See my reviews of two other three-season air mats I like, the Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XLite and the Exped SynMat UL 7 air mattress—and an item I never sleep outside without, my Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Pillow. It might work! This degrades the material from the inside out, and you get leaks. It even kept me dry one night when I had a lot of water seep through the floor of an old tent. I camped for nearly a month in France and Spain on this pad. … Spending a bit more money on a high-quality sleeping pad beats cheap discount store sleeping mattresses in the long-run. I side-lined this pad- it just didn't feel right to me and I couldn't get comfortable. I’d also like to see a pad with a built in inflatable pillow area (why not?). My brother and I hike the AT in NJ and PA. You can also keep it soft because the value is easy to use. I guess I'm a little confused as to why people are getting cold using this pad. BZN_Backpacker That's how I would do it if the nozzle were like a normal sleeping pad, but's more wide and flat with a flat screw cap than the twist-close traditional nozzle. The Insulated Air Core pad is a great value for a 3+ season sleeping pad. In the course of these two years, I slept on it a total of probably 50 nights. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone using a BA brand bag system. Price Paid: $80 each, Lakeman Very light and unobtrusive, this was my first choice until a bear tore it. An excellent and comfortable sleeping pad. Use a garbage bag!   The polyester insulation is woven with heat-reflective silver filament to boost warmth, while the quilted design of the baffles—welding them in an I-beam pattern of alternating horizontal and vertical tubes—creates pockets to trap warm air for added insulation value. +2 Very very peaceful. The best feature of the IAC pad is it is compact and light. Inflating it? I have used the pad 25 to 30 times and it is still in great shape and I'm not one to baby my equipment too much. This year however I was waking up in the middle of the night with a flat pad. It packs down smaller than a 1l bottle, is lightweight, and offers an amazing amount of comfort. I used this pad for about two years. Great pad that's kept me camping in comfort, but this review is more about Big Agnes' outstanding warranty support. I found that the Insulated Air Core did one thing right. You need at least a hot tub to locate the holes, even then it is hard. It's also soft enough to provide a very comfortable sleep. The Big Agnes Air Core scored poorly in our review, but may be a good budget option if you can't afford a more luxurious sleeping pad. REVIEW CORPS 1) Are your bags down or synthetic? The only thing I do not like is the fact that BA tends to lean more toward air chambered pads rather than self inflating. I have to say, this was an expensive pad and although it is very comfortable, I’ll probably try different brands at lower prices in the future. We store them under our bed lying flat with the valves open when not in use. It is not the lightest or most space saving pad out there, nor should it be for the price. Dakota Some people bash different air pads because in a very cold situation a leak can have serious implications. Some people bash different air pads because in a very cold situation a leak can have serious implications. August 26, 2007. (and I didn't fall off it, like the old army kind...thanks to the closed cell design probly), Pro: lightweight and VERY compact (mine is 21oz). I have two of these. I have the rectangular regular length BA Insulated Air Core for 2 years now. As a side note, it comes with a patch kit integrated in the stuff sack. I went camping in Canada this past March and was up the entire first night shivering (Despite having a -15 bag). Mine is a 25 inch wide model using "M3" insulation, btw. As a chronic Asthmatic I can share that inflating this is no big deal at all, 1-2 minutes at most with minimal effort and my understanding is that all pads need inflating at some point. It only takes a minute to blow up and a bit longer to deflate. Thanks for the review, Kim! Find the best sleeping bag/pad for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. Doesn't get much better. drytinder I was about to buy the other model but glad she pointed out that this one has insulation!   November 9, 2012. BUT, after using it for a while now, I can't say enough about this pad. I'm upgrading to the insulated rectangular version.   I've camped twice in 20 degree weather and have not felt cold from the ground yet. Great pad!!! Excellent! No other problems with leaks or failures. Pros: Ultra-comfy. Finally, a good night's sleep!!! I nearly froze on Mt. NOTE: I’ve been testing gear for Backpacker Magazine for 20 years.