Weather is just one of the reasons football is considered a tough sport and it makes us wonder why baseball gets called for a rain delay when it’s just spitting outside. Forget about Deflate-Gate, or that time back in the day when the New England Patriots videotaped another team’s practices secretly. The only thing worse than heavy snowfall is apparently wet snowfall. Williams was placed on the team's COVID list after being in close contact with A.J. 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff Philadelphia at Chicago. It had snowed in the days leading up to the game and temperatures had been in the single digits. In the end, the game was won by the Buccaneers on a 19-yard field goal attempt. The weather that day at game time… 76°F with 80% relative humidity. Some of these NFL games looked like they were played while the earth was heading into an Ice Age, and yet we still enjoyed watching them. The ice also cost the Cowboys the win when defensive tackle Leon Lett slipped into the dead ball while trying to grab it, allowing Miami to recover the muff and kick a (successful) field goal as the clock expired. Is it just us or do the Patriots seem to be the biggest beneficiaries of the rulebook over the last 15 years? The Patriots won the game with a score of 3 - 0. Looking like around 20mph sustained winds in TB, with gusts around 30. Some of the soggiest games in NFL history include: Sleet and freezing rain on the field poses a similar threat to players as ice does to pedestrians and drivers on roadways and sidewalks: A total loss of traction. The rain caused the football to be slick, and it was dropped and fumbled numerous times throughout the game. A few deeper passes and kicks impacted (sticking with YLW here, but kind of on the fence about making it ORNG). If you have access to New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Indiana sports betting, then use our DraftKings Sportsbook promo code and our FanDuel Sportsbook promo code to get the best bonuses in the industry. Create an When the referee blew the whistle to start this game it got stuck to his lips. At -9 degrees Fahrenheit, the 1982 AFC Championship Game between the Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers proved to be the second-coldest game in NFL history. At game time, the temperature was -15°F, and the wind chill was -48°F. One of the most memorable ice storms in NFL game history is the "Sleet Bowl" -- the 1993 Thanksgiving Day Classic game between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. The use of the snowplow became the subject of controversy that year. KCC, HOU Deeper passes and long FG's could be a bit of an issue. One of football's coldest games was the "Ice Bowl" -- the 1967 NFL Championship game between the Packers and the Cowboys. Those who can take advantage of NJ online casino should use our DraftKings Casino promo code to get a fantastic bonus. If snowfall is particularly heavy, or if winds are strong or gusty, it can also impair visibility. The one game we’re featuring here between the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders led to the re-emergence of the modern-day tuck rule, which is still widely misunderstood by coaches and fans everywhere. A snow plow in the middle of the game that clearly favors one team? LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Packers activated RB Jamaal Willams from the reserve/COVID-19 list. The game was seen by a national audience on Monday Night Football and the action was a snoozefest, with many fans even leaving early, despite the close score. He’s scheduled to be a free agent next offseason. Wow. A little rain never hurt fans or footballers. In those conditions, frostbite can happen within 5 minutes. It's the same reason why your vehicle's tires deflate when it's cold. Damien Harris, Nick Folk active for MNF vs. Some of the NFL's snowiest games include: The "Bronco Blizzard" - Up to 15 inches of snow fell across the Denver area during this October 1984 Broncos vs. Packers game. A football (which is customarily inflated indoors) can deflate by roughly 0.2 PSI for every 10-degree drop in temperature it experiences after being transferred outdoors. The 27-year-old missed Week 9 against the Titans after going down in Week 8. Up until this point we’ve mostly talked about snow and rain as the cause of bad weather, but in this game back in 1988, it was fog that was the culprit. To say the least, -59 degrees Fahrenheit would be tough for beach boys from San Diego to overcome during any time in the year, but especially in the playoffs. This game featured two teams battling it out in a playoff atmosphere that featured a -36°F cold with the wind chill. The tuck rule had to be brought back from the dead in order to justify a controversial call on a fumble that ultimately helped the Patriots win the game…and boy oh boy was their snow on the ground. Steelers placed Vance McDonald on the reserve/COVID-19 list. 49ers placed Kendrick Bourne on the reserve/COVID list. The final score was 0-3. As always the written forecast consists only of games with some weather concerns/interests , you can always scroll down to the automated section for an hourly wind/temp/precip forecast for each game. That is, it takes a weather event of epic proportions to stop it. One would think that football is a game that would be reserved for the summertime, but since it’s played in fall and winter, the added element of weather can sometimes play a factor in big games. JAC, LVR Oddly enough, the week before the Chargers were in Miami, playing the Dolphins. Use our Monkey Knife Fight promo code to get a fantastic bonus. I'm assuming the answer to that is "not very much". Our content, rankings, member blogs, promotions and forum discussion all cater to the players that like to create a new fantasy team every day of the week. In the plot above, you can see the average points per game for outdoor games played in the NFL since 2003 as the strength of the wind increases. However, the uniqueness of the conditions merits a mention. Dense fog became trapped in Soldier Field and players said they could not see more than 10-yards in front of them. "It was so bad," he said, "that we might as well have worn ice skates.". Oakland Raiders @ New England Patriots, 2001-02 AFC Divisional Playoffs. The year 1934 may have been a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean some of the keys to the game, proper footing in particular, weren’t as important as they are today. The Chiefs only had 80-yards of total offense. That's right...a full 102 degrees warmer than the game was in 1967...Wow! For last minute updates … Chance for rain, but nothing too heavy or prolonged (mostly dry), winds a bit over 15mph sustained with stronger gusts. The wind allowed the ball to stay in the air on a pass that was intercepted near the end zone, handing the Raiders a win. Showers are also possible, but like Jax I don't expect the rain to be particularly heavy or long-lived (if they see any at all). So the rain is not an issue, but it will be a breezy day, so the question is how much does wind matter?