If you would like to propose for a mapping investigation, check the appropriate planetary body in the map index or refer to the various mapping pages (linked under Maps above) to see which geologic maps may have already been published or are currently in progress. The GeologicSurficial_SURFICIAL data consists of surficial geologic features as digitized from the 1:62,500 15 minute series USGS quadrangle map sheets, compiled by The Vermont Geological Survey 1956-1970. GIS Data. This dataset contains surficial geologic features represented as polygon features.This layer is not symbolized. Contact our office to order a paper copy ($36.00 plus $10.00 shipping) Download a jpg of the map as a single image at 1:250,000 scale (36"x42"). Separate geologic maps are available for Alaska , Hawaii , and Puerto Rico . Generalized geologic maps of Vermont. The bedrock geologic map data at a scale of 1:24,000 depicts types of bedrock underlying unconsolidated materials in Vermont. Groundwater Resource Publications Town to statewide maps and reports. USGS maps for the state of Vermont are available here. Data may be organized by town, quadrangle or watershed. Stowe Formation GENERAL STATEMENT The Stowe Formation, as well as parts of the overlying Umbrella Full Member of the Missisquoi Formation, has been mapped in detail by Cady and others (1963) and the results of their … The State’s complex geology spans 1.4 billion years of Earth's history. MY BP = Millions of years before the present. Vermont geologic map data. The Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont is the result of a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the State of Vermont. Generalized geologic map of Vermont. The surficial geologic materials maps depict the type of glacial and other unconsolidated materials (clay, sand, gravel, till, etc) overlying bedrock in Vermont. The bedrock geologic map data at a scale of 1:24,000 depicts types of bedrock underlying unconsolidated materials in Vermont. The Vermont Center for Geographic Information's VT Interactive Map Viewer provides a large amount of information on Vermont's geology and natural resources, including: Surface geology Mineral resources - aggregate sand, gravel, and stone resources; historic mines Renewable energy resources - wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and biomass Waste management Soils Land Surficial Geologic Map of Vermont, 1970, Stewart and MacClintock, Doll, ed. Digital data (VT Open Geodata Portal). A GIS database of geologic units and structural features in Vermont, with lithology, age, data structure, and format written and arranged just like the other states. Digital Data from VG94-654A Walsh, G.J., and Ratcliffe, N.M., 1994, Digital bedrock geologic map of the Plymouth quadrangle, Vermont: USGS Open-File Report 94-654, 2 plates, scale 1:24,000. Index map of northern Vermont showing the location of the present area ... A generalized stratigraphic section for the Hardwick quadrangle and vicinity is given in Table 1. Click to go to the collection page for USGS DRG maps of all 50 states. Data is created by mapping on the ground using standard geologic pace and compass techniques and/or GPS on a USGS 1:24000 topographic base map. View. The Geology of Vermont, B. Doolan, 1996 General Interest Publications NEIGC Guidebook article (2011) with litho-tectonic packages and geologic history A Field Guide to the Geology of Northern New England by M. Dorais, 2019 (253 pages includes VT, NH & ME) Generalized Geologic Map of Vermont, 2012 Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont, 2011 purlin Tabonic 5 25 0 ont LEGEND Mesozoic Intrusive rocks Devonian Intrusive rocks of the New Hampshire Series (granite, granodiorite, monzonite, gabbro) Silurian-Devonian metasedimentary rocks deposited in the post-Taconian … The goals for this website are to catalog completed geologic maps and to help track the progress of currently funded maps. Access the Map. Hazard Reports, landslides & seismic, 1988-present. Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format Data for the District of Columbia is included with Maryland. The 2011 Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont (1:100,000 scale) was created to integrate detailed (1:12,000- to 1:24,000-scale) modern mapping with the theory of plate tectonics to provide a framework for geologic, tectonic, economic, hydrogeologic, and environmental characterization of the bedrock of Vermont. Modified after computer-generated map of Vermont and New Hampshire produced by David Lang, 1992. Download GIS data at VT Open Data Portal Access map on the ANR Atlas Print an 8.5"x11" pdf Generalized Geologic Map of Vermont… Each map sheet is 52"x72". GENERALIZED GEOLOGIC MAP OF VERMONT, 2012 Vermont Geological Survey, Agency of Natural Resources Based on the Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont, 2011 .