In this article a brief description of each will be given along with the benefits and disadvantages of each. Are you talking about MOLLE attachments themselves? my English is not so good. But he used the MOLLE throughout boot camp…will he eventually be issued a MOLLE? Well, I would highly recommend getting some because it provides you with a completely modular platform you can shrink, grow, and customize for exactly your needs. One of our favorite hiking packs is the 5.11 Rush 24. We want to be a part of preparing you and your family which means ensuring you have confidence in every product you’re counting on when you need it. It seemed the majority of the unit felt the same way as I did. In the ALICE pack, gear is carried in one large compartment, with smaller gear going into the side pockets. I was also picturing what your challenge looks like, and I thought you might check also, with your local Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers (for advice of course), as well as the organization that works with service dogs. Thank you! Pros. My boyfriend is actually on Parris Island right now, graduating in just 4 weeks! JUST GOES TO SHOW…..ONE SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP LEARNING. If I remember correctly, the top strap had 2 rings on it and the bottom strap ended in a thinner piece of strap. The equipment is a favorite of military units, police departments and fire departments. In fact, our encryption standards are the same level that large banks use to keep your information secure. This was at unit commanders discretion, of course, and at first opportunity my ILBE was put into storage. In the old Corps I was a RTO …..the Alice carried my prick 77 ,2 rolls of comwire3 battery’s …. I think he would love the “vintage” significance of the ALICE. Denier nylon exceeds industry standards for tensile strength and was once considered for bullet proof gear. Also, external pockets may get in the way when hiking through thick brush. Thanks for the comment Devon – and thank you for your service. Just free shipping. So I’m going to weave the attachment straps back through my. It’s got a really good feel to it. To speed up this process, Vanquest MOLLE Sticks are the perfect solution as the sticks simply unlock, weave through the PALS webbing, and locks into place making attaching and detaching MOLLE pouches or other equipment a breeze. The bottom of the pouch is also made of a mesh material so that any water collected inside the pouch will leave the pouch just as quickly. I am so impressed with this new equipment, down to these MOLLE straps that it blows my mind. It was at that point was when I thought to myself “what the hell did I get myself into”. am i correct in assuming the one with the seperate sleep bag predates the other and do you know if the assault pack and other pouches are interchangeable? I have always loved ALICE packs. Mark, everyone is moving away from external frames. When you think of a singular thing that differentiates your typical everyday casual or hiking pack with a tactical pack, it’s probably MOLLE. So informative to someone like me who knows nothing about these things! Can an ALICE pack be machine washed? Are you a Marine Biologist? These are basically attachments that you will be using for the purpose of carrying lightweight equipment that will be easily attached to a tactical backpack or any type of tactical bag (where it is appropriate). Check Price on Amazon. The pack itself isn’t really all that large but i was quite amazed at how well we became acquainted with making all our gear somehow fit into it. The tactical gear is durable and provides several choices for attaching gear. Ultra Light Phoenix Rucksack Review, Next: Bug Out Gear – Basic survival for the first 72 hours, The Ultimate Guide to Military Backpacks and Beyond. Our Weapons Marines carrying the 50s and 81s replace the plastic frame with the ALICE and buy better straps. Most of the MOLLE gear has webbing on each side of the equipment, such as on the vests or belts. The MOLLE Velcro Panel is a flat panel that has webbing on one side and Velcro on the reverse side, which can be used to attach patches. i keep going back to alice but using molle ll shoulder straps and waistbelt aka hellcat mod. Holsters; Rifle sleeves; Magazine pouches; Bandoliers; Additional Attachments. If you strike out there, let me know, and I’ll keep thinking of more places to contact! Thank you for your service Devil Dog!