In terms of elasticity alone, the choice between a static rope vs. a dynamic rope is easy to make. Static ropes, also known as low elongation ropes, have a number of uses. Static ropes allow access to and maintenance at the work site. The Sterling name has become synonymous with durability and reliability across multiple industries at all job sites. Where To Find The Best Upholstery Piping Cord Online, Conforms to required safety standards and specifications. Additionally, they must be sure that there is no slack on the rope. The access rope manufactured by National Braiding is registered under the brand name of “Arresta”. Conditions of Sale. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In some cases, you may be able to repair the damaged spot and keep the rest of the rope. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below. You may be wondering what the specific differences between static rope vs. dynamic rope are. Click on this link “How to take Care of Your Rope” for detailed directions. We stock a fantastic 11mm dynamic line with a fall arrest peak of 11.2kn and an elongation of 26.89%. The main difference between a static rope and a semi-static rope is the amount of stretch. Piping Cord Rappel Rack – How to Use One and THE BEST Types…, THE BEST Top 3 Dog Rappelling Harness Under $99, THE BEST Top 5 Rappelling Devices From $29.95, THE 10 BEST Rock Climbing Exercises at Home You Can Do. Static ropes are not designed to top rope. When considering the differences between a static rope vs. dynamic rope, it is vital to consider the amount of testing the ropes undergo. Low - stretch STATIC ROPES, primarily designed for work at heights and above depth, rescue, speleology, and canyoning. South Africa, Clothing Cord The National Braiding industrial rope range are manufactured from polyester and polyamide yarns. The difference Between a StaticRope Vs. A Dynamic Rope?How to Tell if a Rope is Static or DynamicColor DifferencesWhat is a Static Rope Used For?What is Static Rope Made Of?How Much Stretch Does a Static Rope Have?What is Dynamic Rope Used For?What is Dynamic Rope Made Of?How Much Stretch Does a Dynamic Rope Have?Can You Rappel With a Dynamic Rope?Can You Top Rope With a Static Rope?Choosing the Rope Most Suitable for your ActivitySemi-Static Rope OptionWhen Should I Replace My Climbing Rope?Signs of Wear and Tear in Climbing RopesClosing Thoughts. For rappelling a static rope vs. dynamic rope really isn’t it a balanced comparison. The stretching capabilities mean that the rope can react to any sudden shocks or falls quickly. PO Box 1700 This will allow you to make the correct decision when picking between the two. As an example, abseiling ropes typically have a ~2% when under a standard body weight load. As we previously mentioned, the sturdy nylon construction ensures that both static and dynamic climbing ropes are able to stay in their best condition even after regular usage. They have moderate stretch which allows them to absorb sufficient energy to arrest falls. However, the stretch actually makes the descent more difficult and awkward. For the majority of ropes, this still applies.

Dynamic ropes come in many different lengths. However, the material is designed to stretch, and there are a number of rope lengths and diameters available. In a sentence, static rope is not designed to stretch under load. Both static ropes and dynamic ropes come with clear instructions. Lead climbing should always be done on a dynamic rope as the use of a static rope may lead to serious injury.. Static ropes have many applications including (but not limited to); abseiling, rappelling, fire rescue operations and caving. Many climbers choose to take this option due to the added convenience. There are a few signs to look out for which can indicate a replacement rope is needed. These cookies do not store any personal information. A static rope is usually made from durable Nylon. breaking strength carabiners.

The low stretch properties of static ropes allow for a controlled, bounce free descent. However, you can tell the difference by checking the label of the rope. They provide an in-between option between static vs. dynamic ropes. ARRESTA® Rope is manufactured for use in the access rope, construction and all other difficult to access industries. Low-elongation or static, ropes are a core element of any work-at-height system.

The major difference is elasticity, and the amount of elasticity required will depend on your activity. To prolong the life of your rope, it needs to be treated well, have a look through our handy guide to rope care and maintenance to make sure that you get the best from your kit.

A static rope is designed to have minimal stretch. In general, static, ropes do not require these tests since elasticity is minimal. What’s the Difference between Mountaineering Boots vs Hiking Boots? Dynamic ropes are generally not used for descent since the elasticity can result in inconvenient bouncing. If all of the tags have been removed, then you will have to physically test the rope. Dynamic Elongation: 32%. NBI’s key product range is the manufacture of kernmantle static ropes. Many specific activities are unsuitable for a dynamic rope because the bounce can be inconvenient, and even a safety hazard.

