your cart. Safety Light SL 100 is a TO BE SEEN light which helps cyclist be visible to other road users. Fleeces…, Pants, Lab tests are conducted to approve components: batteries, battery life, UV resistance, durability, etc. CL 100 Rear LED USB Bike Light. TO SEE in the dark, I recommend our best seller, Front Light FL 920. Kitesurfing…, Cross Country Skiing, I will pass on your feedback to our product engineers to improve the product. Prompt processing. € 16.00 (8) MORE INFO . Connect with local studios, teachers and coaches who are pumped to bring you classes and activities. Battery capacity: 1000 mAh (guaranteed for 500 cycles), Inside shell - Main fabric : 60.0% PCBA, Inside shell - Main fabric : 40.0% Battery - Li Po Main part : 50.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Main part : 50.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene Strap : 50.0% Polyoxymethylene, Strap : 40.0% Silicon, Strap : 10.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate Screws : 100.0% Steel. Have read two schools of thought on legality of this. I wish they include an extra pair of batteries. Should have had more length on the band used for locking overall design is inconvenient. In our usage, the length of the rubber strap is sufficient to wrap around the handlebar or seat post. By continuing, you agree to Decathlon’s Terms and Privacy Policy. Battery capacity: 550 mAh (500 cycles guaranteed) LED light power: 46 lumens, 20 lux Approved for use on roads in Germany This light has a lens that focuses the beam so you can see in front of you. Easily attaches to your bike's handlebars. Up To 40% Off…, Under $25, Laboratory tests have been carried out to approve the components: batteries, battery life, UV-resistance, durability, etc. Kids Sale, Bottoms…, Up To 20% Off, Decathlon Community Connect with local studios, teachers and coaches who are pumped to bring you classes and activities. Free Standard Home Delivery for orders above $499, You ask an alert for a FL 920 Front/Rear LED USB Bike Light, Only one email alert will be sent when the product will be available again. City, ... RL 500 Rear USB LED Bike Light from. ... RL 500 Rear USB LED Bike Light from. Socks…, Locks, A powerful LED light that can be recharged through USB. Do you have a goal? Have been using for more than an year. Women Sale, Tops…, Kids Sale, Tops, Beanies…, Sport Bras, Bike Helmets…, Hiking Backpacks, Lights to See With Lights to see with, in addition to their Lumen rating, will also be rated on their intensity, in Lux. We have a plan! Please enter a valid email address. At Decathlon we offer low prices all year round to make sports accessible ... 920 ST LED USB Front & Rear Bike Light Set . Continuous or flashing mode, 1½ to 3 hours of battery life. Since 1976, we design, manufacture, and offer the best gear at the best prices for more than 80 sports. Select the Black color before adding this product to € 14.00 (451) MORE INFO . Running Shoes…, Gloves, Self pick up is convenient. Thank you for writing in. Effective at sustained speeds on roads and trails, Power: 200 lumens Cookware…, Water Bottles, Select the size One Size before adding this product to Lanterns…, Hiking Jackets, Your feedback is important to us. Power: 15 lumens Shirts…, Pants, Since I already replaced my wingtip strobes with LED's and loved the results, I decided to follow suit and replace my landing light with a Whelan PAR36 LED. As you want for white in front or rear in red! Continuous mode 32 hrs ... RL 500 Rear USB LED Bike Light. Leggings, Tights…, Bike, Questions & answers. Shipping is now available across Canada for most of our products! Please find the product page link here Bikinis, Boardshorts…, Pants, SAME DAY DELIVERY - ORDER BEFORE 1PM & RECEIVE IT TODAY. Universal elastic strap (included). Select the Yellow color before adding this product to Jackets…, Shoes, Welcome to Decathlon, explore a huge range of Headlamps, Lanterns, Bike lights, Torches equipment and gear. Women's Tops…, Men's Jackets, Price $25.00. Thanks to feedback provided by cyclists and other road users (drivers, pedestrians, etc...), our design teams have defined optimum features linked to cyclists' visibility. Kids' Bikes…, Combat, Backpacking Packs…, Camping Tents,