Threading this needle – the task of sailing a ship through the narrow passage between the Bass Strait islands, then into the 3km wide entrance to Port Phillip, was one of the most dangerous and dreaded segments of the voyage, and ultimately the trap for many ships. A coastal freighter that capsized and sank off, One of Tasmania's largest shipwrecks, found in 2005 in, Three masted schooner, Capt. Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Threatened species & ecological communities, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Australasian Underwater Cultural Heritage Database, Possessing, exporting, importing underwater heritage, See rare video footage of the Australian Hospital Ship, 2007 Red Bluff pistol find and conservation report (PDF - 4,670 KB), © Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. John Gorton Building A report produced by the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning Underwater Heritage Program about the Hive is available for download: Convict Transport Hive (1820–1863) and the Schooner Blackbird (1828–1836) (PDF - 458.75 KB). Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Vatican report into disgraced ex US cardinal released, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine results are incredible (but don’t crack the bubbly yet), ITV commissions Manhunt for a second series, Remember Kate Middleton's gorgeous The Vampire's Wife dress? The Ethel Shipwreck. When the danger was discovered, it was too late. In 2015 this venue was the focus of a major week long celebration of the National Heritage listed and arguably Australia’s most important shipwreck, culminating on 19 March with the 225th anniversary of her wrecking. By subscribing you become an AG Society member, helping us to raise funds for conservation and adventure projects. The Falls of Halladale struck heavily amidships, about 200 yards from shore. 15. Having your friends join you on one of your travels was really cool. Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum. Australian WW1-era naval submarine HMAS AE-1 found, Australian WW1-era submarine found after 13th search mission, 'He held me under hot water during lockdown.' It was the only Japanese submarine to fire its torpedoes and destroy a major target: the HMAS Kuttabul. Such inquiries are normally the remit of individual states but the attorney general says this is not a firm rule. Tags Australia curse ghosts haunting Paranormal shipwreck strange places Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. 11. The coastal waters of Victoria are home to a collection of international cargo vessels that were lost in the treacherous conditions of Bass Strait. This law also currently protects half a million historic shipwreck relics and artefacts in various public and private collections. The steel 'Liberty' ship William Dawes  was one of approximately 19 victims in NSW coastal waters. While on its first medical voyage to collect casualties from New Guinea, AHS Centaur was torpedoed on the 14 May 1943 by the Japanese submarine I-177. Hogarth, Christine (1985) Navigators and Shipwrecks: Australia's heritage in stamps. Sydney ferry that collided with the mail steamer, A Japanese midget submarine that sank sometime after being shelled during the. It was using the Roaring Forties trade winds to make a speedy journey across the Indian Ocean, but it never reached its destination, becoming wrecked on the coast of Western Australia. M24 Japanese submarineThe Japanese midget submarine, sunk in 1942 in the middle of World War II. It was Australia's worst naval disaster with the loss of the Sydney and all 645 crew. The dive team have completed AIMA/NAS training through the Heritage Office, NSW Department of Planning, and have been active in mapping and identifying deep wrecks throughout the State. His death would prove unnecessary as, by the next morning, the Ethel had been swept ashore where all others on board could depart to safety. The ship ran into trouble along the South Australian coast after hitting a reef. They encountered German mines, official red tape, bad weather and a host of problems, but still managed to recover over 90 per cent of the gold, which they returned to the Bank of England. One of over a hundred vessels used to transport 60,000 South Sea Islanders to work in Queensland’s cane fields, all aboard the Foam died, included the 84 Islanders returning to the Solomon Islands. It was also one of the last wooden steamships to be built before iron became the more popular construction material. A. Bergman or Berghmann, taking jarrah piles from Hamlyn to Darwin, wrecked off, British iron ship that struck a reef near, This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 14:53. It was crewed by merchant marine personnel and carried Army doctors and nursing staff. The Australian Government contributed $4.2 million to the search. It sank within three minutes with the loss of 268 of the total crew of 332. Australia Discovered is a series of books and media encompassing the European discoveries, shipwrecks and settlements of Australia before the First Settlement in 1788. 'We want relatives of those who sailed on the SS Wollongbar II to get in contact, so we can share findings of the survey conducted by our archaeologists,' director of heritage operations at Heritage NSW Tim Smith said. The freight vessel was carrying butter and bacon when it was destroyed by two torpedoes in 1943, killing 32 people on-board. What now looks like a carefully crafted art installation is actually the remains of the SS City of Adelaide, which sailed the seas for over 50 years before running aground.Located in Cockle Bay, Magnetic Island, the ship's history underwater is just as, if not more, fascinating as its time at sea. ‘Expect the unexpected’: Koala rescued after scaling NSW lighthouse. The site is protected under the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 and NSW Heritage Act 1977. Shipwrecks of Western Australia. … As diving technology improves and as the numbers of enthusiasts taking up wreck diving increases, numbers of our wrecks have been declared protected zones to limit and regulate access. 1-124 Japanese submarineThis submarine was sunk on 20 January 1942, some 100km north-west of Darwin by American destroyers. There were no survivors. It was growing rainforests, not humans, scientists say. During the journey, it encountered an unidentified vessel purporting to be the Dutch freighter Straat Malakka; Instead it was the disguised and heavily armed mercantile raider Kormoran. It had been transporting ore from South Australia to New South Wales when it was attacked. The wreck's exact whereabouts have not been revealed in order to protect the site. On 28 February 2008 the HMAS Sydney Search Pty Ltd commenced searching for both shipwrecks. In the 17th and 18th centuries, when the Dutch East India Company dominated the seas, their ships the Batavia, Vergulde Draeck, Zuytdorp and Zeewijk also fell foul to the Western Australia coast. King Edward Terrace The Australasian Underwater Cultural Heritage Database (AUCHD) contains historical and environmental information about shipwrecks, sunken aircraft and other types of underwater heritage sites located in the Oceania and Southeast Asian regions.