Iowa had a huge advantage in range, but then again, the BIsmarck was never intended to operate in the Pacific. The Iowa may have a slight edge on speed, but it is not significant. As such, the ship practically needs racing stripes. The a salvo had a throw weight (firing AP) of 12.1 tons vs Bismarck’s 7.2 tons. The Iowa -class battleships were the most powerful … They have good range, great killing power, and–this is key–Iowa has both top-notch fire-control radar and a CIC onboard (combat information center). She’s the fastest present, at 32 knots, and pulls this off despite being similar in tonnage to Bismarck. Overall, the Bismarck class was an impressive combination of firepower, speed, and protection. She’s a slugger, too: three turrets, each with three 16″ guns. Iowa was built to keep up with fast carriers. Anti-air armament was order of magnitude better than the Bismarck.