The bottom of the backpack has durable rubber feet and a reinforced bottom to protect your tools from impact damage. Our final recommendation in the Best Tool Backpack category comes from Rugged Rool and is their Pro backpack which has long been a popular choice. In a collaboration next between Dewalt and Custom Leathercraft, we’re looking at a USB charging backpack which certainly looks as well as performs the part. But that waterproof material will be a godsend if you’re caught off guard. Handy for far more than just carrying around books in your grade school days, the best backpacks are among some of the most useful men’s accessories ever invented. About    Contact    Privacy Policy    Disclaimer    Sitemap. See this Acer Predator backpack on Amazon now. It’s a practical and stylish choice and would make an excellent recommendation for an electrician or a construction worker looking to invest in a new tool bag. The material is thick and of sturdy construction which promises to last a long time as long as you take care of it correctly. You will notice that right away with the additional padding built into the back and shoulders of the bag. One issue I would like to emphasize, though, is its somewhat heavy weight. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it; while it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop sleeve or anything of the like, it’s great to use as an overnight backpack or just a general holdall in a pinch. With this helmet catch, you can prevent your helmet from incurring damages and getting scratches. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. From these factors, you can estimate the approximate size for the tool backpack that you’ll need to carry your tools. You’ll also find a specific location for tablet storage and a compartment designed to fit up to a 15-inch laptop. This spacious backpack has enough room for you to tote your gear from class to practice and everywhere in-between. A: The most popular tool backpack brands include Klein Tools Tradesmen Backpack, Lenox Tools Storage Backpack, and DEWALT USB charging backpack. I like its striking red and black design, which is actually appealing to the eyes. l View fullsize image. Available in multiple color combinations, it is designed to fit into your style. Second, make sure that the straps are tight enough that the bag is held securely on your body, but not so tight that they start to dig into your shoulders. Also, keep in mind that waterproof tool backpacks are not waterproof forever. Our next best tool bag recommendation is from Klein Tools and is their heavy duty Pro Organizer backpack, perfect for a whole host of skilled trades but especially convenient for the electricians among you. As its name suggests, the IRONLAND Electrician Tool Backpack is designed to adhere to the needs and demands of electricians. If you love to stay organized when you can’t really go wrong with this durable work backpack that will safely store all your gear in one place. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. BEST LEATHER BACKPACK. This is also a waterproof tool backpack, which is another of its strengths. The Acer Predator gaming backpack comes with a back panel that has ventilation for airflow, which will keep you and your bag cool even on the hottest days. We’re taking a look next at the Veto Pro Pac Tech Backpack which is a design and style that more resembles a piece of wheelie luggage rather than a traditional backpack and is fully capable of standing on its own. Perhaps the biggest stand out feature though of this Dewalt DGC530 is that integrated charging wall.