our email list. Stay cool all day long. From road trips to endless hours at the beach, our Hydro Flask Sale 40 oz Wide Mouth bottle keeps you well-hydrated from sun up to sun down. I got this Hydro Flask for my son and he loves it. I fond they kee my drinks mich coller than the 32 oz. The Jade is a beautiful color... hard to describe but from what I can see on my computer screen it's pretty spot on. My daughter chose the large red one. The color is very true to the pictures. Have not had any problems with leaks or dents, which was the case with the others. She put stickers all over it and she carries it to school with her. 3. Keeps cold stuff cold for a long time, as expected. Bought this for my friend who likes yellow and she LOVES it. I came back the next day and the tea was still hot! At first I did understand the hype of a hydro flask until I tire it out. Great bottle and keeps the liguid at proper temperature for a long time (hot or cold). Now, I don't have to try and find a water fountain on campus or run back to my dorm in between classes to fill up, I'm good for a few hours. Product colors are based on consumer feedback. The absolute best water bottle I have ever owned. We are inseparable at this point. Helpful? Coffee stays hot for hours as well the ice will keep for the colder beverages. listings. Worth the hole in my wallet. $27.95 $16.98 Save: 39% off (483) (9661) Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle Mint. This thing is awesome. It doesn't leak when on it's side and she loves it. This 40oz bottle and straw lid have helped me drink more water per day than I ever have before. I'm so glad I bought this! I bought this 40oz hydro to replace my 21oz and I'm obsessed! Don't drop it bc it'll dent. She loves it! Buy one! I thought she wouldn't like it as the metal containers never taste right. Just depends on how you take care of it and when you use it( work day / workout etc). Lid screws tight with an o-ring that prevents leaking and a durable loop on the lid that I use to attach to my camera bag while outdoors. Sometimes we do bring back older colors. With fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing backward, draw an imaginary line between your thumbs. They're great. I'll get over it though as it's a really great water bottle. Amazing quality, gorgeous color, very durable!! ... 40 oz; Hydro Flask; umanl2109. She is in track and field and basketball, so the pure graphite is perfect for her. Works better than described. My friend suggested I get one. Great quality! Hydro Flask fits in car cupholders and retains temperature for several hours. restoring, and providing better access to parks. Arrived in great condition. From epic road trips to endless hours at the beach, our 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle keeps you hydrated from sun up to sun down. Unfortunately, they got misplaced when I moved. Love the color (Jade) and the size is perfect for my yoga class. My daughter actually uses it for school and her water stays cold all day. I was being dumb one night and thought that putting hot liquid in the hyroflask and leaving it in the fridge overnight would cool it down. Hydro Flask Outlet Store Sell Hydro Flask Sale, Hydro Flask Stickers, Hydro Flask 32 OZ, Hydro Flask 40 OZ And Suit Your Fashionest Styles. I bought it for my 11 year old granddaughter and she loved everything about it. These keep ice inside for hours! Great sturdy water bottle. I bought this product almost a month ago and J have feel in love with it. Keeps water cold for hours. After it cooled down i took a sip of water and it was still cold. We go everywhere together: we go on hikes together, eat together, study together and sleep together. It's her third one. The boot is a nice add-on feature for extra protection, no condensation, and less noise when placing the bottle on a hard surface. Just hoping that Hydroflask can manufacture the straw lid for the standard mouth flasks. It came all good with no dents! torso measurement. Great size..fits in cup holders and keeps water cool ! Currently, we are not making the Pinkadelic Pink color. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Substantial,feels good in the hand.Made well. You won't regret it!! Sometime if I leave the 24 oz overnight, the ice still hasnt melted. My daughter plays lots of sports and her water bottles never keep her water cold. I like to make sure he has cold fresh water. We will notify you via email when the stock item is back available. I throw them in the dishwasher, but I always prefer to hand wash the lids. I bring mine everywhere I go. From road trips to endless hours at the beach, our Hydro Flask Sale 40 oz Wide Mouth bottle keeps you well-hydrated from sun up to sun down. Love these things! The color is so pretty, and it's so convenient for water throughout the day and at the gym. Outside doesn't sweat. I have one in almost all sizes and I gifted this one to my aunt who saw my moms(that I also bought for) and asked where she could get one. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This water bottle is just wonderful. Everyone knows when you find something that works, stock up, and of course you need one for cold (Blue) and one for hot (Red). This is an amazing water bottle it nicely keeps my water cool during hot days or during school. My daughter puts it in her back pack and no leaks! Delivered without problems, looks good. Best water bottle out on the market. Great for Everyday use for hot or cold! Bought it for my daughters birthday and she just loves this thing. She loves it. I have bought so many of these. By entering your email address here, you are subscribing to I take it with me to work and to the gym, everywhere I go I have my hydro flask full of water. My daughter loves her water bottle and now wants them in every color! Purchased for my friend-she raves to everyone how it has increased her water intake. I've been thru a lot of re-usable water bottles.