I like this smaller volume better than the 60.

While it looks narrow, you can fit a lot of stuff into it. Randonnee Ski Touring “AT” ski gear — What is Hip? Our only gripe. basically the three best backpacks ever haha, Hi Phil, We love side pouches.

What makes the Granite Gear Crown2 60 Backpack stands out among the rest are its unique and beneficial features. Trimmed down for lightweight trekking, without brain lid or backboard, it comes in at a svelte 2 pounds (.9 liters). Hope this finds you well. Be hard to choose between the two. For day hikes, you can detach the lid from the rest of the bag and create an ultralight 6L daypack. I use mine to store my Aquamira drops, snacks, hats, gloves, rain mitts, and compass. With Granite Gear Crown2 60 Liters capacity, the manufacturer never compromises quality and efficiency over their designs and uses only premium-quality durable materials. Oh god. I sometimes carry my skis to get to the snow, crossing Rivers or Rocky areas, etc. Philip Werner Already a lightweight backpack, the Crown 2 60 can go ultralight with exactly the features you want, or don’t want. If yours isn’t black, it isn’t the 2019 model. This makes for a nice solution when traveling through an airport or hiking without the need for lugging around added weight. If you don’t need the top lid or prefer not to use it, you can remove it completely, including the straps that secure it to the pack so they don’t flop around. The Granite Gear Crown2 38L is an ultralight backpack that can be configured in a wide variety of ways depending on the amount of gear you need to carry. I love the smaller 38 liter version. I use a water bottle but I think I am going to go to a hydration sleeve because of the problems in retrieving the bottle from the side pockets. But at its limit. While it’s not really intended as a pocket, there is a zippered sleeve that you can open to pull out the polyethylene frame if you want to save 6.3 ounces of weight. The adjustable/detachable RE-FIt hip strap belt. Thanks, Anyway, How does this do with a bear canister? I wasn’t sure if you’ve used any other Lutsen size, but makes sense you wouldn’t want to bother. Crown does. I’ve currently got a GG Nimbus Trace 62 which I used on the Tour du Mont Blanc. One of the nice features of the pack is the top-entry design. I’ve looked hard at the ZPacks Arc haul, but my packs go offtrail sometimes (eg a slower flatlander paced Nolan’s 14 route somewhat offtrail backpack). I have the older Crown 2 and solved the water access problem with the Mystery Ranch water bottle holder attached to my hip belt. They can also easily fit a Steripen, Smartphone, or point and shoot camera. I’m 5’9 and usually wear a medium pack. Put the bottle upside down in the side pocket, if the bottom of the pack is filled out, e.g. Even when purposefully trying to carry the weights on my hips by walking very upright, I can feel it in the shoulders. It uses a pull forward closure system for mechanical leverage. I have no idea what those are in your situation, but that’s how you’ll get to an answer. Maybe it just doesn’t work for you. There are also lots of anchor points around the pack where you can rig up your own “straps” with some cord and a few cord locks. I’ve been looking at the Platypus Soft Bottles. But the most unique and important feature on the Crown2 38L is having an adjustable length hip belt that you can per…

All Rights Reserved. It has a much stiffer frame than the Ohm. , @2020 - All Rights Reserved. The side water bottle pockets on the Crown2 38L have compression straps that can be run through the pockets or over them. Thanks. Good for you. I actually prefer the slightly softer feel of the 38L without the framesheet. The side pouches have large holes in the sides to allow buckling and unbuckling the compression strap that runs inside the pocket.

It’s really the Swiss Army Knife of backpacks, without being a bloated monstrosity full of useless features. But its adaptability and modularity is impressive. This means that the pack sits very close to your back, which makes it easier to carry and control, than a pack a deep frame cavity. Success! Then on the last 7 miles my lower back started to get real hot and then I realized it was extremely chaffed up. The hanging bottles work for me and don’t flop around enough to be bothersome. Considering how I use side pockets, the design of the pockets on this model is quite intriguing to me. Thank you. For those of you curious about not using a backboard: we sometimes prefer rolling up our foam pad and inserting it into the main body of the pack, where it takes the place of the backboard, thus saving weight. My ULA Catalyst would be reported as a 42 liter pack if it were made by a mainstream company, but they report it as a 75. Enter the latest brilliance from Granite: Crown-2 60. On the side of the Granite Gear Crown2 Pack is 2 larger open pockets for holding water bottles, bear spray tons of snacks, and more. As a thru-hiker, Granite Gear knows what you need and what features to look for in every backpack designed for outdoor expeditions. Also. They call the color black/red rock. It provides a secured sternum strap for protection. Hip belt felt great and love all the features of the pack.

Given the amount of food and crew gear you will carry on your trek, the 35 lb capacity of the Crown will not cut it. A Perfect Pitch Every Time. Or is the torso size too small.