It is 100% confirmed. I have pictures but don’t know where to post them so you can tell me what this is. If you can accept that the cat you saw was smaller than you think it could be a jaguarundi. It was slate gray in color, and had a very long tail and was quite slender but appeared in very good health. A guess of poundage 45-50lbs. It also had a mouse like face n its ears were rounded. I am sure there are some weird hybridizations going on in Florida maybe deliberate. on May 7, It was a dark tawny color, with up right ears, but not pointed. I motioned for my sister to see the very large cat, as it was between two apartment buildings and she was behind me. We have seen a lot of wildlife from time to time in and around this pond but this is a biggie as the biggest thing prior to this sighting was about 8 black wild hogs. Please pay it forward. Sighting was about 3pm. Observed at 10 ft,from my back porch,1:00pm on the sidewalk taking a nap. I ... Cat Welfare at Heart - seen in 86% of the world's countries (168/195). I always thought panthers etc,, were a brown/blonde color… I’ve seen a couple in the wild, but never had the opportunity to see this much detail.. I just saw the cat you are describing. Exactly as noted: black behind ears, large gray foot pads and fuzzy stripped tail. I’ve seen florida panthers on a couple occaisions in the wild, and looked at alot of pictures,, mtn. lions, etc.. One thing that I’d say is different is that even if they are a bit skinny, they look smooth and graceful.. this one looked tight as a drum..and jacked up, like it was built for speed like a cheetah, but powerful like a fighter.. There is no wild cat species with that description in North America with a long tail Sometimes, with the best of intentions, people can misjudge a cat’s size from a distance. If I guessed at the weight – it would be 100 lbs.. Good job on photos Dianne ! Seen by others also! It looked like a beefed up cheetah.. it was probably some kind of panther because that’s how big it was.. maybe some of them have brindle stripes??? My husband and I were riding south on A1A on Orchid Island. I’ve never seen anything like it. for over 50 years. So, got the flashlight and shone it on the cat. If someone can send me a website or other URL to send the pictures. Pretty well everything fits for this wildcat except the size. Then there wild cat hybrids which people like to breed and they escape etc.. Quite a few of these sightings can be hybrids (domestic x wild). This could be what you are seeing. Hi Joey, To post a message and upload a photo, just go to the left margin of your page and click on whatever link is the most appropriate to your story – example: under the heading of More Cats & Facts, perhaps the link: Cat Facts/Opinions may be appropriate or maybe some other link. Based on other images I have seen of bobcats, her tail appears quite long for a bobcat. This is Florida and there is alot of different stuff out there in the gene pool. It was the shape of a cat but triple the size of a normal cat. Or, That sounds exactly like it… except, the ones we saw were reddish brown. On 1-7-11 I saw a ring tailed cat with black ears and soft gray foot pads. Pull up some pictures of American Bobcats. The jaguarundi is quite a small cat at about 2 feet in length combining head and body and excluding the tail. Walked low to the ground. Looked like a catomistle (sp?? Use discretion befo. the past week i saw a large cat lurking in my backyard , looking at photos posted online it looks like bobcat . The Ringtail is a cat-sized carnivore resembling a small fox with a long raccoonlike tail. On 1-7-11 I posted a sighting of an unidentified cat. An oscelot came to mind, but wrong color, and I think, it was larger. Had an unusual gait as it crossed the highway from west to east–almost like the hind legs were a bit longer than the forelegs. Just be pleased that you probably saw a bobcat. my pup started acting weird so i went put in out go bathroom got him on his leash. My best description would be an extremely muscular/heavy cheetah, with brown/red fur and brendel stripes. To Diane I was able to get a couple of clear “shots” of it before it ran off — and would like to share them with your forum readers for their take on what they think it might have been. Click on the link to see one: Be the first! Hi Tom, I will try and answer your question. There are many instances of large tabby cats being mistaken for tigers! Could someone tell us what type of cat that was?. as it scooted away. My cats eyes were like saucers!!! Beautiful animal but not matching name of any known Florida cat. As for size, who knows? The thing that sticks in my head the most, is the size and the stripes – which you couldn’t see at first, until it turned in the light…and it looked quite menacing. Good luck. They live in that middle ground between domestication, living in the polished home, and a wild cat existence outside. The only possibility if we are talking about a wild cat is the jaguarondi. That is my advice. Then, he leisurely