[3][10] Stints at other restaurants in New York City, Amsterdam and at Gravetye Manor in Sussex followed. Perfect for the winter months, Marcus Wareing … He has a brother named Brian, who is a catering teacher. ‘It got hit hard by the critics,’ he admits ‘and now I am refining it; what I do best is fine dining and I am going to stick with that and not go down the high street route. Marcus also published his sixth cookbook in September 2016, ‘Marcus at Home’, with Harper Collins. All three of my children can come into the business if they want to but it will be their choice, not mine. I want them to become their own bosses. I’m still like that, but since 2008 I have built a team around me that can run the restaurants with or without me, and this has given me the time and space to move on from being just a chef. The restaurant won its first Michelin star under Wareing in 2000, and was awarded a second star in 2007. Following the split with Wareing, the restaurant at the new location gained a new single Michelin star in the 2011 list. Wareing succeeded Michel Roux Jr. as a judge since the seventh series of MasterChef: The Professionals. It’s priceless and there is no other guide to match it in the world. It also gives them the confidence to be the best they can. [4], At the age of 11 his first food-industry related job was with his father,[5] packing potatoes and riding alongside deliveries. [3] The name came from the French wine Pétrus, which was Ramsay's and Wareing's favourite. Over the last 30 years Marcus has been involved in the creation of some of London’s most celebrated restaurants. [5] Wareing remarked of the situation, "If I never speak to that guy again for the rest of my life, it wouldn't bother me one bit. Amid the restrained clamour of the kitchen staff getting ready for a busy lunchtime service, owner and Head Chef, Marcus Wareing is in an ebullient mood. It’s a long time. Many of Britain’s top talents are also famous for their TV careers, though Wareing says it’s a career path he’d never previously considered: ‘TV never came into my grand plan,’ he laughs, ‘but life always has ways of surprising you.’. I have no backers in this business so every penny that is made or wasted is mine.’. Marcus Wareing (born 29 June 1970) is an English celebrity chef who is currently Chef Patron of the one-Michelin-starred restaurant Marcus,[1] (formerly Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley) in Knightsbridge. ‘When you begin something in a recession like I did, the only thing you can do is be very methodical in everything you do. I'll help Marcus Wareing get a third Michelin star Sam Wollaston was looking forward to helping out at Marcus Wareing's Michelin-starred restaurant. Wareing took the skills and discipline he had learned in the early days of his career and applied them to his own empire, though setting up restaurants two and three has not been without risks. While his sons Jake and Archie attend Ludgrove and Tonbridge boarding schools, his daughter Jessie, lives at home with the couple. ‘I always knew he was going to be big; he had a massive personality and was brilliant in the kitchen.’. [7] He was voted Restaurateur of the Year at the Tatler Restaurant Awards in 2004, and Harden's restaurant guide selected him as the fourth-best chef in London,[3] although La Fleur closed due to problems with the lease for the site.