Masks were also created as playthings for children and effigies for canoes. The Flinders Group National Park, situated off the east coast of Cape York Peninsula in Princess Charlotte Bay, is the sea country of the Yiithuwarra Aboriginal people. Technology just keeps changing, but the concept of storytelling doesn't. In the Northern Territory visit the vast rock art galleries in Kakadu and Arnhem Land. The Balarinji artwork on some Qantas jumbo jets is an example of ancient Aboriginal culture connecting with contemporary design. Films include Samson and Delilah, We Don’t Need A Map, Sweet Country, Mad Bastards, The Sapphires, Beneath Clouds, Ten Canoes, She Who Must Be Loved, Bran Nue Dae, Stone Bros, Mystery Road and Rabbit Proof Fence. Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - a term used to describe the Aboriginal peoples of mainland Australia and Tasmania and the Indigenous peoples of the Torres Straits - learned how to navigate by understanding astronomy and the movement of the stars. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts include classical, traditional and contemporary practice, including all new forms of cultural expression. In South Australia, the River Murray’s sinuous path is carved by Ponde (the giant cod) pursued to his death by Ngurrunderi, a mighty hunter and creator spirit of the Ngarrindjeri nation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people also use art, music and dance to keep their deep connection with the land and sea alive, to each generation. But there is so much more to see and learn. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. "startScreen": "gigya-reset-password-screen" Some websites which are linked to the Tourism Australia website are independent from Tourism Australia and are not under the control of Tourism Australia. ", - Bart Pigram, Narlijia Experiences Broome. "event": "taCustEvent", "screenSet": "Aus-RegistrationLogin", "validationFavouritesUrl": "/bin/australia/favourites/sanitycheck", Search through their directory to find Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, performers and arts workers or search their Black Book Library for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander publications, images and films. Latest COVID safe travel information: Find out more. If you’re travelling to remote Australia, visit one of the many community-based Aboriginal art centres. "campaignIntegrationUrl": "/bin/create/recipient", The collection also shows how Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples have worked together to form artist collectives and cooperatives to the benefit of their communities. Member of the Indigenous Art Code. Each type of mask has a specific name, which describes the masks purpose or ceremony for which it was made. In order to support genuine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, you should only buy pieces from members of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, the Australian Commercial Galleries Association or the Indigenous Art Code. ", - Juan Walker, Walkabout Cultural Adventures, Maruku Arts, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory © Tourism Australia, "We're an awesome country, and we have an awesome story to tell. The Arrernte people believe Tjoritja (the MacDonnell Ranges) were created by great mounds of caterpillar carcasses when they lost a fierce battle. "Dreamtime stories link up to the sky, the land, the country, the animals, the people and totems. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts are a rich contribution to the world’s culture, and to Australia’s diverse contemporary culture and national identity. Dance Rites is the Sydney Opera House’s free national First Nations dance competition held on the Forecourt. Historical records show that Torres Strait Islander people made masks for rituals to increase garden produce and hunting success, and for sorcery and initiation. Other opportunities to experience Indigenous art: Rock Art Tours, Cooktown, Queensland © Tourism Australia. Check out the listings of comedy festivals and television shows on Australia’s free to air TV channel, NITV, dedicated to telling Aboriginal stories, drama and comedy, on television. Time is something that we’ve made up for our life, for industry, for being on time for work. Over millennia, Aboriginal Australians have developed a highly complex belief system that interconnect the land, spirituality, lore, culture and care of country.