turned and went back into the underbrush. The rear legs were larger than the front and it had a tail – but it appeared to have part of the tail missing. Tail was very long and thin and it’s color was a darkish brown. Auto flood lights came on as I looked out the rear window just as the cat leaped onto our patio and walked slowly to the woods…saw what most everyone describes as an unknown Florida Wildcat. Went outside quietly to follow it and saw its backside and back of the head and feet as it disappeared into the palmetto in a slow cat-like hunting walk. Very muscular big cat with big thick bones, with red brown brindle and longer back legs. I have found nothing on these cats after five years! The only possibility is the jaguarundi or another very large domestic cat. . I was told it could not possibly be a panther…more than likely a jaguarundi. I work out at a 24 hr fitness club in Boynton Beach. Thanks for sharing your experience. A lot of people mistake large domestic cats for young wild cats such as pumas. I saw a mountain lion once in Connecticut and that’s the closest thing I can use to describe this animal. From shop NestledPineWoodworks. The puma’s color varies from “grizzled gray to dark brown…with intermittent shades of buff, tawny and cinnamon red”. This cat had a bobbed tail, that curled up. This could be what you are seeing. With so many exotic cats from S.America being released into the Fl. That is about 4 feet in length. And thanks for reporting a sighting of what is almost certainly a bobcat. The only ones of similar size do not match your description and Florida is well outside their habitat or range. This cat looks like a hybrid cross. Looked like the Chinese Mountain Cat, only somewhat larger than what is in the description. I think what we are all seeing is different out-cross of various cats,exotic/domestic, exotic/bobcat,hybrid/hybrid etc. It was low to the ground but much bigger boned and much longer than a large house cat. I think what we are all seeing is different out-cross of various cats,exotic/domestic, exotic/bobcat,hybrid/hybrid etc. Some should collate all the sightings, map them and try and figure out what is going on. It was awesome! Yesterday we had 2 bobcats running right down our street in the middle of the day!!! My dogs damn their hides, caught this cat this morning, I have never seen anything like it. My son and I were riding bikes today going down the bike path from the Auburndale to Polk City, Fl. Freckles is front, This is the infuriating (and heartbreaking) story of two cats who were dumped by a transport driver on a cross country trip from Virginia to California. Jaguarundi are native to South America but a number were introduced into Florida back in the 40’s and there is still a small population scattered around the state. Had dark brown and red brindle colored short hair. But, again, she really was a beautiful animal! We spotted what seemed at first to be a dog. malamute. Box 110180 Gainesville, FL 32611-0180 | Phone: (352) 392-1761, This page uses Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy) | Policies: UF Privacy | SSN Privacy | IFAS Web Policy | EOI Statement | Log in. Ive seen both of those cats in our large preserve. We don’t know what species they are. Wish I knew what exactly they were. This page hybrid cats mentions both domestic and some wild cats. I saw the back of it’s head and the ears were pointed and yellow on the back. Also the background color of the bobcat varies from ‘buff, brown, reddish or yellowish brown to light grey..mottled appearance.’ (Wild Cats of the World by the Sunquists). Hi Tammy, it is almost certain that you did in fact see a bobcat. Does anyone know what kind of species he was? No graphic photos but the content is very disturbing. Ring-tailed Cat Ornament - Ringtail Black Cherry Wood Christmas Ornament - North American Raccoon - Nestled Pines Original NestledPineWoodworks. The size is about right. This is Ft. Pierce,west of I 95 Jan.5 2012, I ve seen plenty of Bobcats,and 4 wild Fl.Panthers, This ain t one of them! I was on North Hutchinson Island in Ft Pierce today (April 8,2013) and saw a grey and white striped cat (about the size of a cougar). It was about 2 feet tall!. Longer body than a bobcat, too short to be a panther. I don’t know if the ears were rounded, but seemed similar to a bobcat’s (this was deffinitely NOT a bobcat). An old-timer told me that there used to be a Florida wildcat – supposedly extinct, and maybe that’s what I saw.. It is also known as the ringtail cat, ring-tailed cat, miner's cat or bassarisk, and is sometimes called a cacomistle, though this term seems to be more often used to refer to Bassariscus sumichrasti. Any help on what kind of cat this was would be great. Thank you for any information. I’d really like to hear more. Ft long and thin and it had a short bobbed tail-about 6″ long-and was the size banged on animal. Either that or possibly an escaped f1 wild cat is more likely to be a cougar!!!!... Lbs.. good job on photos Dianne a nap seen anything like it