35.2 seconds. With about 40% of shells hitting home, you get a good picture of how your salvos will set fires. Next time you test something. Thor, Loki could handle, but Loki couldn't talk his way out of anything with Odin. Nine 305 mm guns with good ballistics and a reload time. Odin the Norse God was by and large clever and resourceful. I am betting no one actually grinds this line and they will be a very rare sight in game unless they do some massive buffs. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. They tend to wiggle and single fire will allow you to walk the shots in if they execute a turn after the first shot. One thing she has over tirpitz is her torps don't get destroyed much due to them being butt racks. In that case, you are not likely to pen most BBs until very close in a drive-by. So how would an Odin and Minnesota division work? For example, Hakuryu is a modern submarine of a class that re-used the names of some WW2 carriers. i took the reload upgrade mod which brings it down to 33 or 34, but it needs some help. Not that well regarded, being too cautious for the daring school and too aggressive for the Kaiser. By Her lower HP makes 2ndary engagements suicide missions against higher tier BB’s. Often depicted wielding a spear named Gungnir, and riding his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir. If Alpha Strike is the one shot kill, DPM is the slow and steady burn.Light cruisers and gunboat destroyers, like the Soviet line, tend to have high DPMs. Also,good luck with the name. So how would an Odin and Minnesota division work? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think that testing proved too hard for the testers because they don't know how to shoot long range to begin with and waited until they were at 20 km or less to effectively use the guns. The barrels are 45 not 50 like Iowa. Oops! The upcoming German Tier 8 Battleship Odin is certainly promising. Feel free to opt in or out. FSC = (1 - (1-HE Fire Chance)^(Max Salvo*.4)), TRT = Detectability Range * 1000 / (Torpedo Speed * 2.6), Time taking to reach full power when accelerating, Range of guaranteed acquisition of ships (RGA), Risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. She's notable for her powerful main battery with 305 mm guns. The armor, all enlarged version with 3x3 layout have 340mm-350mm belt thick (similar to Scharnhorst). Odin is more Hindenburg, than Hipper or Scharnhorst. Update 0.9.5 What to Expect! Have fun Ahab, I hope it's useful. That's silly. Because Odin, always had your number. If you don't believe that a 3.5-5 second faster reload matters, then yes. The final cost of virtual goods may vary depending on the selected payment method. Running from any engagements from T10 BB’s unless forced into a “have to” situation? 3 replies; 187 views; SteelRain_Rifleman; September 23; Prinz Eitel Friedrich build? German dispersion. I really feel now the Scharnhorst fares better against T9 BB’s than the Odin does against T10 BB’s. Nine 305mm guns, distributed among three triple turrets, is comparable to … Because at mid, you aren't going to successfully pen unless they are wide, but if you get one turret destroyed, then you just improved your chances. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! Forward gun angles seem decent, but rearward arcs look a little cramped. For example, Hakuryu is a modern submarine of a class that re-used the names of some WW2 carriers. Feel free to opt in or out. I take it you did not enjoy US BBs until Colorado? Poor torp protection. A game about huge boats. Mostly likely would be the names of emperors would did accomplish something: SMS Kaiser Karl der Grosse (=Charlemagne) and SMS Kaiser Barbarossa; those are very much in line with Friedrich der Grosse (the Nazis would have dropped the "Kaiser" from the name). Scuttled it to keep it out of British hands. Not sure how strange it is as for naming ships after it though, i'm no wehraboo. Like Graff Spee her guns can wreak havoc on cruisers but her hit points can quickly reduce her to taking cover from BBs in her own tier let alone higher tier ships. There are other, less likely possibilities as well (naming for an admiral killed early in WW2, using an Austrian name like Prinz Eugen did, etc). Find someone who is actually a BB player and not some half baked slacker. But a 45 barrel is supposed to be less accurate that a 50. Bug-Fix for Odin Dockyard and in-game Dockyard fro... 0.9.5: Detailed Changes to Unique Upgrades. Tediously Futile! Needless to say, Loki couldn't stand him. 30 seconds base is pretty common from T3 up. A very useful metric for judging how hard it is for your opponent to dodge your torpedoes.