They were able to work together well while playing dodge-a-leen in Dodging Danger. She is sometimes seen wearing clips or bows in her hair but beginning in Season 2, this was less common, she cut her hair to a bobcut by Season 5. Full Name Goodbye!". Pipes (by Henry)Judy GlickmanPaper (by Ray)Popper (by Ray)Loud Girl (By Mika)Land Loser (by Mole People)Frizzy McGuire (by Ray)Fraidy Gaga (by Ray) Date of Birth She attends Swellview Elementary School. Henry is protective of Piper both in a physical safety sense and to a more personal extent. She claims that she hates her life, by saying she is not okay, which might have to do with that addiction to her phone she has. love intrests She seems to have no problem with breaking the rules, as it happens for her to flash a fake ID. Henry gets scared for Piper when his dad is explaining what happens when you don't switch legs. Henry knows that Piper punches people when she gets woken up while sleep-texting.

Piper explains what the rock box dump is to Henry.
), Henry leaves the front door open for Piper when they return with food, Piper doesn't mind that Henry gets to stay in the house with her and the Game Shakers. However, in the episode Up The Stairs!

Like it was shown in Spoiler Alert. Piper wants to charge her phone with Henry's cord, but he wouldn't let her use it.

Before Piper knew Schwoz's true identity as a member of Captain Man's support, Schwoz has been in various disguises until their secret got exposed. Henry says that he’s worried about Piper because wherever she is, is probably dark and horrible and scary.

!” and looks horrified then he grabs her shoulders and says “Piper!”. The patriarch of the family was wrestling legend Stu Hart (1915–2003). She is obsessed with social media and she likes followers, popularity, and having fast Wi-Fi. Charlotte is okay friends with Piper. Henry starts yelling ‘Piper’ over and over again to try and make her listen and not hurt herself but Piper just mocks his voice again and runs off. Piper tries to reason with Henry when he is jealous about this (although she doesn't know that she's talking to Henry).
Piper Hart is the younger sister of Henry Hart and President of the Man Fans on Henry Danger. Usually she can be found complaining to her mom about problems she's having with her account on an unspecified social network, or with a friend. She screamed Henry's name while coming into the school. MinyakNurse CohortFrankiniDrex Her counterpart from Opposite Universe is her being a nice sweetheart and likes to do charity work. Her driver's license also reveals a lot about her, such as her birthday, address, height, and weight.

Beyond that, she is one of the people who didn't know his Kid Danger identity until the episode Sister Twister, Part 1. Henry Danger (TV Series 2014–2020) Ella Anderson as Piper Hart, Mole Queen She has a huge crush on Kid Danger and attacks The Spoiler to save him. Henry catches Piper and sets her down gently after zapping her. In the episode JAM Session, it is revealed that her favorite foods are lobster balls and faux-fu, fake tofu that is made with meat. She is shown to be a dynamic character whose anger sometimes gets the best of her. She is portrayed by Ella Anderson. Henry is concerned with why there is a problem with Piper’s ski trip.

Piper and Jasper are rivals. She seems to have a very bad influence. She is portrayed by Ella Anderson.

She gets more calm, screams way less often and usually isn't complaining that much about her phone and Wi-Fi. She obeys him by stopping and then explaining to him where she's going. She and Jana Tetrazzini are rivals. In Season 3, they don't fight that much anymore, most likely since Jasper now works at Junk N' Stuff and they spend less time together.

