Add to Enquiry Cart Enquiry about DELTA PLUS Tetranchor Rigging Plate. Rig-Rite, Inc. Photo courtesy of Totally Abersoch. Phone : 1300 947 326 Fax : 07 5574 6639. Add to Enquiry Cart Enquiry about DELTA PLUS Tetranchor Rigging Plate. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 Ordering/Questions: Kenyon Delta (Triangle) Plates: Delta (Triangle) Plates Delta, or Triangle Plates are primarily used to separate the Main (upper) Leg from the 2 Lower Legs in Split Backstay applications. Rigging > Delta Plates and Link Plates > Search by manufacturer's part # or brand. Delta Rigging & Tools 21525 North Highway 288B Angleton, TX 77515 Phone: 281-595-4940 Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc. 1149 W Hurst Blvd. View our products area to see a complete listing of products. The same patented system retains the end fitting connection bolt when the snatch block is in the open position to help avoid the loss of snatch block parts. Also available are Lebus® Snatch blocks in Bronze Bushed or Roller Bearing configurations. All Rights Reserved, Vertical, Horizontal and Universal Plate Clamps. Become a Delta Rigging & Tools Employee, Stick to your budget with our competitive pricing, Learn about the latest and most innovative trends taking place in the lifting industry, Browse for a selection of wire rope, synthetic, or fabricated lifting slings. Item Code : LV115. Crosby’s McKissick® plant is API Q1 certified, and McKissick® is also certified to ISO 9001 standards by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Conduit with messengers to masthead for all masts except Z145. Delta masts are available for yachts in the range 15 to 35ft (4.6 to 10.7m) LOA., in masthead or fractional rig configurations, deck or keel stepped. Legal                   Terms & Conditions, © 2019 Delta Rigging & Tools. Their snatch blocks are of all steel construction, and are fatigue rated, and designed to meet the new Euronorm Standards of 20,000 cycles at 1 ½ times their working load limit. Download the PDF : technical-notice-MAILLONS-RAPIDES - 1.97 MB, Download the PDF : technical-notice-MAILLONS-RAPIDES-dec2018 - 0.30 MB, Download the PDF : CE-Declaration-P11-Maillon-Delta - 0.64 MB, Download the PDF : CE-Declaration-P11-8-Maillon-Delta - 0.63 MB, When closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring. Returning Customers click here to log in. Perfect All Rights Reserved. McKissick® and Lebus® snatch blocks are also designed to incorporate a secondary securement system to retain the end fitting connection bolt when the block is in a closed position. All McKissick® and Lebus® snatch blocks with a sheave diameter greater than 4 ½ inches and larger come with RFID chips to help streamline and automate the inspection process. Not that bad Hoist rental, spreader bar rental, personnel lifting basket rental, skip pans and rigging equipment rental, Delta has it all. McKissick® and Lebus® snatch blocks are dual rated to meet the requirements of both short tons and metric tons. Find out more about the full range of products and solutions provided by Delta Rigging & Tools. Abersoch Keelboat Week 2011 Paul Johnson’s Pandora "Dark and Stormy" took first place in her class at Abersoch. The activities depicted are inherently dangerous. Sheaves for McKissick® and Lebus® snatch blocks have a machine formed groove, and McKissick® blocks include a special high performance lock nut on the no movable side plate for securing the sheave pin. Delta or Triangle Plates are primarily used in Split Back stay applications to attach the Main (upper) Leg to the 2 Lower Legs. Delta Rigging & Tools has the nation’s largest inventory of hoists, winches, wire rope slings and rigging equipment for sale or for rent. Okaidi. Delta Rigging & Tools stocks crane rope, general purpose wire rope, and specialty wire ropes in all sizes and types for demanding applications. Sail slide entry with stopper, or luff rope sail entry. She shipped a new Z170 mast earlier in the season. In order to purchase the correct clamps, customers will need to determine the correct size, shape, and weight of the steel being lifted before selecting the plate lifting clamp that matches the right capacity or grip range for the steel your handling. Sheave diameters available are 3-1/2" to 24" with capacities from 2 to 30 tons. Other specialty plate clamps include clamps used for lifting steel beams, bundles of plate, or non-marring plate clamps.