They have these things called "Yay Days". Ask an REI Employee Get answers from real REI employees—yep, the same friendly “Green Vests” you meet in our stores! The longer you work for them the more paid time off you get. Check out the Disqus Culture Book 4. If you’re looking to create a modern handbook in a similar style, I’d recommend checking out online handbook builders like AirMason. Why? We’d love to hear about it! Zappos Employee Handbook. For the sixth year in a row, REI’s stores, distribution centers, call centers and headquarters will be closed on Black Friday." - REI CEO Eric Artz, REI is committing to an ambitious plan in our climate fight: to be carbon neutral in our operations starting in 2020 and more than halve our carbon footprint over the next decade. Think about it: When someone recommends that you try something they’ve been doing for years and love, aren’t you much more likely to consider it? The SlideShare presentation proved itself as a very effective way to get their message across and recruit new candidates and received many, many views. It can be challenging finding a balance between tracking employee time and giving staff members complete time management autonomy. Not only is it extensive as ever, covering company-wide values (like their no-brilliant-jerks policy), but it also talks about how they plan on scaling while keeping their original values. So it really came as no surprise that in 2014, Zappos published their Culture Book online for all to see, and it generated quite a bit of buzz. ClickSeed specializes in search engine optimization, content marketing, and Google Adwords management for B2B enterprise clients and media organizations. This book includes their values and mission, along with TONS of testimonials straight from — you guessed it — the employees themselves. This one isn’t a handbook, but rather a full-blown interactive experience on a dedicated website, complete with a video from the CEO, specific company policies, and glossary of key terms. What Should Investors Do in The Event of a Contested Election? Yes! The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. Jim is the Founder and President of ClickSeed, a digital marketing agency specializing in enterprise SEO and audience development for medium to large size companies, as well as publishers in news, financial, and entertainment media. Still, it doesn't have to read like something that was spit out of an online employee handbook generator. You might think that it’s a scary time to be in HR, and while […], Your email address will not be published.