#1 this thing is not easy to close. Enough room for 2 adults and 1 child, and space to leave your bedding inside when closed. We spent several days in the back country and the comfort for sleeping three was pretty great. 1 Minute Setup: Get out of your car and be ready to camp in 60 seconds. The next morning the tent was covered with a film of ice but after 2 minutes of gently brushing with a broom we closed it down and headed into West Yellowstone for pancakes. But after getting it on the tent is amazing. I plan to purchase shorter bolts so that not as much wrench turning is required. With three boys towering 6’5”, there is ample room for them and gear at any moment they choose to use it! Over all we love the i-Kamper and look forward to many great adventures to come. Thickness of fabric means not just better insulation properties, but also less loud flapping of tent material in the wind, so you can enjoy a quiet night camping if there’s a breeze. In addition, being high up, on the roof of the car make the experience so much better. Love the tent and the ease of set up and take down. The Skycamp 2.0 windows consist of 3 parts: an inner see-through vinyl window, a mesh one, and an outer polyester one. Mattress is a little to thin. Our first night we found ourselves in an ice storm with strong winds and had to forgo dinner and just hunker down. The best part is you can close the tent just as quickly. I’m very happy with my purchase of the ikamper, it’s a high quality product that was made to last. This tent is amazing! 408kg The weight limit is also dependent on your vehicle’s roof rack. FEATURES 1 minute setup Get out of … iKamper believes that the best times are those spent traveling, discovering the world with those you love most. The hardest part was lifting the tent on to the roof of our Jeep Grand Cherokee! In 2017 the Skycamp revolutionized the roof top tent world, raising $2.3 million in 45 days and becoming the most successful tent project EVER on Kickstarter. I do think the outer shell could be slightly heavier thickness, and perhaps a slightly thicker pad, but am pleased with the design and quality. Skycamp's signature Skyview window gives you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night. It was a fantastic experience and I'm so pleased with the finished product. Poly-Cotton canvas is water resistant, but care should be taken to dry out the material before closing 2X to avoid mildew. iKamper believes that the best times are those spent traveling, discovering the world with those you love most. Aerodynamic and Lightweight Design: Looks great and fits on most vehicles. 2.0 Ladder with Cover ($145 value): Features angled steps, making them safer and more comfortable when you climb up. Several mornings we had to leave in the rain and it was so easy to put up and get going. The tent itself is wonderful. For 2 years from the date of purchase, iKamper will repair or replace (at our option) defective parts at no cost to the customer. The double-wall shell design offers superior insulation, which reduces condensation and keeps your tent more comfortable. We are so excited to receive our Ikamper 4x 2.0! However, the iKamper offered the best features and look (while look isn't everything, ours is mounted on my restored vintage 1986 FJ-60 Toyota Landcruiser, so it has look and functionality!) Ill never go back to pitching a tent, EVER. The magic of fitting a king size bed inside a low profile, easy-open, hard shell roof top tent is a huge part of what has made iKamper explode into the roof top tent market- the fold-out floor of the full size Skycamp is genius and allows the best of both worlds for those who want a big tent and ultra fast set up. Wow! Great roof top tent. I'm very happy 110% with my purchase and cannot wait to use it! After playing around with it most of the summer, we found that setting it up was very easy once you understood how the ladder works (can be tricky to find just the right angle). 겨울에도 매우 안락함을 느낄것 같네요. The new mounting brackets and locks work super and cut down mounting time and expended energy to do so! Aesthetic changes that do not affect the general operation of the roof top tent. For more instructions, please click HERE. Shipping is covered by the customer. It's lighter on the vehicle, and lighter on your wallet. Ladder and ease of setting up and breaking down was very simple. Skyview Window: fall asleep looking up at the stars..... Or zip closed a canvas panel if the moonlight disturbs you! Additionally, the mattress is quite comfortable for camp sleeping, it is a bit of an art to get the tent closed with sleeping bags inside but once that part is figured out it is a snap to take down camp. iKamper's Poly-Cotton canvas tent is breathable (reduced condensation) and insulates very well. The inside has lots of room for sleeping. The rain fly can be rolled up when not in use,allowing for extra ventilation. It is huge on the inside and plenty of room for my husband, teenage daughter and I to sit up and be comfortable to ride out the store. I wake up sore and with pain every morning. It also held up to rain and winds we had one night we were out! The iKamper took it like a champ! The inside is very spacious and I just love the world map on the inside. Please fill in the fields below to receive news about iKamper's products and offers. So, when closed, the 2X and the Skycamp look identical to one another, and they take up the same footprint on top of your vehicle. My husband and I recently purchased the IKampee and we are in love with it. Our SD location is closed today - we'll recieve all VMs, emails, and orders on 11/10. Pictured on the left are the Hard Shell Locks, keepingnosey people out of your tent while you're away. More nature exoerience to come. Safely keep your hard shell locked and secure. Super fast, easy set-up, high quality materials and construction. Canvas fabric lasts longer and is more resistant to harmful UV rays than synthetic materials. The tent is amazing and exceeds my expectations. Both the windows and skylight have a see-thru cover for colder nights along with canvas cover's for additional