Those who are already familiar with the show will surely recognize that The Path is a cult drama in more than one way. Season 1 Episode 10. This possible clash between Dr. Stephen Meyer and Cal could be a major game-changer for Meyerism when Season 2 of The Path comes around, and the playing field is set for a major battle of ideologies between Eddie and Sarah as they find themselves in opposite positions then they started in. They’re in town for the annual Ascension Day festival, putting a slight crimp in Cal’s plans to mold the movement’s future in his own image. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Cal gives him a shovel and tells him to start digging. Don’t forget the flame-retardant gloves! Or does she simply want the same thing that Cal wants: to climb to the top of the ladder, metaphorically, or maybe even literally. We’ve reached the final rung of this ladder that we call “season 1.” And maybe I’ve drunk one too many “medicinal” green-juice cocktails, but the closer I get to the end, the more paranoid I get about what’s really going on. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Keep up with all the latest from last night’s television by subscribing to our newsletter. Sometimes thinking about the future is nice because the present is such a constant struggle. Report Top. The Path Season Finale Recap: Miracle of Miracles . This gives Abe/Sam a good excuse to return to the movement even though the FBI doesn’t want him to. She’s in a tough position. After Bill and Felicia leave, Eddie meets with Cal in the middle of the night, in a forest, to start 7R. After being forcibly taken into the movement by Cal, Freddie seems to be doing better, but Sarah isn’t convinced. This strain is further challenged by Cal (Hugh Dancy), the new ambitious leader of Eddie's and Sarah's Meyerist community. Other times, however, it involves murder, specifically murdering a Meyerist higher-up from Peru who thinks that Cal is too powerful for his own good. He takes them to see Miranda Frank, now peaceful and singing Cal’s praises. After all, Alison once claimed that Jason doubted the faith before he died, and now she says he was “seeing things,” too. Over the course of Season 1, Eddie and Sarah's entire lives fall apart. The Path. In the real world, Eddie has a series of visions that imply that there may have been more to Meyerism than he suspected. Because if there’s one thing Cal loves, it’s taking metaphors and beating people over the head with them. They’re taking her out West with them, making her Meyerism’s new “director of outreach.” Before they go, they show her to Eddie and remind him to keep an eye on Cal for them. Something tells me the things Eddie and Cal learn about each other on this course will drive the rest of the season — or at least the next few episodes. 'The Path' recap: 'Breaking and Entering', The Path premiere recap: What the Fire Throws. If so, it could make for great tension next season, as Eddie, Cal, and Sarah all fight for control of the movement. After Eddie told everyone he’d had an affair with Miranda to divert blame from his own doubts about Meyerism, he visited her cell and found her comatose on the floor. Eddie returned to Peru to discover that Dr. Stephen Meyer may actually be alive and well — assuming Meyer's recovery isn't another of Eddie's hallucinations. There’s a lot of hand-wringing on Mary’s part, but not enough to prevent her from sleeping with Cal. Poor Sarah. The effects of “the medicine” look a lot like the effects of a drug like ayahuasca, which is known for causing flashbacks during regular consciousness. ... Outlander | The Hands of Time Season 1 Recap | STARZ - … Abe/Sam’s baby heals miraculously, preventing the need for open-heart surgery, after Eddie gives her a Meyerist blessing, just in case. It’s “like I am on the medicine, but I am stone cold sober,” he reveals. Credit: It has always been interesting that the only Meyerist who’s not a true believer — Eddie — is the one who’s been receiving the holiest visions. Sometimes this is as easy as Alison, the former Meyerist who sought to bring the cult down, choosing on her own to come back to the movement after discovering that her husband wasn't actually murdered but died trying to find enlightenment. The show follows different members of the fictional Meyerist Movement as their faith in their religion, and each other, is challenged and called into question. Season 1 … Hulu. That’s a pretty abrupt change of heart. And Cal’s computer password just happens to be Sarah’s name? Offers may be subject to change without notice. Cal's ascension to the top of Meyerism involves him taking some very drastic steps that are bound to have major consequences in Season 2. Against everybody’s expectations, Hawk does go to the party, where he passionately kisses Ashley beside a bonfire. She insists that Jason was suffering from madness, seeing things that weren’t there. Network . The future is coming, inevitably, just as it always is. Beyond the Path- Season 1 Recap Beyond The Path. But he says he was drinking, and Isaiah backs up his story that he never left his cabin that night. The story of The Path kicks off when Meyerist Movement member Eddie (Aaron Paul) goes on a religious retreat to Peru, only to discover the supposed true leader of the Meyerists, Dr. Stephen Meyer, lying unconscious in a coma having not written down the final supposed steps to salvation. Some of the younger ones grill Hawk at school. However, The Path takes a much more surprising turn over the course of Season 1 and forces Eddie to ask himself a rather chilling question — What if the Meyerists are right? Sean’s mom gives Mary a wedding veil that Sean’s late sister once wore. Later, she hangs out with the other gray-haired veterans of the movement, reminiscing about old days with Bill and Hank and the others. My … She tells him what really happened in Peru, or at least what she saw — Eddie muttering “there is no light” to himself after a drug-induced vision of his dead brother. Cal goes even further, declaring in no uncertain terms that he will finish Dr. Meyer’s work. Meanwhile, Hawk’s father is also taking a big step. She’s separated from the love of her life. Why should Sarah have any reason to be suspicious? Hulu, The Path season 1 finale recap: The Miracle. So, a snow owl appears whenever someone’s thinking about Silas, and a snake appears whenever someone’s thinking about Dr. Steve?