However, without Rainbow Dash they fail to work and Twilight is finally broken by Discord's spell. Rate. My Little Pony Season 7 Episode 17 To Change a Changeling. (Source: Wikipedia) Edit Translation. She and her friends share the train with three rival bakers who have brought their own entries. Overnight, the Cakes' dessert is partially eaten. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010–2020) Episode List. Twilight and the real Cadance escape in time to stop the wedding, where Cadance exposes the impostor as Queen Chrysalis, the leader of the shapeshifting changelings. She is able to defeat Princess Celestia, and her army prevents Twilight and her friends from retrieving the Elements of Harmony to stop her. Mr. and Mrs. Cake return to find everything is fine, and offer Pinkie to be their go-to babysitter in the future, which Pinkie accepts after hearing the twins say her name. Sweetie Belle then angrily declares that Rarity is no longer her sister, and goes to stay with Apple Bloom and her older sister Applejack, considering Applejack to be a better sister. In order to choose her first pet, Rainbow Dash hosts a flying race. 5. Pinkie immediately accuses the other bakers, but Twilight instead shows her how to investigate, and finds clues that point to their friends, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity, each admitting to taking a taste. When Rarity discovers the truth about Gabby Gums, the Crusaders are shunned by all of Ponyville, making their search for stories difficult. After observing the Great Dragon Migration with the Mane 6, Spike starts to question his dragon roots. Fluttershy is able to dispel her fears long enough to give enough speed to complete the tornado. Twilight fears the worst and tries to take steps to prevent it. Faust sought to challenge the established "girly" nature of the existing My Little Pony line, creating more in-depth characters and adventurous settings, incorporating Hasbro's suggestions for marketing of the toy line. As she packs to leave Ponyville however, Spike coughs up letters from Princess Celestia which are all Twilight's old friendship reports. Finding that the recovered Elements are powerless with her friends magically corrupted by Discord, Twilight Sparkle must rediscover the truth of her friendship to regain hope. In each episode, the hosts, guest, and mothers (or other adult female relatives) of those who participated in the show will carefully observe the solitary living situation of their single son in the studio as an observer through the daily life footage captured. The socialites are initially shocked by their behavior, but Rarity stands up for her Ponyville friends. 4. Season: OR . Rate. Twilight becomes close friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Spike returns to find an unhatched egg remaining but refuses to smash it. At Twilight's party, Rarity attempts to sneak out to a fancy garden party next door, but when her friends discover this, they support Rarity's networking for her business and decide to join the party as well. After seeing the rest of her friends out in the park on a playdate with their pets, Rainbow Dash (with the help of Fluttershy) tries to find herself an animal to be her pet using a series of contests. She was credited in the second season as Consulting Producer. 9. The ponies share adventures and help out other residents of Ponyville, while working out the troublesome moments in their own friendships. Despite leaving, she still has high hopes for the staff members, stating that "the gaps I have left are being filled by the same amazing artists, writers, and directors who brought you Season 1. By chance, they all come to the same spot and the leaders start bickering again. The play shows that before Celestia's rule, the three races of ponies did not live in harmony. The hostility feeds the ghostly Windegos, the creatures responsible for the winter, causing the land and the leaders to freeze over. As the sun sets, Princess Celestia arrives to reverse the spell. The show follows a studious unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville. When Apple Bloom worries Granny Smith will embarrass her at Family Appreciation Day at school, she tries to stop her from coming, not knowing she harbors a big secret about her past. Pinkie Pie has been asked by Mr. and Mrs. Cake to watch over their newborn twins, but finds that it may be harder than she thought it would be.