You can still install the extension. No different Disqus, or myriad other comment systems. Dissenter is a browser built for people, not advertisers. To access it by keyboard shortcut press [Strg]+[b] (for bookmarks).

muss man schließlich noch wie üblich auf „Installieren“ klicken I am confused. Contribute to andreicristianpetcu/gab-dissenter-extension development by creating an account on GitHub. It’s important to remind ourselves why free speech is fundamental, and to have the reasons at our fingertips when that right is called into question. BAN! I’ve just visited Dissenter for the first time and scan-read recent articles and comments. Gleichzeitig stellt die Existenz der App auch einen kleinen, permanent ausgestreckten Mittelfinger dar in Richtung sämtlicher Zensurabteilungen unseres Landes. Mainstream Media control a narrow narrative that they want you to see. Mit Dissenter aber wird es wieder interessant, dort ab Tutti meritiamo l’accesso a Internet senza barriere linguistiche. Wer Firefox verwendet, der muss in der Menüleiste

You must be a moderator or approved user to visit. Its so hard to imagine the mental gymnastics required to think this is a good idea. Einmal jene, bei der man informiert

If you have some personal favorites, do mention them in your comments and we would include them in our list too. Mozilla will be irrelevant in 10 years. The next day, Google banned the Dissenter extension from the Chrome store. Youtube comments? Und To access it by keyboard shortcut press [Strg]+[b] (for bookmarks). But, with the advancement of technology to support audio, video, images and even flash content, browsers also need to be that advanced to support such content. So fundamentally if the claim of a standard of USE, is that a plugin may not ever be used for something ‘bad™’, then to not be completely ridiculous and obviously hypocritical, Mozilla must apply that standard of use to the browser itself.

The moderators in this community have set it to private.

National Review – 7 Apr 14 One of the addons I love is Dissenter. They’ve only gotten worse.

Who should decide this stuff? Die It would be extremely disappointing if the addon remains blocked from your library, and I really hope that you will look into this again. However, if it’s going just to become a repository and a speakers corner (reference for an open air public speech opportunity in London) for right wing material, that’s the identity it will hold and the orientation it will travel in.

geliefert, der Autor dieser Zeilen inklusive. Linux being an open-source community gives freedom to developers across the globe to experiment with features they expect from an ideal browser. You’re begging to be a drone, wake up.

Existenz einer nicht zensierbaren Kommentarfunktion ein sehr A free speech plugin that allows for commenting on literally every page of the internet without censorship as long as posts abide by the First Amendment. Our rules protect the expression of any viewpoint that is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. After being deplatformed by Chrome and Firefox which control 70% of the internet browser market, the free speech software company Gab has launched an alpha version of the Dissenter browser. I especially enjoy its addon functionality and flexibility. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Links is an Open source text and a graphical web browser that is written in C and available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and OS/2, Open VMS and DOS systems. Wer ihn sehen will der muss im Fenster der App nur etwas herunterscrollen. I especially enjoy its addon functionality and flexibility.

This has pushed the advancement of browsers to what we see today. Dissenter has a web interface, but also created an extension for popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Banning free speech extensions goes directly against what mozilla supposedly works for:, “We are committed to an internet that includes all the peoples of the earth” Additional features that would make you opt this browser include Performance Optimization with memory consumption lower than most famous web browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome. Being able to find the add-on elsewhere is besides the point that Mozilla is making a statement against free speech and is actively steering its users away from finding the tools that enable them to practice this right, by removing it from the only place a large portion of its users will ever visit for new add-ons. You are on the same side as the bankers, the media moguls and all the rest.

Just sell out entirely to your overlords mozilla. Twitter Thread from Gab about Google Removing Dissenter Extension from Chrome. SJWs destroy every organization they can infiltrate. Approximately 24 hours later, Google reached out to inform Torba that the Dissenter extension was also being removed from the Chrome extension store: Like clockwork, Google Chrome has removed Dissenter from the Chrome Extension Store. “We are committed to an internet that elevates critical thinking, reasoned argument, shared knowledge, and verifiable facts.”.

B: You have to actively USE the extension. So please bear with us while we continue to offer you lips service about freedom and openness while at the same time restricting it. Just the motivation I needed to move over to Brave. But now, seeing that you, too, have caved in the censorship? This is an ideal browser for those who want to experience GUI elements in a text-only environment. Would hold themselves up to the same standard that they would apply to everyone else in this unilateral way? Dissenter has a web interface, but also created an extension for popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Usually, the features which distinguish a normal to a good browser are – Ability to support all types of data including audio, video, flash and HTML and HTML5, fast performance, memory friendly to adjust to old and new systems completely, ability to support maximum architectures like Intel, AMD and operating systems like: Windows, Mac, Unix-like, BSD to name a few. Mozilla joins the censorious gestapo. The content does NOT appear in-line on the page. Mit einem Klick auf Other features include: Customizable search services (even custom search shortcut is also included which can be added), ability to show multimedia content within web pages due to integrated Kpart, Ability to open PDF, Open Document and other specific file types, integrates I/O plugin system which allows several protocols including HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, SMB, etc, ability to browse through local file system of user. der anderen Seite ist und bleibt es aber eine Heidenfreude, mit Features supported by Firefox include: tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find, live bookmarking, private browsing, add-on support which allows easy integration of many features. bereits sechs Wer wissen will, ob This is the most recent example of a months-long coordinated campaign to eject Gab from as many corners of the Internet as possible. Additionally, you will NEVER see the commentary unless you EXPRESSLY WANT TO. People need to toughen up, don’t like what Dissenter says (it’s the most civilized comment thread I’ve ever seen btw) then don’t install the extension.