Our partnership with Vertical Solutions can alleviate a significant amount of that cost when you build a gym with them. We will also hollow back our holds whenever possible to bring the cost and weight to the lowest. A lot of people don’t get it but if you are a routesetter, you know that color matters. Our climbing walls and Polyurethane handhold production facility for North America is based in Bend, Oregon. Many holds look-alike to the end-user. We fixated on every detail and element to make the best climbing holds we could. Legendary Climbing Holds. Coordinating power, bouncing from one tricky and difficult position to another. Merci de visiter notre boutique en ligne et bonne grimpe! Bolts are not included. Comfortable, great colours and the best texture are the main characteristics of Citrus Holds and we are 100% sure you and your customers will love squeezing them. If you are a gym owner, price is a serious consideration as well. Bolts are not included. Everything carefully done with artistic precision. Even though we are a new brand we have top quality holds at excellent prices. Proxy’s goal is to supply and connect climbing gym owners with extremely high-quality hold brands that they wouldn't normally be exposed to, while maintaining cost-efficiency and product quality for both gym owner and hold brand. Through its relationship with Vertical Solutions and Habit Climbing, Proxy gives hold brands a sales and production platform to be successful and to sell innovative shapes at any volume to gym owners from coast-to-coast: something unmatched by other more traditional plastics producers. One fiberglass volume in Spartan design. Metolius was the first company to bring indoor climbing and training products to North America. The integrity of the plastic is key to maintain hold strength and durability - that’s why when you turn over a Proxy hold, you will see a much more consistent and proper pour than you could receive with others. Fastened with screws. HRT Jungle 10012 But to industry pros, it’s easy to tell the quality of one hold over another. Behind HOLDSmarket.com are all active climbers with great passion for climbing and bouldering. HRT Spartan GRP 1 13651 jug Proxy Production is specifically designed to meet the needs of hold shapers looking to impact the industry. HRT Sea World 10011 Bolts are not included. Only the perfect shape will do. Bolts are not included. Our Thoughts:  Teknik is known for creating definitive, minimalistic, and comfortable shapes that any setter is psyched to work with, models of design that are often imitated but never replicated. We moved the industry out of the dreary, cold warehouse walls and into the sizzle of unchartered terrains. So the fact that Proxy had an established sales channel for us to be in front of a TON of gyms nationwide was a huge attraction to us. Proxy is set up for exactly what you are trying to do. Thanks for visiting our online store and happy climbing! It’s hard to choose favorites, but any way you go, Teknik has the perfect shape for setting needs. When you need to adjust a shape’s mold to make it stronger or lighter, we’ll work with you to move your project forward immediately. As a result we make it our main priorities to be proactive, responsive and collaborative. We exist to empower, protect and inspire you on the journey. Our Thoughts: Our thoughts: eGrips’ legendary shapes are built by the company’s tireless drive to be innovative and artistic. When you have an idea but need a production and implementation strategy tailored to your budget and sales efforts, you have it. HRT Spartan GRP 13 13663 sloper Brand Summary: Discarded foam holds, silicone molds, half-finished sculptures, plaster, dust… So many reminders that reflect a state of mind founded on an everlasting search for new ideas. Thirteen climbing holds in shape of jungle animals. A new bar has been set for material strength. Close search. Bolts are not included. We started this company to manufacture holds specifically for climbers; not produce random plastic jobs for people. Fastened with screws. Canada) est maintenant beaucoup plus dynamique. Thirty climbing holds of finger friendly shapes. HRT Monast-airy-Jugs Mega 10283 Each fresh block of foam inspires us to create shapes for the ultimate climbing experience. View only what you are interested in by customizing this site using the keywords above. We pride ourselves on local work-force, retaining quality employees and the importance of all our company departments communicating effectively to ensure the best result for our clients. Citrus Holds is a new climbing holds manufacturer. Holds, climbing gym supplies, custom bouldering pads and flooring, t-nuts, bolts, wall panels, quickdraws and wall resurfacing supplies. Which example would you want your customers using? I’ll admit, we are pretty demanding, but not unreasonable. The owner, Louis Hay, started shaping holds for his climbing gym Plein d'air centre d'escalade located in Granby (1 hour east of Montreal in Quebec, Canada) to bring a new dynamic to his routes. Beyond sales alone, we have a strong strategic relationship with the brand, helping sustain and build its reputation as one of the most iconic climbing hold brands ever. Bolts are not included. Climbing Holds. The shapes, the brand, the people, the history, the authenticity – everything about Teknik – simply superb. La décision de sculpter ses propres prises d’escalade vient du projet du propriétaire, Louis Hay, afin de remplir son centre d’escalade avec des prises de qualités. Bolts are not included. Bolts are not included. Six nice holes. We recognize the importance of local manufacturing for more than quality control. Commerce électronique propulsé par Shopify / E-commerce powered by Shopify, Commerce électronique propulsé par Shopify / E-commerce powered by Shopify. Fastened with capheaded bolts M10. Are you after climbing holds currently in stock in Australia? Bolts are not included. As far back as the 1980's, we saw the need for indoor alternatives to escape the cold, harsh winters or the hot, humid summers. HRT Quarks for muster mark-pockets mixed 12284 When you start a gym, it's hard to imagine the associated costs per square foot of purchasing holds. If you are a hold brand, your retail price is key to your success. AddressLukavecká 1732 193 00 Praha  9 Česká RepublikaMap, Product successfully added to your shopping cart. they make volumes and they even do cracks. With Flathold, these themes have developed further, and new ideas have arisen, because we both have the tools to push them forward. Habit Climbing sells everything for indoor rock climbing. no one's sure of the exact age (some say 6000 years, others say 4 billion), but they have a hell of a history and a great variety of holds in a bunch of different materials and textures and sizes. Fastened with screws. Bolts are not included. We’ve landed on Proxy for a bunch of reasons, but most importantly it has been because of how they serve us as customers. Citrus Holds is a new climbing holds manufacturer. Though the complexity of our methods has escalated since pouring holds on that porch, our passion remains the same. We do not compromise quality by adding filler to cut cost. Fastened with screws. Fifteen climbing holds in smilies shape. For us, it was a no-brainer to use Proxy. It won’t fluctuate due to our workload, or us taking on some sort of huge plastics job that pays more. The design and production of climbing walls, including engineering and assembling, was transferred to WALLTOPIA, which is now the world leader in the production of climbing walls.