This version of the show had a different set and intro unlike the American version but it uses the main theme song, cues and graphics from the America version.

A traditional lawless Wild West town with a southwestern feel. The game-board was divided into 18 squares, and Mikey was moved around the board in every direction (except diagonally) toward a "Goal" space on the board.


Wish it was on dvd, but will get this show however it is offered.

They are called Go Ninja Go, Winging It, and Chum Chop.

In Go Ninja Go, you move using the right and left arrow keys, and you jump using the spacebar. Season 2 Video Challenge Cabinets. Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2014. The message "You did it! Site with almost all of the Nick Arcade Video Challenges, Nickelodeon Arcade Bethea-Miteff Productions, Inc, InVideo Systems video featuring clips of the Nick Arcade Video Zone round, One Of The Most Nostalgic Game Shows For 90's Kids! Today we're jamming on games like Star Defenders, Stinky Sphinx, and everyone's favorite, Guess If These Contestants Currently Have Any Recollection Of Actually Appearing On This Show. In Chum Chop you use the four arrow keys to run and climb, the spacebar to jump, as you have to climb to the top and avoid the barrels while getting items for points and also power-ups. If time ran out before the team completed the game, a "laugh"-like sound played, the screen faded to red, and the words "GAME OVER" appeared on the screen.

Nickelodeon Arcade (most commonly known as Nick Arcade) is an American game show created by James Bethea and Karim Miteff and hosted by Phil Moore, with Andrea Lively announcing, that aired on Nickelodeon in 1992.The first-season shows were taped in December 1991 and aired in early 1992, airing originally during weekend afternoons.

A rainforest jungle with a live volcano and a village nearby.

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This game is played by 477 times, have 1 votes (1 likes and 0 dislikes) and his added 22 June 2019. My older brother and I had a fantastic time marathoning this episodes with a few beers and a heavy dose of nostalgia. You never know when that old dragon can fire at you!

Rate the game that you play, and it will be displayed here, so you can find easily your favorite games! Both players, sharing one energy gauge, teamed up for this last level, which was a face-off against one of three villains that rotated throughout the show's run: Merlock a Gandalf-esque evil wizard who shot lightning balls; Scorchia a very attractive and unbearably beautiful fireball-throwing sorceress; and Mongo, a spiked armor-clad troll who tossed balls of energy.

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