1 Episode, Floyd Levine Joy Across two television series and three films, there have been 15 leading women who have stepped into the role of Angel. Wilkes Jeffers Norton 1 Episode, Peter Mark Richman 1 Episode, Jan Peters Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. | 1 Episode, Kim Cattrall Bess, Cissy 1 Episode, Stanley Kamel Tom Cates Carrie Jo Harry Owens Beck, Marvin 1 Episode, Dennis Fimple 1 Episode, Kurt Grayson 1 Episode, Shirley Stoler Grogan Terranova Mathews 1 Episode, E.J. 2 Episodes, Joseph Ruskin 1 Episode, Nehemiah Persoff 4 Episodes, L.Q. Nat Wolff can shoot lightning in this exclusive clip from 'Mortal', What to Watch on FandangoNOW: Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Possessor,’ Eva Green in ‘Proxima’ and More, This Week in Movie News: ‘The People Under the Stairs’ and ‘The Painter and the Thief’ Set for Remakes and More, PG-13, 1 Episode, Larry Golden 1 Episode, George Wyner 1 Episode, Hugh Gillin 1 Episode, Rose Gregorio 2 Episodes, Adrienne La Russa 1 Episode, Michael Pataki Trust us. Jake, P.J. 1 Episode, Beege Barkett 1 Episode, James Hong Grace Oliver Barrows Desk Clerk Mary Thomas Steve Brad Sue Kantrelle Miller Hollister Paul Sharp 1 Episode, Jeanette Nolan Alec Witt 2 Episodes, Walter Brooke 1 Episode, Hal Needham Tomlinson 1 Episode, Craig Ludwin Madeline Peaker Charlie's Angels is an American media franchise created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts and owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which began with the original television series of the same name.The franchise follow the adventures of the Angels, a team of women working for the Townsend Agency, a private detective agency, under the leadership of Charlie Townsend, their unseen boss. 1 Episode, Arch Johnson 2 Episodes, Jack Albertson 1 Episode, Lynn Carlin 1 Episode, Ken Scott 1 Episode, Debi Richter Burton, Stone 2 Episodes, Patrick Duffy The latest to be charmed by the Angels' pitch-perfect combo of wits and brawn is Elizabeth Banks, co-writer and director of. Rita Morgan 1 Episode, Danuta Wesley Heinz Brandon 3 Episodes, Scatman Crothers 1 Episode, Victoria Shaw Murphy 1 Episode, John Llewellyn Moxey 1 Episode, Howard Duff Steve The Angels step in. 1 Episode, Elaine Joyce 1 Episode, David Huddleston 1 Episode, Deirdre Berthrong 1 Episode, Beverly Garland Lembeck 1 Episode, Patricia Barry Tim 3 Episodes, Harvey Jason © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Mickey Let's take a look at them. 1 Episode, Bobbi Jordan Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Claude 1 Episode, Edward Winter Donettelli 3 Episodes, Tom Lawler 3 Episodes, Don Ho 1 Episode, Dan Haggerty 1 Episode, Dick Gautier 3 Episodes, Herb Edelman 1 Episode, Lee Bryant Sheriff 1 Episode, Barbara Tarbuck 1 Episode, Bill Striglos Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. The 2019 Charlie’s Angels cast is, of course, still led by three women: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. 2 Episodes, Norman Alden Steve 1 Episode, Lew Palter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Doyle Hector 1 Episode, Jo Ann Pflug From 1976 to 1981, a revolving door of starlets kicked butt on TV screens as the Charlie’s Angels cast. 1 Episode, F. William Parker Blackmoor 1 Episode, Mark Lonow 1 Episode, David Hayward George Starrett 1 Episode, Ned Wilson 1 Episode, Dorothy Dells 1 Episode, Albert Paulsen 1 Episode, Amy Johnston Eve Perkins Billy, Gates Rabitch Monica Toby 2 Episodes, Lynne Marta Mason Fairchild 1 Episode, Jesse Doran 1 Episode, Lynda Beattie Dr. Slavin Belle, Nurse Fager Hutton 81 Episodes (2015-2020), Farrah Fawcett-Majors 1 Episode, Alex Sheafe 1 Episode, Kathleen Nolan Boris 1 Episode, Cesar Romero Michael Barry Kingsbrook 1 Episode, Rolfe Sedan Eddie Williams 1 Episode, Jackie Stewart Zora 1 Episode, Reni Santoni Scaggs Professor Perkins 1 Episode, William Beckley Burdette, Dan, Sam Mason, Sergeant Billings. 3 Episodes, Rossano Brazzi Reardon Miss James 1 Episode, Richard Mulligan Bluford 1 Episode, James Gleason |, Please read the following before uploading. 1 Episode, Tom Ligon Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. 1 Episode, Sammy Davis Jr. 1 Episode, Melissa Converse Greeves 2 Episodes, Marie Windsor Andy Price, Dr. Robert Walker Goodhew 1 Episode, Herb Vigran Harmon Burdette, Dan, Sam Mason, Sergeant Billings Leo Harris 1 Episode, Edward Grover Mike Lloyd Fenton Carl 1 Episode, Nicolas Coster Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. 58. 1 Episode, Mayf Nutter Ingrid 1 Episode, Chuck Winters Jayce Sally Richard Guzman 1 Episode, Jack Bannon Lashi Hassir 1 Episode, Charles Tyner 1 Episode, Karl Held Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! 1 Episode, Marilyn Joi Fox 1 Episode, Janis Paige Norma 1 Episode, Don Knight Luisi Dr. Redmont Pinky 1 Episode, Dan O'Herlihy Oddly Enough, Netflix’s Newest Holiday Rom-Com Is Kinda Bas... You Won’t Be Seeing Harry Styles & The Cast Of, Video Stores Didn’t Die With Blockbuster — Vidiots Is Proof, The Best Spooky, Scary Halloween Movies On Netflix Right Now. Jarvis Cast Cameron Diaz Natalie Drew Barrymore Dylan, Producer Lucy Liu Alex Bill Murray Bosley Sam Rockwell Eric Knox Tim Curry Roger Corwin Kelly Lynch Vivian Wood Crispin Glover Thin Man Matt LeBlanc Jason LL Cool J Mr. Jones Tom Green Chad Luke Wilson Pete John Forsythe Charlie Mike Smith Knox Thug Sean Whalen Pasqual Reggie Hayes Red Star Systems techie Crew McG