the larger the corporation, tip, create the more -- typically the more arrogant it gets, and that's what you've got here. it truly is. for a lifetime. that's why twitter is censoring people. we'll have the latest on what they found later here tonight. again or it's another outrage. and more importantly, you know, it's not like it went through their fact-checking process, which is a disaster anyway. lou: well, the banks have respondent in this, do they not? Watch more content than ever before! and meanwhile, biden himself, joe biden has not in any way denied the reporting of "the new york post." sorbo said this on twitter: saying you're offended is like saying you can't handle and control your emotions. congressman devin nuñes, thanks for being with us. Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. backs fill these -- banks fill these out -- lou: no, no, i understand. lou: yeah. think -- i think they're being very, very careful. up next, the radical dems running seattle are destroying their police department. watchman. they never really got to see the servers at the dnc that the russians supposedly, according to the clinton plot line, had gotten into. congratulations to mark and his son george. i'm a peer educator,... a fitness buff,... and a champion for my own health. appreciate it. what makes donald trump's accomplishments all the more so is that he did all of the things that he did with that kind of attack. before money, people tools, cattle, grain, even shells represented value. her name and her accounts are flagged because she's known to be involved in corrupt activities. up next, the commission on presidential debates -- just what in the world is that thing? or any of the other outlets. the american people would love to know who they are. ♪ liberty. Email: a more effective total body fitness solution. these are the things we've heard about our whole lives that that no one's been able to achieve. just stretch and breathe. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. jpmorgan chase said, in these e-mails they talk about what jpmorgan chase said about her and how her company was flagged and how she was flagged, but they said she hasn't been indicted and, therefore, let's move ahead. then currency came along. On today’s episode of ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’, Lou examines the legal battle in Nevada, Pennsylvania and other key 2020 states amid concerns over voter fraud and election observation. the amount of people that i'm getting -- for me -- is like 100x a typical biden turnout.