What the heck is an excess flow valve? Help please:). Hope you are well. We started a new Facebook group that we are launching today called RV Camping for Newbies! And the next morning the fridge is nice and cold. To troubleshoot this situation, turn off the propane tank valve, turn off the fridge and water heater, and be sure all of your stovetop knobs are fully closed. Wait five or ten minutes and turn the propane valve on exceptionally slowly. So, you’re all set up at your campsite with gorgeous views and the smell of fresh air and pine trees. To see a list of all of our articles check out our, https://www.facebook.com/groups/RVCampingforNewbies/. Luckily, if your RV propane is not flowing, it’s easy to troubleshoot and resolve. So, the propane valve is open, and the batteries are on, and you turn on the fridge. The propane system is such an essential part of your RV that it is important to take the time to learn about it and all of your propane appliances too. Thanks, For the attendant to fill your propane tank, the propane valve MUST be in the closed position. You could also go on iRV2.com and search for similar problems. First stop, is to gas up and top off the propane tank. And then – it happens. The most common cause for this is no power to the solenoid or propane detector due to a dead battery or a disconnected or broken wire. I’ve never encountered that problem before. If Disconnected the ouput of 2 stage regulator, then have study flow of propane. Many motor homes have an electric solenoid valve which is connected to a Propane Detector inside the motorhome. Same problem! It’s basically a spring loaded valve or a small ball in the center of the gas fitting that detects propane leaving the tank too quickly. If hunting or other related problem stops, the problem is due to some type of vent line restriction. This would be a good question to ask on the RV Forum called iRV2.com Because the attendant did the right thing and turned the propane valve off when he filled your propane tank. My guess is to change my regulator. Pressure regulators typically last for 10 to 15 years, but inevitably they will fail. Regulator still showing red (empty) both sides. We are slowing turning on. Now I have propane to my stove and oven. Appreciate the info on resetting pressure regulator! Hmmm… I’m not really sure about that. Had the person at the propane filling station recommend me the above troubleshooting methods. Propane and Natural Gas Regulators The only thing I use my propane for. Problem. If this happens, the spring or ball engage and stop the flow of propane. You can’t really thread them incorrectly. Mike. Signs of possible problems with a propane gas regulator or appliance include lazy yellow or orange flames; a popping noise when turning a gas burner off or … My stove or burners won’t light also above my fridge the light said to check it. Any ideas where to find it on a Jayco Hummingbird? Then turn the propane tank valve on extremely slowly to allow the lines to become appropriately pressurized. You can certainly replace or recharge a battery but if you have a wiring problem you may consider letting a pro fix it for you. And then you realize your fridge is running on electricity rather than propane! If it senses this, it will stop or slow the flow of propane. Sometimes they are located under the dinette. What to do about propane grill regulator problems Step 1: Keep the lid open to ventilate Step 2: Turn all knobs off Step 3: Turn off the knob of the tank Step 4: Disconnect the hose from the tank. Hopefully, that will do the trick! Thanks for your support! Should the propane water heater and or propane refrigerator then be checked for operation? This is very unlikely to happen with the big plastic screw caps like the one in my hand in the picture below. This will relax or tighten the pressure that the spring will allow. Start by checking these four items and chances are you will solve your dilemma. If a regulator does not seem to lock-up and it is designed to lock-up (not all … Can half of a dual regulator go bad? There are some good threads there that could help. Bought new regulator. But now the RV propane is not flowing! Mike. Glad I could help! Since it is practically new I would guess the regulator isn’t bad…You might have to disconnect the hoses to depressurize completely then reconnect and turn the propane valve on slowly.