We keep up to date with the latest developments in this field, working closely with our South African factory to deliver innovative products to small businesses. In a sentence, static rope is not designed to stretch under load.

Strong,... Mophorn Dynamic Climbing Rope 9.5mm 10.5mm 12mm Robust Nylon Rock Climbing Rope White with Black... What’s the difference between rappelling and abseiling? tensile strength on cord plus 2000 ib. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This is why most static ropes can only stretch to around 5%. It can be useful to have gear, which is useful for multiple purposes. Born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, climbing and being outdoors is almost second nature to me thanks to my parents encouraging me to climb from a young age. It is essential to always be aware of which type of rope you are using for each activity.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Email:, Postal Address: NBI produces general purpose yacht and boat ropes that are used for marine applications, sailing and other sports. The kernmantle rope is constructed with its interior core protected by an exterior braided sheath, designed to optimize strength, durability and flexibility. The risk of serious injury from a fall will rise, but there are some steps you can follow to minimize this added risk. Static ropes have many applications including (but not limited to); abseiling, rappelling, fire rescue operations and caving. They can have vital information on them, such as the specific elasticity. However, many people often wonder if the rope can be used to rappel safely. Kernmantle is derived from the German word “kernmantel” which means “core and jacket”. Whereas, a dynamic rope has a certain degree of stretch available under load. You will be able to learn more about the exact situations which differentiate the use of a static rope vs. a dynamic rope. It is however, not recommended.
Static Rope vs Dynamic rope | When To Use? In the past, natural materials were used, but this has largely been discontinued. There will be bouncing which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Key focus on all testing of the rope lines are to ensure that every rope is safe to use. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The usual purpose of a dynamic rope is climbing, and it is not made for descents. It is crucial to perform a close inspection of your rope after every use because certain signs may not be immediately visible.

They are designed to be elastic, which makes them beneficial for a number of situations. Impact Force: 8.4 kN. Half Mark: yes. In terms of colors, they are usually distinct from one another; however, you cannot know the difference between a static rope vs. a dynamic rope from the color alone.

EASY TO COIL, KNOT and TIE: tangle-free, supple, flexible. This is in contrast to dynamic rope which is designed with a certain degree of stretch. NBI’s key product range is the manufacture of kernmantle static ropes. These include rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

Semi-Static Rope Option. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This material is preferred because it does not tear, and it is fairly durable. It also reduces the bounce of the individual.

Upon first inspection, they can look almost identical. Rope, Privacy Policy These ropes are much better equipped for top-roping. These characteristics make it an ideal rope for many situations. ARRESTA® ropes are produced from high tensile polyester and polyamide to meet local (SABS) and international standards (EN 1891:1998 / AS 4142.3 1993). We’ve just started stocking a very impressive Reflective LSK Static Line that incorporates a reflective strip into it’s fleck, using the same concept as Cats Eyes. You have entered an incorrect email address! ARRESTA® Rope is manufactured for use in the access rope, construction and all other difficult to access industries. The ropes are braided around a firm core providing strength and durability for a variety of applications.

However, they are very different and serve different purposes. Otherwise, you run the risk of using the wrong rope for the wrong situation. Fax: (+27) 36 352 2898 This requires a lot of extra attention, which is why you must only do this with a highly experienced rock-climber. Lowa Renegade GTX vs. Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boots, Best Top 4 Scarpa Mountaineering Boots Under $270. The added benefit of a dynamic rope is that you can be assured that they have been properly tested. Donaghys Cougar Rope for Arbor and Climbing 11.7mm. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Therefore, when considering whether to use a static rope vs. a dynamic rope, the bounce rate is a crucial factor. The access rope manufactured by National Braiding is registered under the brand name of “Arresta”. The minimal stretch of the rope is advantageous for these purposes. A static rope usually has around 5% stretch, whereas a dynamic rope can have a stretch of around 40%. We offer many standard lengths and will happily prepare a custom length or a factory fresh reel to meet your requirements. Like static ropes, kernmantle construction is most common, with materials such as nylon replacing natural fibres such as hemp.

So next time you get into a static rope vs dynamic rope discussion, remember that these two very different lines are used for different purposes and knowing the differences could prevent serious injury or catastrophic failure. The only time you should consider a dynamic rope is if you somehow forget your static rope, or if you are dealing with an emergency.