A blood-soaked, highly exaggerated piece of action cinema with a body count over 300, it was a sufficient farewell to the pivotal director who was a fundamental foundation in the sub-genre’s rise. And if none of that works, he can always just bust a cap in you. He was single-handedly able to take out an entire police headquarters and later, in an impressive performance, the superior T-1000. Weaknesses:  His abilities are limited to the hunting of a single creed. Weaknesses:  All well and good, but there comes a time when a little thing called loyalty has to be factored in, and if you’re going to let all of your personal family shit enter into the picture, it doesn’t matter a hell of a lot how many planets you blow up, now does it? Strengths: This is the type of old ball and chain you want nothing to do with, as I assume Dan Dierdorf would say. Although not as memorable or well-known in comparison to other versions of the now infamous character, Fritz was however, one of the very first forms of cinematic henchmen, making him fundamental in establishing what audiences expect from villainous sidekicks. 20. The German Mechanic in Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Pat Roach. In ranking these heavies, extra points were earned for singularity of purpose, imperviousness to pain, and skill within the realm of hand-to-hand combat. A lot of lesser henchmen will take a knife to your ear or your cheek, or hook a car battery up to your nipples with big alligator clips, but how many are willing to carve you up with a shotgun or a pistol? He is tougher than you. The remarkable mechanic’s enormous, bull-like frame and evident skilful boxing background, allows him to soak up copious amounts of punches and deliver devastating blows, making him a sizably challenging sparring partner for Indiana Jones who is unquestionably outmatched and overpowered. It’s hard to be too horribly scared of a digital abstraction, particularly one that gets routinely outfoxed by Keanu Reeves. Weaknesses:  The main problem with that type of virtuosic commitment to craft is that sometimes you lose sight of the big picture. You know, as a way to gauge some of the qualities you might be looking for. 1. Weaknesses:  The Lone Biker of the Apocalypse, as you might expect, carries something of a big stick. They must be loyal and devoted to the primary antagonist and their overall evil plan, unwavering and zealous, i.e. Strengths:  Like the Terminator, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) demonstrates a singularity of purpose, and is a dogged pursuer of his prey. Later the term would often be used to describe a page or hand scribe, before the phrase being coined as a personal assistant by Highland Scottish Chiefs in the 1700’s, an advancement that would lead to its much wider acknowledgment as a word to describe a right hand man. Awards & Events. Somewhat of an enigmatic cult icon now, the henchman known as Bob The Goon has inexplicably become a fan favourite villain with a devout following of supporters, despite only having a minor role with minimal dialogue in Tim Burton’s 1989 adaption of comic book hero “Batman”. He doesn’t talk too much and he always has the most pleasant smile on his face. 16. The mechanic would likely have gotten the better of the film’s protagonist had it not been for a pesky airplane propeller and its spinning blades getting involved in the pair’s brutal encounter and gruesomely ending it for the henchman. The Ten Greatest Henchmen In Movie History. So, you know, buyer beware. Parents need to know that there's quite a lot of cartoon violence in Henchmen, including a scene within the first few minutes of an evil mastermind proposing to blow up a school bus full of kids. chstar 4 years ago #1. 18. I think Natasha was Boris’ henchfemme, but they were both henchpeople to Fearless Leader. John Woo’s intentionally over-the-top police-glorifying thriller “Hard Boiled” was the filmmaker’s final Hong Kong based movie prior to his consequential move to Hollywood in the early 1990’s. A lethal hitwoman with absurd killing methods, the temptress Xenia Onatopp more often than not utilises her constricting thighs as an instrument of devastation, strangling her prey whilst they lay in a false sense of security. Yeah, he’ll choke you from across the table in the middle of a board meeting. One of the first things that you are going to need is somebody to take care of your light work for you when words have run out.