This process can take up to 30 minutes depending on how hot you get the fire. Having trouble with the pizza sticking to either the pizza peel or the pizza stone? Pro tip: I highly recommend getting the grill and stone up to temperature before making your pizza because if the dough sits for too long, it will start to stick to everything! On our old regular grill, I placed the crust straight on the grates and it still turned out delicious. Pull the pizza, let it cool a couple minutes and enjoy! It’s easy to cook an underdone pizza for a few more minutes, but impossible to go back in time and fix a burnt pizza cooked at too high a temperature. Big Green Egg Pizza Parchment Paper. The pizza stone does make the crust more similar to pizza shop pizza. For your first time cooking pizza on a Egg, I recommend going with thin crust and cooking at 300°C/570°F for 7-9 minutes (or thick crust at 260°C/500°F for 8-10 minutes). Simply set the pizza on some parchment paper prior to making it and placing it on the Big Green Egg… March 21, 2015 Pizza Cust Recipe 0 Share this post We have searched high and low, experienced overcooked and undercooked pizza crust recipes for grillin’ on the Big Green Egg, but by far this is our FAVORITE recipe that is the closest you can get to brick oven pizzeria in Italy… Without the stone, you’ll want to flip the crust after 3-4 minutes and then put on the toppings before cooking for another 3-4 minutes. Once the big green egg pizza stone temperature reaches 500 degrees, you’ll be ready to cook.