Do not hesitage to give us a call. There were more groups heading up now, so it took a bit of time to cross paths along the narrow sections of trail. In addition to the delicious looking food put out by Ana, we fell in love with pictures of Triglav National Park located just 45 minutes from the capital Ljubljana. ... Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the central part of Triglav National Park. path covered with limestone and scree begins. Apparently in July and August the trail can get fairly crowded, so we felt lucky to have it more or less to ourselves. The real leg and lung burning starts here. From here it’s a steep climb (not a hike) straight up Mali Triglav for about 300 m. There are plenty of rungs, pins, and cables fixed to assist in any difficult areas. Sure, a fall would be bad news bears, but the path was wide enough to not pose any difficulties. It's so easy we actually did it in one day. This is my first time writing About two thirds into the hike, right after climbing out the steeper parts of the trail, we passed a group of adult and baby chamois wandering around the vast area of Triglav Plateaus (Triglavski podi).

The scrambled eggs and toast weren’t the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten, but they would do the job.

is the country’s pride and glory. Why? So I hardly ever go out and explore the backyard.

Mt. Bottled water can be bought at inflated prices at the mountain huts above as well. visit and explore new places in Slovenia.

Be prepared to potentially be the receiver of unpleasant and judgmental stares of disbelief if you climb Triglav (especially the last part) without a helmet and a proper climbing gear (via ferrata set), or, God forbid, in running shoes. Woods always get me on a high. Most climbers

We did not take via ferrata gear or helmets, as we had heard that they could be rented at the hut. careful here. We met some fellow hikers here that were heading back down from the summit.

The easiest one and the most commonly climbed is Prag route. Summer: You will definitely need good (ankle high) hiking boots, helmet, self-loading Via Ferrata kit, trekking poles to support your knees, day backpack, a lot of water, some snacks and a light jacket. The second one is Tominsek route. Going down the Krma Route At 6.20 it cleared up a bit and we set off to the Krma Valley to be past the exposed parts before the big thunderstorms finally arrived. Mountains are dangerous, it’s important to do what you are comfortable with. We are ascending that route on all our group and winter ascents of the mountain. So, do check the closing time of the specific hut (. Rjavina and Triglav in one tour. Na zdravje! By around 6 pm, we were back to the hut in time for dinner and a few very sloppy games of Rummy. Soon, the trail becomes less steep, but it’s still very exposed. And as well crampons, ice axe and snow leggings. Triglav, the park covers a huge swath of northwest Slovenia right on the borders with Italy and Austria. Approaching the base of Mali Triglav, there was one large patch of unmelted snow that did pose a bit of difficulty, as it was still covering the chains and iron pins that normally aid the climb. Climbing Mt.

After asking about the conditions at the top one guy mentioned the recent snow and that it was way too dangerous for a summit attempt so he came back down. so) secretly want to spend more time on the sunny side of the Alps. True magic! I admit, there was a tear or two shed during these two days (žuta minuta) but it was all out of joy and happiness.

A couple of thirty-somethings eating and hiking their way around the world.