warmth and screening for warmer days. Annex is awesome for gettimg dressed or just lounging. It is easy to set up and take down. iKamper, manufacturer of the Skycamp & X-Cover roof top tents, and the Aioks outdoor kitchen, lets you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Beaucoup de plaisir à parcourir le Canada et ses provinces maritimes. I had looked at every ten that was on demo at the Overland Expo and had several that I liked. One year later, iKamper presents the Skycamp 2X: the same convenience as the Skycamp in a more compact version for iKamper Allen Wrench: Allows quick installation of the brackets. It was great working with the Ikamper team to select the unit right for me. Thanks to our universal mounting system, the Skycamp 2X fits on most vehicles. The hard shell of the Skycamp is made of FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) and has TWO layers for extra insulation and strength, setting it apart from traditional roof top tents' shells. For 2 years from the date of purchase, iKamper will repair or replace (at our option) defective parts at no cost to the customer. The last inch is nearly impossible without sitting on the tent to assist with the close. Without the fold-out floor, the 2X tent weighs in at just 120 lbs, which is 35 lbs (almost 25%!) $349.00. skycamp 2x: 1 min setup, comfort for 2 people iKamper UK presents the Skycamp 2X for 2020: The same convenience as the Skycamp in a more compact version for 2-3 people. We love our Ikamper and we are very impressed with quality, fit, and finishing touches. We care about the small things too. But with a little help, it went on easy enough. At 120lbs (55kg), the Skycamp 2X is extremely lightweight given its size. Love my IKamper. Thank you ikamper for bringing new adventures to our lives, For more details on the warranty policy and the terms and conditions of purchase, please click. Please fix this and release some kind of accessory for those of us who already have it. We highly recommend and we look very much forward to our next camping trip! The quality is very nice and thought out. We went out for our first trip with the new iKamper Skycamp 2.0 last week to Death Valley, California. For families that love to adventure together, the full size Skycamp is a the uncontested winner. All my friends love the tent as well! The Skycamp's fast, easy set up is only possible because of the careful design and the quality of every part. It was horribly windy the night we were there, we could hear the waves crashing, and oh boy, the wind was too strong i felt that we were going to be blown away by it! © 2020 iKamper. Sounded to good to be true right? Other than that the structure is great, the quality is top notch, it's massive inside! Happy Adventuring! Easy to deploy and comfortable to sleep in. It was very easy to mount on our rack , make sure you have the right tools and it takes no time at all .I love how quickly I can set it up it can easily be done by one person . skycamp 2x … SKYCAMP 2X COMFORT FOR 2 Get A Quote WORLD FAMOUS SKYCAMP 2X Skycamp 2X: 1 Minute Setup, Comfort for 2 People The same convenience as the Skycamp in a more compact version for 2-3 people (2 adults and 1 child). Enjoyed every minute! Details DO matter. Please note the iKamper Skycamp 2X featured in this video is the "1.0 model", not the new "2.0 model", so new features, like the side canopy windows, are not displayed in the video. The rain fly can be rolled up when not in use, allowing for extra ventilation. About. I am 5,11 and we can sleep in any direction. Hotline: 087 802 2179 About Us. The All new 'Rocky Black' A tough scratch resistent coating with a matte black appearance. Introducing the Skycamp 2X 2.0: a new and improved Skycamp 2X! They are very well made and I have had minimal maintenance and repair on them for the last three years. Learn More. Wow how sweet it is! The MATTRESS however is very uncomfotable and I am looking for a solution. These quick-to-tighten brackets are compatible with a maximum cross bar height of 1.2" (3cm) and a width of 3.5" (9cm). Meets both expectations perfect! #2 the locking latch is very difficult to work with and is poorly designed. © 2020 iKamper. Maybe the iKamper 2X is a good compromise for you. I still have to figure out a good way to get the dog up and down though, she won't climb the ladder. The sleeping pad is decent and add extra padding would great. Quick and easy to set up and take down by myself, a lot of space (we slept 3 adults comfortably with room to spare), and really comfortable. NOTE: This item ships free of charge via palletized freight, so please allow one to two weeks for delivery from the time of shipment. I know that my renters will have a great experience with the rooftop tent; we both sleep well! The touch with the world map is perfect and makes it very visually inviting. lighter than the standard Skycamp. Love this tent! No way could a RRT deploy in under a minute, well it does. Only thing I'm disappointed about is I didn't get the chance to be an investor! I look forward to many years of overlanding with this quality product! For more details on the warranty policy and the terms and conditions of purchase, please click. I had done a lot of research on RTT units and I am so glad I went with the IKamper! The Skycamp 2X is manufactured at our own factory withlove, making sure we get each detail right. I've been a fan since their Kickstarter campaign. All seams remained perfectly dry! For 5 years from the date of purchase, iKamper will repair or replace (at our option) defective parts at a minimum cost (production cost). Please get in touch to discuss rack systems and installation services tailored to your needs! We traveled with our dog, and my husband was able to carry our dog up the ladder and we all slept comfortably every night in the king sized bed. All in all one of the best camping systems you’ve ever had! We are very pleased with the design, well thought out engineering and construction materials used. Great, only suggestion is to have more mattress depth. If you are looking for a rooftop tent then this is the best I have found.