Big cities across the U.S. quickly adapted the new concept to combat high crime areas. Bigfoot Gun Belt Review: A Sturdy Companion To Withstand The Stresses Of Daily Wear, The 7 Best Gun Belt Options For A Comfortable Carry On Your Person, Nine Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About How A Gun Works, How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy A Gun? Know the Laws and Requirements. Many people can agree that calling in the SWAT team for a search warrant is excessive. The Police Can Effectively Handle Dangerous Situations. In Harwood’s (2014) article he argues tha… Today, however, the American police have started utilizing SWAT tactics. This paper will provide insight on the increased use of paramilitary…, someone is deemed wrong among society and a community as a whole. By 2005, 80% of towns with a population of 25,000-50,000 had SWAT teams. An example sometimes used to justify this argument is the North Hollywood Shootout(1997). There are some situations in which heavy armory and assault weapons are needed such as in emergency situations. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Those that act out with criminal behavior must be arrested and punished accordingly. Military-grade equipment is sometimes necessary to quickly regain control over a dangerous situation. Police should not be engaging the public as if they are in a combat scenario. Radley Balko cited in Rise of the Warrior Cop that 26% of towns with just 25,000-50,000 people had SWAT teams in 1984. This paper will discuss both pros and cons in regards to the militarization of, Since police are expected to be more ethically upstanding the average citizen, it would make sense to trust them with this equipment rather than the average joe-schmo off of the street. The Benefits of Police Militarization The primary argument in favor of police militarization is that law enforcement agencies face increasingly sophisticated threats from criminal gangs and terrorists. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. 31 people were wounded. A study published Aug. 20 by Jonathan Mummolo, assistant professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton University, reveals that militarized policing is ineffective in decreasing crime and protecting police, and may actually weaken the public’s image of the police. CONS. The Los Angeles and Philadelphia police departments were among the first to develop the concept of SWAT teams. However, with the amount and type of crime in the United States, some level of police militarization is necessary. As anything else policing and law enforcement all were created and began somewhere. In the early 1800s maintaining order had become a public concern, in which the Sir…, Modern policing in America has faced some scrutiny, particularly when it comes to the “militarization” of police. How the law enforcement in United States is connected to England. It should be noted that the modern police face numerous more issues than in past policing. Below we will take a closer look at militarization of the police in the U.S. and whether it really helps. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) init… The SWAT team was initially established to handle life-threatening situations and violent civil unrest. 1. Baltimore, Dallas, and New Haven are examples of cities with police militarization. These units have become normalized in localities, and it has become evident that the use of PPUs has influenced American policing as an entirety. Charles Whitman killed his wife and his mother, then sniped 14 other people from his university’s clocktower. People argue that it is only in the public’s best interest for cops to have military equipment. And the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) reported in War Comes Home report that 80% of the SWAT raids in 2011-2012 were initiated to serve a search warrant. property), the enforcement of civil legal codes, and countering civil unrest to a certain extent. As already explained, many big cities started SWAT teams to deal with high crime areas. By 2014, SWAT teams were deployed around 50,000 times. Most police officers have proven fully capable of violently subduing protesters without any military-grade weapons; It actually very hard to recite Miranda rights while holding 40-pound grenade launcher; There no longer any middle ground between community watch and military; Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles only get 5 miles per gallon When it comes to pro militarization of police, it should be said that the better equipped the “good guys” are, then the enemy faces more uncertainty and faces several disadvantages if they were to go “pound for pound” against the police of modern society. Paramilitary Patrol Units, or PPUs, have become increasingly more established in policing, and often are viewed as the elite police entity in our country. On the one hand, proponents argue that militarized policing protects officers while acting as a … The police force is tasked with protection of civilian rights (e.g. When police have access to better quality weapons, they become more effective at handling dangerous situations. Many people who get arrested are good people who have made mistakes, were wrongfully arrested, or were guilty by association. Riots and mass murders are examples of such scenarios. For tragedies like this, having a SWAT team available to call in is a good thing. Police militarization in the U.S. started in the 1960s when the SWAT team was created. In addition, the SWAT teams are now being called in for minor situations in which they actually aren’t needed. The SWAT team was needed to stop riots, senseless violence, and other dangerous disturbances. Police are committed to their duty, to serve and protect the people. The two heavily armed criminals in this incident wore body armor and had combat-modified assault weapons with 100-round drum magazines, a variety of other weapons, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The military eliminates enemy targets during active hostilities. Going back in history how did it all started? The primary argument in favor of police militarization is that law enforcement agencies face increasingly sophisticated threats from criminal gangs and terrorists. Nevertheless, the country remains divided on the pros and cons of police militarization. One such example would be the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center by Saudi financed/born extremists on September 11 2001. There as some who are very opposed and then there are others that are pro militarization of modern police. Back in the old days policing was different from what they are today, with the same principle of protecting the citizens of United States, police nowadays are going with the trend of the modern world to maintain the peace and fight crimes in the community, they are ready to manage and control the situations they encounter…, With political movements, such as the War on Drugs, the use of military tactics in policing has become more prominent in American society. Some believe the military is far superior to law enforcement agencies and they should not be compared to the military. Col. Jon Belmar, a police officer involved in Ferguson, explained. Militarization of the police becomes a concern when excessive force is used in situations in which it isn’t warranted.