Carbohydrates break down into glucose and stores it in our muscles as glycogen during digestion. Leaf Group Ltd. The recommended number of calories a soccer player should be eating is 22-24 calories per pound of body weight. Proteins are the building blocks of life and they are the ones responsible for muscle development. The optimal carbohydrate calorie intake for a player is 2400-3000, but many players fail to get near this, meaning their glycogen levels are sub-par. Copyright © “Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.” Pair all that with eight hours of sleep a night and you’re living strong in every sense of the concept. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the support of the OS community. Fruits are packed with nutrients and fiber, so although they are a simple carbohydrate, they are slower to digest and have many benefits for your body. Brown Rice is similar to other cereal grains in that it contains phytic acid. Maintaining a wonderfully diverse diet, he gets down with fruit juices, bread, fish, eggs, steak, and the occasional slice of cake or chocolate bar. 100 percent orange juice, whole-grain cereal with skim milk and blueberries. You as a player not only need to focus on strong legs but your shoulders and back as well should be strong to win the battle against other players. Taking on small amounts of fluids on a regular basis is key. At the gym, it’s more cardio, ab workouts, and weight training as well. While removing a broad range of all carbohydrates together may seem like a good idea, it’s not, especially when it comes to athletes. Villarreal club doctor Hector Uso told what he believes are the ideal meals for a young player to eat before and after a match. Professional athletes of all sports are moving towards gluten-free diets and are not afraid to talk of the benefits. See our entire post on that here. When taken as a whole, Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and workout plan has helped him become one of the fittest men on the planet, whose rock hard physique is almost as legendary as his extraordinary prowess on the pitch. A strong lower back from deadlifts will also help with speed and vertical leap in the soccer player. Fats are necessary for your body to function at its optimal potential. Our ancestors didn’t have the obesity rates we did, or they would have struggled to make it this far. From Cristiano Ronaldo’s ab and leg workouts to his diet and nutrition, let’s take a look at the football star’s epic training routine. “Learn to train your mind as well as your body,” he once said. They have recently replaced fats as the “evil” macronutrient ever since that guy Atkins decided that they are the enemy. A big bowl of corn flakes with sliced strawberries and banana with a glass of orange juice. Trans fats are one of the biggest contributing factors to heart disease in America, and the FDA is currently looking into making them illegal in the United States. Maintaining a wonderfully diverse diet, he gets down with fruit juices, bread, fish, eggs, steak, and the occasional slice of cake or chocolate bar. Read the best diet for soccer players. Simple as that. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the The proteins typically come from animal products, including eggs, milk or meat, however they also can be seen in soya, lettuce as well as special veggies. A good meal plan should include four to six small meals a day. They are cheap, great sources of protein and healthy fats, delicious and easy to cook. White rice is one of the best ways to restore your glycogen storages and it won’t mess with your body like brown rice will. Fill the rest of your calorie needs with healthy fats. Bananas, muesli bars, crumpets, bagels, low-fat rice pudding, yogurts, milkshakes, and fruit are just some of the snacks that are high in carbohydrate but low in fat. These oils you have to be careful with, because they cause us to consume extreme amounts of Omega-6 fats, which have been. Yams (commonly mistaken for sweet potatoes) are my personal go-to when I need to get my carbs for the day. Whether that means posting food pics to Instagram or working out in YouTube videos, the football star spares no secret or detail. Get your fats from: Eat as much organic foods as possible. You probably feel fine, but is fine good enough for someone trying to reach their potential as a soccer player? The best to balance your fat intake is to split your fat consumption into 3rds. Apple, orange, vegetable juice; water, milk. The more we develop a community of players, coaches and performance specialists helping each other out, the more we all gain. Your brain needs fats to function, along with fats being a necessary precursor to hormones that control essential functions, such as blood pressure, inflammation and blood clotting. Let’s begin by looking at what the physical demands of soccer, and what they mean for your diet. Why Can't You Eat A Lot of Fruits on a Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet? Also helping with recovery are generous servings of nutritious fruits and vegetables, along with multi-vitamins and specially formulated sports drinks (Herbalife CR7 Drive, perhaps). , Bananas, muesli bars, crumpets, bagels, low-fat rice pudding, yogurts, milkshakes, and fruit are just some of the snacks that are high in carbohydrate but low in fat. If players will not possess a healthier diet, they’ll not have the ability to be trained hard, play their natural game and be more prone to tiredness. A soccer player diet plan and workout must contain all necessary things to gain health and fitness adequately. You shouldn’t lift weights like a bodybuilder or train like a soccer player. When it comes to fats, it’s all about asking if conventional wisdom is correct. You have to eat right and improve your fitness and also prepare a proper soccer player diet plan and workout. Just follow the guidelines correctly and see the effect yourself. We have a cold pasta salad with tuna, eggs, and Turkey to ensure that the players eat something in those 45 minutes after the match which gives them the proteins and carbohydrates to rebalance their bodies.". Select the foods which might be best for you 80% of the time. Comment below if you had any suggestion in your mind about workout and food plan. Hey Folks, this is Jason Levine the very own inventor of CheckLeague. . A sheer amount of dedication towards workout and diet blended with rigorous football training can get you where Lionel is now. So let’s take a look at what a soccer player’s diet should look like. You should consume 16 ounces of water after you wake up and 60 to 90 minutes before working out. You need to be aware of which carbs are good to be filling up on and which ones should be avoided, and unfortunately, this is a complicated issue. Omega-6 cooking oils. You should do the exercise with lighter weight so that sets can be completed quickly. There have been hunter-gatherer tribes that have consumed 50-70% of their calories from saturated fats without health problems. Stewart Coggin has written about the sport of soccer since 2002. This type of fat comes from taking polyunsaturated fat and heat processing it. The significance of soccer players diet plan should not be underestimated when planning the path to success on the field. First it helps to keep players from adding too much mass to their legs, which would slow them down, and second, it creates muscular endurance. Nutrition Plan for Soccer Players: 4 Pre and Post Game Strategies, The Watermelon Facts for Kids that Make Them Happy, 12 Health Benefits of Potatoes that Nobody Tells You, The Step by Step Guide to Good Nutrition for Beginners. I say pasta or rice because they are the best things to eat at that moment. People who live in Tokelau, a territory in New Zealand eat a diet that is half saturated fats and yet have the best cardiovascular health in the WORLD. To restore your glycogen levels, you have about 24 hours. Your body only stores around 300 to 500 grams of carbs at one time. This article will give you a week of soccer meals. Besides playing soccer itself, diet is the most important aspect of a soccer player’s game. If you are burning through your glycogen levels through explosive movements like sprinting and lifting, then you need carbs to replenish them. As a soccer player, you need carbohydrates, just make sure you’re getting the correct ones. Cristiano Ronaldo, commonly known as CR7, is one of the most skillful soccer players of the modern era. Here is a breakdown of an average game for an elite player. The most important thing for soccer players is making sure you are giving your body the fuel it needs to work every single day at high-intensity levels. The days are over when players could eat whatever they wanted or did not take care of themselves during the offseason.