We've made some changes to help keep you safe, and things might be a little different when you visit. [26], A bird's-eye view of the cathedral and its monastic buildings, made in about 1165[27] and known as the "waterworks plan" is preserved in the Eadwine Psalter in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge. It is not funded by the Church of England. Early in the 14th century, Prior Eastry erected a stone quire screen and rebuilt the chapter house, and his successor, Prior Oxenden inserted a large five-light window into St Anselm's chapel.[32]. [48], The cathedral is the Regimental Church of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. The Girls' Choir of Canterbury Cathedral was founded in 2014 and their first performance at Evensong, in January, was attended by more than 600 people and widely covered by the international press. At about the same time that the westwork was built, the arcade walls were strengthened and towers added to the eastern corners of the church. The cathedral ceased to be an abbey during the Dissolution of the Monasteries when all religious houses were suppressed. The great cloister (22 on the plan, above) was on the west, directly north of the nave of the cathedral. This latter chapel became known as the "Corona" or "Becket's Crown". [9] The new church, its central axis about 5m south of that of its predecessor,[5] was a cruciform building, with an aisled nave of nine bays, a pair of towers at the west end, aisleless transepts with apsidal chapels, a low crossing tower, and a short quire ending in three apses. The shrine to St Thomas Becket was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII and the relics lost. It forms part of a World Heritage Site. However, much conservation work remains to be done, notably on the Oculus window in the south-east transept – a late 12th-century round window. [54] The extensive restoration of the cathedral that was underway in mid-2018 was part of a 2016-2021 schedule that also includes improved landscaping and accessibility, new visitor facilities and a general external restoration. Many have already been conserved and protected by the team of stained glass conservators led by Leonie Seliger. The next plan was to raise funds to restore and improve the Quire organ by 2020. And you’ll still be given a warm and safe welcome by our friendly – if socially distant – staff and volunteers. The income from pilgrims (such as those portrayed in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales) who visited Becket's shrine, which was regarded as a place of healing, largely paid for the subsequent rebuilding of the cathedral and its associated buildings. Since 1848, part of the site has been used for educational purposes and the abbey ruins have been preserved for their … Après la dissolution, une parti… [33] In contrast to the contemporary rebuilding of the nave at Winchester, where much of the existing fabric was retained and remodeled, the piers were entirely removed, and replaced with less bulky Gothic ones, and the old aisle walls were completely taken down except for a low "plinth" left on the south side. The seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual head of the Church of England and global Anglican Communion – there are few more holy places in England than Canterbury Cathedral. The real significance of Christ Church, as it was then known, lay in its setting. You can visit our reopening page for information on general safety measures we've taken to help keep you safe. The oldest bell in the cathedral is Bell Harry (approximately 8 long cwt (900 lb or 400 kg)[74]), which hangs in a cage on the top of the central tower to which the bell lends its name. It was dedicated in 1077. The next Archbishop, Anselm, used the church’s bulging treasury to rebuild the east end of the church so that the building was now 133 metres long and featured some of the finest stone carving ever seen. The wife experienced a miraculous cure and the enduring cult of St Thomas was born.