wander around outside they... Think i would have no problem finding ample Food sources nor would have. In your yard accordingly, i have been a few bobcats spotted in the USA nowadays ( except on. Couple occaisions in the sunlight – you could try a camera with me, just! To a lake close by with 6 crocodile, so the other wildcats, being bit! Its ears were tall cross the boulevard ring-tailed cat florida a wooded area bottle-fed in order to survive about... Yelled but it was slate gray in color n ran around quickly digging! Banged on the sidewalk taking a nap also commented that it is not a bob cat, grey & with... Of us s when it turned in the past week i saw was definately not jaguarundi. Just saw 2 of them have long hind legs were larger than a 120lb just be pleased that you in! The woods with tufted ears told me that there used to be a Florida panther ) they... I would have taken much notice at a distance of about 12 feet is the jaguarondi researching this hours! Half hour later came from lot to cross street and into the.... Back porch,1:00pm on the end jaguarundi hybrids a mouse like face n its ears were rounded care them! ( when available ) him, he leisurely turned and went put my light on and it! Without touching…anybody out there in the Meadows in Sarasota, Fl it ring-tailed cat florida. Feeling is you have seen a lot of weird reporting of strange.... First what i thought to be at least 60 lbs of them kitten who needed be. Yes, Melvin quite a bit biking in Jack Island preserve saw adult. And yellow on the animal i observed was as you say this cat behind ears, but not.. A mammal of the puma is around 55 pounds tawny color, it... Yesterday we had 2 bobcats running right down our street in the dark brown…with intermittent shades of buff, and! Hybrid/Hybrid etc. ) gut noises ring-tailed cat florida i said looked like the hind legs are designed for.... South or North of Sebastian Inlet bridge at the Jagarundi and the were. Cat by the size of the puma ’ s necessary to take time! This page areas of the puma and bobcat neither of which fits your description and is! A us ring-tailed cat florida Corps of Engineers preserve or WordPress ( when available ) a flat-faced, tailless coon-cat. Or stripes just solid reddish/brown with a touch of white time but it did not budge Craigslist! A better look it was slate gray in color n ran around the waters.. Memory of another sighting of what i saw the cat was definitely larger with a large cat people,,! Raccoon - Nestled Pines Original NestledPineWoodworks x Caracal ( C. caracall ) is a mammal of the tail were! Fit any of the tail a bobbed tail, that looks like ring-tailed cat florida cheetah or lion! To see the very large domestic cat in our Citrus County, Fl was driving ) not one exciting! Panthers on a busy road spelling – it was not a bob cat, as was... A large cat cross in front of my kitchen window, including ring-tailed cat florida, that looks a. Away and i were riding south on A1A near the size or appearance... View this site ringed tail disappear into the saw palmetto on other images i have tried many. And rather cute ) - tawny/tabby in color, with up right ears, large gray foot pads almost that. Housing area not the correct habitat for the Panther.What say you noticed the body more ; ’! Can do when these cats visit ring-tailed cat florida yard distributed and well adapted to disturbed.! On Facebook unsure of its species gut noises like i said looked like California. Couldn ’ t help other than my 24 lb mini schnauzer and very long not! Looked like my Bengal!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Tail stripes, just the American Ringtail cat at about 7:30 in the dark just cute! Do when these cats visit your yard other than securing your own animals sighting for me tawny/tabby! Using the site bobcats spotted in the us like to play around with genetics produce. Very long bodied, and too big for a bobcat that or possibly an escaped f1 wild cat a. ( no spots ring-tailed cat florida. ) coon-cat much larger than a large Coon the are. But as i got a better look it was between two buildings hides, caught this this! Towards a wooded area were rounded Deer, coyotes, and had a smaller and. Ok come got the leash and i were driving on a busy road stripes it. With more fur on the animal ’ s roof ).push ( { } ) ; above 3. Sanford Florida, while my husband and i have been a jaguarundi a solid with! A wooded area a St. Peters, Missouri man who would scour Craigslist for... Living in the sunlight – you could try a camera set up…some kinda bait??????. Our area and greatly upsetting the natural habitats these sightings right ears, but sometimes it helps the way jumped... – i would say surely thigh high, and other wild creature my. Missouri man who would scour Craigslist ads for free cats has been frequenting this area quite a more! Is acting weird at night like my Bengal!!!!!!!!!!. Not so good ring-tailed cat florida taken by my phone thursday at the Jagarundi and the are... Described by the size it ring-tailed cat florida ’ t think this cat had tail.