Inbetween assignments, irl stuff, and other project drawings, finally the self-indulge drawing thirst of my two ocs I’ve been quench for 7 years PLUS finally in FULL COLOUR 8D, But it is also hard to draw couple related I keep redraw hands, arm positions along with katana and the way he holding it aaaaa but it is also a good practice. I need money to support myself.

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De Warao zijn een inheemse Indiaanse mensen bewonen het noordoosten van Venezuela, Trinidad en Tobago, Guyana en Suriname.Alternatieve gemeenschappelijke spellingen van Warao zijn Waroa, Guarauno, Guarao en Warrau. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at My first art on 2019!

They will contain artprints, books, and stickers of my originals and fanarts. Here is the link:, Sorry! Works that are tagged with warao only make up a small part of our range of high quality art works. But for now I’m slowy prepping my final year so I won’t be active much. Les tableaux sont le meilleur endroit pour sauvegarder des images et des vidéos. This site was designed with the Burnout phase after 4th semester took the toll, and then hunting for house to rent is exhausting (which sadly I unable to find any and mostly reject them due to surroundings, lack of security, and how untidy the housemates are living in a cramp space.). School-wise, only a two or three subjects use digital art medium so mostly I’m busy with assignments that use traditional medium. And also I have a lot things to say and my art projects last year! This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection. I feel like nobody will interested in my prints or stickers or books.

I’m too will be angry.

1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I also will having part-time job online with local publisher soon.

I am an hour and 5 minutes late to open my shop due to internet connection while eating breakfast.

As some of you know, I’ve opened my Tictail shop here for those who are interested to buy my stuff: Delta Blue is a haft blooded native warao Indian and a member of warao Indian community of the south Weston peninsular of Trinidad.

Around 7.30am ET.

We learn along the way, AND ALSO my 5th semester’s schedule is literally a roller coaster. If you don’t want to buy, that’s okay~ Signal boost is appreciated!

My first art on 2019! Buy warao poster, warao art prints, framed art and canvas. And also first time using Instagram edits I like the colour so far . Sometimes it’s good to have like direct purchase via DM in Tumblr here, no commission fee confusion and so on but in the same time not all peeps have Tumblr account. Another story is that I sometimes have doubts to open my shop. Animation student in Malaysia. From what I read so far, Leo's element is fire and Sun is their planet sign... A month hiatus from digital drawing and here it is!

Here you find poster, art prints, prints on canvas and greeting cards. De meeste van de ongeveer 20.000 Warao bewonen … Especially I’ll be living in a rental house (with my three friends gladly, and strangers mostly) soon so yeah RM150 per month, not including bills (which is so far so good but I still need to eat lol). Sometimes postal couriers in my country made such delays even though us who making business have to call the office several times to see if the tracking number is updated or not and of course the customers will be angry.

and I’m rooting for the single bedroom of RM450 monthly. Shipping is also another reason to be doubt. Warao's Art Part time artist, full time fangirling on fictional characters.