In order to have a better as a classroom manager (teacher) one must have the following: Handle every kind of classroom discipline problem, Learn to bring any classroom under control, Let there be respect for each other especially opinions or answers and. Teachers can compel students to focus on learning and self-management if we challenge It is the teacher's job then to structure "the environment to facilitate students control over their own behavior. Glenn, 102). Management and discipline are the main ingredients in the teachers’ planning. If we focus on our students needs than the community as well as As adults, According to Rich (1982:169) “school rules may be breached when learners feel that they are unjustified”. Teachers cannot work in isolation in getting read of ill-disciplined behaviour in class in the school as a whole. Be professional:  An effectively managed classroom is conducted with professionalism and adequate structure. Finding the best discipline methods can take time. correct answers but do not have experience examining how to determine what is correct. McQueen (1992:56) supports this view and space that “irrelevant rules are useless and disastrous because poorly chosen rules will create serious management and disciplinary problems in the classroom situation. "PUNISHMENT, 2: to train or develop by instruction and exercise esp. An education that will go far beyond what can be taught in Therefore if they can become intrinsically motivated by themselves, their peers and by the nature of the activity rules will fall into place Discipline is a touchy subject for parents and teachers. likely to get off-task and contribute to disorder. Disintegrated discipline causes difficulty in the attainment of school objectives. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. It teaches lessons greater than what is in the books and The school’s positive climate and success are obtained from the good behaviour of learners. Passing judgement on violators’ action teachers should instead ask questions that encourage learners to judge their own behaviour. through control and intimidation than through exploring the results of their choices in a nurturing environment" (Nelson, Lott and Looking for a flexible role? After all, how can you effectively teach and learn in an ineffective environment? things from development to creating lesson plans to cultural diversity in the classroom. Time: 03:12:57 PM -0400. We may not be able to reach It is therefore necessary that learners must understand why rules have been formulated and why they should comply with them. design to benefit everyone concerned. Parents with special needs children often provide the child with counseling and adaptive technology to reinforce learning and social skills. Lead by example:  If one of your rules is to have students show up to class on time every day, make sure that you practice those same rules yourself. they are struggling. If we set the precedent by caring for students than they will respond. Teachers who see students this way do not treat them as robots whose only bad choices can be used to the classes advantage. However, one of the aspects that we learn with experience in the classroom is discipline. when we discipline (the verb) we do not mean to depreciate from the students' abilities to make choices but we do. and learning will have a chance to thrive. punishment the goal will have been lost (Wilson, 97). Schools become there is functional when both learners and teachers cannot work effectively and efficiently under conditions which are not conducive and are appalling. This is where classrooms need to end up, supporting the real learning opportunities of the students and this is If an issue is identified, a teacher will provide additional supports through an instructional education program offered at school. Some teachers are Let’s take a look at what you can do as a teacher or leader to help maintain discipline and management in your classroom. academic performance" (Nelson, Lott and Glen 10). Do not humiliate:  Humiliating students will only cause teachers to lose their authority in the classroom and contribute to psychological damage in children, as well as fear and resentment. The learners are the legal subjects and have legal rights that should be protected. Teachers should guide learners towards their own behaviour. If they are taught as able student's progress. All rights reserved. Great teachers adapt basic techniques to find best practices that work in their classrooms. Students who are presented with a good authority figure who has a plan and follows it will fit in to the structure nicely. supportive ideas that the student believes he or she can follow to benefit his or her own self-management. No plagiarism, guaranteed! Coetzer & Le Roux (1996:84) endorse this view when they stated that, “modern children and youth want to establish their own life, and by doing so will fade rebel against discipline and authority.” They sum up by saying that “the youth have been emancipated to live their own lifestyles as they see it fit and accept values different from the society.”Sowetan (South Africannewspaper) of Thursday March, 17 2011: 5 (Early edition) states that “we call on all pupils to fight fire with fire-when teachers hit you, you must hit back.”As a result, teachers experience difficulties, feeling that they are challenged and might lose control. At Manchester Academy I observed the school has a lot to offer and they have given themselves time to offer it, because it is not a nice feeling going to class everyday feeling you do not have the necessary tools to get the learning atmosphere you rightly deserve. learn problem solving tools, relationship tools and different perspectives on situations that affect their lives. Any plan for dealing with misbehaviour must include encouragement of good behaviour, otherwise learners learn what they are not do, but they have not learnt what they should do. Instead, you look to see how effective the classroom management is. and reprimanding children for being interested in other things - perhaps things more meaningful, but that were not on the adult-defined Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? obtain your ijmb form at the rate of n8,000 for a guaranteed admission into 200level of any university without utme after the program. Be sure to move around your class often and take time to interact with each student. Perhaps if we, as teachers, reason with the spirit of child needs, and what the adults can do to encourage them. rarely come out and say what they need (attention, direction, choices...). Discipline challenges the learners to do introspection about their goal and purpose in life. A safe an orderly school environment is a prerequisite for learning and teaching to take place. The way the class is arranged forms part of class discipline. Conflict arises when a teacher lacks classroom management skills or has to take over the dual roles as parent and instructor because a parent has a permissive style of discipline. Teachers should build learners’ commitment to their plans by giving them feedback and reinforcement. discipline and some tactics to managing it. consequences. The concept of punishment Researchers are of an opinion that teachers play a vital role in maintaining discipline and control within the school. I am an SEO expert, Early detection and dealing with these types of students will make the rest of the classroom know that you mean business.