Four of us have been captives among the Iroquois. The Iroquois pursued them with vigor. 2. Here are some examples. iroquois confederation in a sentence - Use "iroquois confederation" in a sentence 1. Iroquois definition, a member of a North American Indian confederacy, the Five Nations, comprising the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas, and later the Tuscaroras. And in this respect, the Iroquois were singularly favored. The Iroquois Confederation, led by the dominant French, their chief trading partner. Nevertheless, the Iroquois attack was beaten back. From February to July, 1789, with George Clinton, Egbert Benson, John Hathorn, The Mohawk claim was one of several involving members of the, This community was actually sympathetic to the American cause, siding against the rest of the, The proposed legislation involved more than 11, 000 Indians of the, The Five Nations were the Tuscarora joined the, It contains three new native civilizations that can be completely controlled : The, He pushed the Senate to ratify the treaties pending before that House with the Cherokees and Six Nations of Indians (, American Indians in the Ohio Valley were greatly affected by the aggressive tactics of the, In 1838, the Treaty of Buffalo Creek dealt with the disposition of the remaining land in New York held by the nations of the, Earlier this month, for instance, the National Museum of the American Indian in Manhattan returned more than 400 sacred masks to the six-member, Although the Algonquin tribes and the Seven Nations were not directly concerned with the fate of the Ohio River Valley, they had been victims of the. "; although one word, it is a complete sentence. At any rate, this argument is only partially true since the republic set up by the Iroquois confederacy predates Canadian confederation. The Council notably fought against the Iroquois Confederacy and the Sioux. The Iroquois are a powerful confederacy. iroquois confederacy in a sentence - Use "iroquois confederacy" in a sentence 1. I have seen them before in Iroquois foray. The fears of the Iroquois rose. It was fought between Algonquin allies, against the Iroquois Confederacy. The Iroquois were tricked but not disarmed. Arts > Iroquois Sentence Surgeons - Online Iroquois Sentence Surgeons - Online This innovative activity requires students to correct the flawed spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The Iroquois were tricked but not disarmed. The Iroquois stood respectfully before her. The Iroquois never forgave the French for this. The Iroquois is a proud man. The Iroquois language has a long and proud history among several Native American tribes. The Iroquois came off to the ship in their canoes. Home > Lang. Sentence Examples. And an Iroquois sank a hatchet into his brain. Iroquois in a sentence | Short example sentence for iroquois, Verses in a sentence | Short example sentence for verses, Hard Times in a sentence | Short example sentence for hard times, That Too in a sentence | Short example sentence for that too, Mount in a sentence | Short example sentence for mount, Bitterly in a sentence | Short example sentence for bitterly, Darkness in a sentence | Short example sentence for darkness, Momentous in a sentence | Short example sentence for momentous, Deb in a sentence | Short example sentence for deb, Replica Of in a sentence | Short example sentence for replica of, Words to describe Iroquois | Iroquois Adjectives. From every lodge the Iroquois poured in pursuit. I have seen them before in Iroquois foray. Why, we traveled side by side in the Iroquois canoes. Looking for sentences with "iroquois confederacy"? The Iroquois Language: Bigger than One Tribe. "iroquois confederacy of nations" in a sentence, It was fought between Algonquin allies, against the, They petitioned to become the sixth nation of the, The destruction of the Seneca and Mohawk lands infuriated the, Researching on the background of the Shawnee and, The Iroquois nations had earlier formed a decentralized political and diplomatic, The Iroquois League has also been known as the ", The family belongs to the Onondaga nation, a part of the, Each competed for the support of a fourth nation; the powerful, The majority of the fighting was between the Anishinaabeg Confederacy and the, The Southern Tier has long been home to the people of the, George was a renowned orator who used his skill to influence the, Their claim was that the founders had contact with and admired the, The mineral springs at Saratoga were first used by the people of the, Each branch distinct, they were individually incorporated and recognized by the, Under these conditions, the Council notably fought against the. The Iroquois have been the greatest warriors of the world. Sentence with the word Iroquois [54] This was in the winter of 1679-'80; and the Five Nations, included in the general term Iroquois, had not then made the conquest upon which the English afterward founded their claim to the country.. Iroquois settled the complaint with a $ 225, 000 fine. The Iroquois will be feasting to-morrow night. The Iroquois expanded under this flattery. A leering Iroquois stood over me. The Iroquois expanded under this flattery. The west will be safe from the Iroquois for some time. The Iroquois league was a scourge, a pestilence. I tell them the English will bring the Iroquois. In the Iroquois mythology the same thing is found. The Iroquois would turn back and destroy them. Mademoiselle also will study the language of the Iroquois. See more. Iroquois, any member of the North American Indian tribes speaking a language of the Iroquoian family. Oghwaga, the great base of the Iroquois supplies. He dropped into the Iroquois tongue. The Iroquois know of our campaign; they are watching us. You can write a sentence that doesn't look like a sentence. "iroquois confederacy of nations" in a sentence, Part of the Huron population had also been integrated into the. Iroquois began this war by destroying Montreal. The Iroquois Confederation's population had changed significantly since the arrival of Europeans. The Oneidas are members of the Iroquois Confederacy, also known as the League of the Haudenosaunee, or Six Nations. For example, "Stop! But the best snow shoe we made was the Iroquois shoe. 2. They occupied a continuous territory around the Lakes Ontario, Huron, and Erie in present-day New York state and Pennsylvania (U.S.) and southern Ontario and Quebec (Canada). None of the Iroquois or Tories had dared to follow.