Finn and Jake appeared twice on the series. This page was last changed on 13 October 2020, at 21:28. Finn technically is still the King of the Goblins; the goblins believe his scapegoat, Whisper Dan, to be him. He has proclaimed it to be "awesome." Besides combat, Finn has displayed many other impressive abilities in handicraft. In "Dad's Dungeon," it's revealed that Finn cries rarely; only in such devastating situations, as death or being repeatedly rejected by his love, Princess Bubblegum, does he cry.
In "Gut Grinder," Finn tries to play Jake's viola, but Jake says he stinks.

Finn has no problem swimming in "Business Time," "My Two Favorite People" and "The Witch's Garden", however, because his fear is specific to the ocean, not small bodies of fresh water. In "Conquest of Cuteness," Finn was shown to have a crossbow. The character has been met with largely positive critical reception. He can get overly angry and yell as in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" and "Tree Trunks," but he immediately feels guilt and remorse and apologizes when he can. He wears white briefs that made an appearance in "City of Thieves" when Penny stole his trousers at the end of the episode. Finn Mertens (simply known as Finn the Human and formerly known as Pen in the original short) is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Jake even imitates his foot prints and said "I'm Finn the human and I stink at viola." In "Beyond this Earthly Realm," Finn's hair was shown to have grown past his shoulders and in "Gotcha," LSP's vision of Finn shown that his hair had grown down to his waist. Finn's imagination was than powerful enough to effect the real world (like Jake's but to a lower degree) and turn on Jake's imagination. One of Finn the Human's catchphrases Finn (full title: Finn the Human and formerly known as Pen in the original short) is the overall main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Finn Campbell Mertens (also known as Finn and Finn the Human) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward. In the series, the sleeping bag is beige. Finn’s aspirations to be a great hero makes him somewhat of a moral sheriff in the Land of Ooo, as he is willing to help and protect any innocent person or creature. Finn can occasionally be a little self-centered such as in "Freak City." See more ideas about Finn the human, Adventure time, Jake the dogs. As of "Mystery Train," he turned 13 years old.
It is also stated that he was abandoned in the forest and a huge boom boom on a leaf until Joshua and Margaret (Jake's parents) adopted him and rescued him from the forest making him the adopted brother of Jake. In "The Real You", Finn shouts "I'm all about stupid!". However, as illustrated in "Ocean of Fear," Finn has an unexplained phobia of the ocean, or thalassophobia, which may be explained in a future episode, despite the fact that he can effortlessly come into contact with any other body of water. Finn's favorite color is baby blue "boy style," as revealed in "The Silent King". The heterochromatic effect was a byproduct of him being hypnotized by that guardian dude."

In "Ocean of Fear," Finn is revealed to be thalassophobic, meaning fearing oceans or seas. The hat is inspired by Bueno the Bear, a bear that appears in comics made by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. Finn (full title: Finn the Human and formerly known as Pen in the original short) is the overall main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. This is seen whenever when he's screaming - his voice cracks. In "Daddy's Little Monster," for the first time he becomes an antagonist by wearing the Nightosphere amulet, although it is only temporary. His hair had a glowing sheen and extended his body length, until he cut it off and gave it to the Tree Witch. Finn sleeps in red footie pajamas that have appeared in many episodes, but in the Animated Short, he sleeps in a red sleeping bag in his regular clothes. Finn's enthusiastic nature becomes more serious as the series progresses, meaning he is both maturing and developing as a character as he ages. Finn is very good at playing a video game called Adventure Masters, which he and Jake play on BMO from time to time. Yet, he also explains that he is even more "all about feeding hobos." Apparently, Finn can also play the flute, demonstrated in "Prisoners of Love," in which he played a short lick before javelin-throwing it at Ice King. When he was born, he was born in a banana boat by his biological farther Martin in the middle of the ocean but somehow he nearly fell prey to the host of the sea creatures (Note that it's unknown if it's accurate).