This is part of democracy. B. Ellis,16 and S. S. Farrow.17 The most The major faiths practiced in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, traditional African religions and Judaism. The traditional African religions or traditional beliefs and practices of African people are a set of highly diverse beliefs that includes various ethnic religions. missionaries. The versions of these religions as they developed in the New World became known as African Diaspora religions. European and other foreign settlers brought most of these religions. Traditional African religion is very popular and arrived here with our North and West African … Religion in Africa is multifaceted and has been a major influence on art, culture and philosophy.Today, the continent's various populations and individuals are mostly adherents of Christianity, Islam, and to a lesser extent several traditional African religions.In Christian or Islamic communities, religious beliefs are also sometimes characterized with syncretism with the beliefs and … BOOKS AND PAPERS ON AFRICAN RELIGIONS "The Shembe Story", this is a photograph of a woodcut by the Zulu artist C. Nzamal Fred Welbourn's BOOKS and PAPERS on African religions Steve Hayes' PAPERS on African religions and links to AIC'S AFRICAN INITIATED RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS Cults and Religions *** Academic Papers *** Christian Travelers Guides *** Irving Hexham's Homepage. The continent of Africa has been home to hundreds of indigenous tribes speaking a wide variety of languages and believing a wide variety of different spiritual ideas. By and large they had a much better perception of African Traditional Religion and they saw the relevance of the system of beliefs for African traditional society. One certainly cannot speak of "African religion" as if it was a single, coherent set of beliefs. The most prominent were R. S. Rattray,14 P. A. Talbot,15 A.