However, you might want to consider just calling customer care at 611 to verify whether it is set correctly. +1 702-522-1202 (Twice) 3:23 PM on 02-11-2018 All Signal devs can do is wait until MV fixes their stuff this does not seem to be a Signal bug/issue. See forum-threads I linked to above; perhaps one of us here can come up with a proper non-bandaid solution. there are actually several localized conspiracy-theories happening, but they are generally country-specific and sometimes carrier-specific, which includes censorship within a handful of nations (usually by the government which has direct control over the nationalized telecom infrastructure), so if you are in one of those countries you will experience not merely the inability to receive sms-and-robocall registrations, but the inability to use signalapp (unless you manage a Tor connection or VPN connection perhaps) as the signal-servers themselves will also be getting censored. No special developer-applications. If you wish to help do some community-debugging of your device and carrier in the community forum-thread, you can login there with your github credentials == After all, if I already verified my phone number once, it shouldn't be necessary to do it again if I just want to reuse the same account on a different device, right? Telegram has >100m, and WhatsApp has >1000m, per internet estimates made by others. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I'm hesitant to remove the Signal app and re-install it on this phone because I think that would be inviting trouble. I've been having the same problem for the past week. I got those calls many hours later in the middle of the night. Reality is that registering to Signal service the way it is done now is a hit and miss and must be changed. BTW I have DND(Do Not Disturb Registry) Enabled on all my phone numbers. So i guess the provider did something to unblock calls and sms from Signal. But the smaller you make N, and the more device-models and carriers you cover, the faster you can know about -- and take actions to correct -- any kind of misconfigurations/etc between the signal-servers and the signal4smartphone devices which are impacting the registration-pathway via the cellular-network. No verification SMS, nor calls. The last step is filing a Trouble Ticket to have our engineers take a look at your connection on the back end and help fix anything that's stopping them from coming through. Fix Whatsapp Verification Code Not Receive Problem. Which carrier are you using, for the SMS/telephony service on your smartphone? wait a few more hours, then try sending the messages that Wouterdek used from the Twilio helpdocs, wait 24 hours then try again, then per Notatechdud3 and. My understanding is that under normal conditions the HTTP 403-or-401 error should 'never' occur unless there is a serious problem with disk corruption or keystore damage or similar. My suspicion is that the person who added it to the wiki page might have also faced the issue as he has opted-in to the Do Not Disturb registry. While we are an Android user support forum, we will try and help you with your iPhone problems the best we can. Call was from this number: +1 971-645-4219, Tried to register again yesterday with my phone number (+32) provider Proximus. Phone numbers should "just work" is what people tend to think, but the reality is they are awful :-). However this has been going on for over a month now, so I'm looking into switching providers if it goes on for much longer. Is this the first time that you are using Signal? Paypal, Signal, Waze to name a few. Sign in Here is my debug log from one of my many failed attempts: @five-c-d I would like to help. So it is not fully clear to me what is going wrong yet, or if all these Belgium-issues are indeed related to each other (rather than just coincidence). (There is a problem with Airtel refusing to deliver SMS according to a wikipage but that wikipage gives no details so the reason SMS is failing there is unknown to me.) This happened to sivaraam (unspecified India telco) w/ 90 minute delay back in July 2018, vitoreiji (unspecified Tanzania +255 telco), letkan (unspecified carrier and unspecified country) many hours later, and over in the forums at least one other person MarcSN311 (unspecified Germany +49 telco) many hours later and intermittent. Agreed, this is embarrassing. I have recently tried Signal and still not receiving SMS on India number (+91 ). My phone showed the short codes enabled but T-Mobile had it disabled. But I had to manually type that in before the countdown timer expired. Whatsapp Verification Code Not Receive Problem Fix. But most of the trouble is 413 rate-limiting. It would be better to avoid making a call after a particular time limit. do not try to re-register your +1xxxyyyzz70 phone number for a few hours... ideally wait 24 hours, though perhaps 8 hours will be enough. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Is there anyway I can get assisted on this issue too? I don't receive a verification code. @kalleyne , I cannot see any SMS being received in your debuglog, but I do see that you are getting an error-message which is the HTTP 413 rate limit exceeded response from signal-server. Instead, after you click on "allow" on the Mac site and get the actual code, you select "try again" on the android so you have to login again. And even if I did, I tried sending an unblocking message which had no effect. So if you are not receiving the Verification Code from Whatsapp then try the following: As a workaround until 7819 is fixed, on signal4android during registration you can tap eight times on the floating phone-icon in the middle of the screen, which will generate a debuglog that you can view. Same problem as verstken, from Belgium. I've always selected SMS integration with Signal but only once did it automatically detect the SMS and autofill the 6-digit form. This is a pain, for sure, but the upside is that the harder we work now, the less we will have to work in the long run: as more and more millions of people are able to register successfully for signalapp via SMS-or-robocall, fewer and fewer carriers will get away with misconfigurations that break Signalapp for all those people (cf Telegram and WhatsApp with their 10x and 100x larger userbases). @five-c-d My version of Signal is, from the App Store. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. But I'll try it on the other phones and hopefully the experience would go more smoothly or at least I'll understand what not to do in successive attempts. Well I just received a call again. Intermittently when trying I will get the message "Unable to connect to service. Reply I have this ... You don't get a pop-up where you can fill in the verification code in Android. If possible, can folks that are having no-SMS-and-no-robocall trouble please capture some debuglogs and paste the URL here?