Her driver's license also reveals a lot about her, such as her birthday, address, height, and weight. She even defended Piper when she said she would give Paula Makiato, the Man Fan Club President, a dirty look in her eyes. She hates Jasper and doesn't want him in her house, even though Jasper doesn't mind her. StudentPresident Of The Man Fans As seen in JAM Session, she is aware of her anger issues and wants to do something about it. Henry genuinely feels bad for Piper and Piper doesn’t mind that Henry comforts her. Piper Hart is going to continue her main role on this series. Piper Hart has bright brown hair and blue eyes. Family She tried to convince Henry once to join in one of his superhero missions during Captain Mom while Ray was pregnant. Henry lets Piper take a picture with the EnvyGram Wall even though she doesn’t have enough followers and he knows he might get in trouble. The Hart wrestling family, sometimes known as the Hart dynasty, is a mainly Canadian family with a significant history within professional wrestling. Henry is apologetic about the fact that he doesn't have time to help Piper, They argue about how mean Piper is to Henry, Piper calls Henry her sweet brother to try and get him to agree to her meet-cute, Ray makes Henry feel guilty about not helping Piper, Henry says he wants to help but can't because he doesn't have time, Piper touches Henry's arm and back when they're in the coffee shop, Piper wants Henry to wear a disguise because she doesn't want Jackson to think that her brother would steal her phone, Piper tells Henry that she'll show him how to make Animatics later, Henry asks if Piper is going to help him get inside after getting hurt due to her meet-cute, Piper tries to make Henry help her again when the first plan doesn't work, Henry asks his parents who’s going to watch Piper, Before he sees it, Henry says that he’s sure Piper’s hair isn’t that bad, When Henry gets shocked by the sight of Piper’s hair he tries to compose himself quickly so that Piper doesn’t feel worse, Henry is sweet to Piper when she is upset about her bad haircut, Piper tells Henry about her hair problem, meaning she wanted his comfort or advice on the matter, Henry tries to make Piper feel better by saying that at least her hair is even now, Henry solves Piper’s haircut problem by suggesting she wear a wig from Junk N Stuff, Henry makes sure that there are in fact wigs at Junk N Stuff before making Piper come with him. Piper Hart Henry leaves a note for Piper with an excuse as to where the Game Shakers went. Resides in

When people say rude things about Piper, Henry usually says something to the extent of “that’s my little sister!”, Piper interacts with Kid Danger and Captain Man a lot before ever figuring out that they are Ray and Henry, which doesn’t happen until she finds the Man Cave and sees them transform in, Piper finds Henry weird until she learns that he’s Kid Danger, which explains all of his strange behaviors, Henry has had to rescue Piper far more than any other character, Henry is usually more patient with Piper and her angry tendencies than most of the other characters are, The way that they become closer and fight far less as they get older is realistic to many real-life sibling relationships, Henry has supported and done many nice things for Piper even before they started to get along better in the later seasons, for example, he coaches her basketball team in, Henry tells Piper that he loves her multiple times in later seasons although it is usually in some kind of ironic way, They refer to each other as brother/sister quite a bit, sometimes without it being necessary, Their dad refers to Henry as ‘the good child’ in. It is revealed in the episode JAM Session that she is 4'10". Henry and Piper were working well together to make the Game Shakers comfortable in their house (they both got them food and set the table, they hung out with them, Henry brought them towels, while Piper brought pillows). Both Schwoz & Piper get along great. Piper graduates with Charlotte and Jasper, as she have earned credits for college by making up for the crimes she committed by doing community service etc. The Henry & Piper Hart Sibling Timeline! She is the daughter to Kelly Hart and Jake Hart, and also the sister to Henry Hart. All about this Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Piper and Jasper are rivals. Henry is the one to sit beside Piper while she is crying and comforts her. She seems to have a very bad influence, which may explain why Piper is bratty. As the Series continued, and Piper matured, she, and Henry begin to help out each other (as seen in Seasons 4-5); this pairing is for friendship purposes only. When Henry sees that Ray had turned into Captain Man, he asks what Ray was planning to do to Piper and puts his hand up trying to stop him from going inside. She is a big fan of Kid Danger and Captain Man. Henry Hart (Brother)Jake Hart (Father)[[Kris Hart (Mother)Unknown cousinsMark (step-Uncle)Jimmy (great uncle; deceased)Great Grandpa Hart (great grandfather) Reluctantly, they're on good terms and tries to kick Piper out because she's not part of the team. Henry says that Piper's story is the closest that anyone's is to being scary, demonstrating that she knows him the best. Piper warns Henry that Hashtag Booshdag is coming. Henry tells Piper that she can’t dump 800 rocks on her head or she’ll end up in the hospital.