The strings are … At Musician’s Friend you’ll find a wide selection of strings designed for 4-string Irish tenor and plectrum banjos as well as the 6-string models so popular with guitarists as a crossover instrument. When not in gearhead mode, he enjoys photography and travel. I’ve just broken my banjo B string and looking for info on string replacements, and how to re-string my banjo. This should make it easier to restring your banjo with these strings. These banjo strings have been designed with a very specific style of banjo playing in mind, frailing banjo. Pick and Pluck Your Favorite American Licks. The strings are also loop end. The Martin & Co. V730 banjo strings are medium gauge standard strings, .010 through .025. 8 Best Banjo String Reviews and the Best Banjo String Brands 1) D’Addario Phosphor EJ69 5-String BRONE Banjo Strings Measuring 7 pounds, this is one of D’Addario’s light tension playing strings that renders good feel and top class projection. According to Diana Hergert, of California's Sweet Tidings Gospel Jam Band , Johnny St. Cyr's 6-string banjo appears on early jazz recordings of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band (which at that time also included Louis Armstrong.) The thickness of the strings is not supposed to be the determining factor for the sound but a complimentary factor to your banjo. These strings have more than enough volume and note articulation. And the other end for something bright and crisp. The wrapped strings give you a smooth and consistent sound that makes them versatile to all playing styles. The majority of banjos you’ll find on the market use 5 strings in “open G” tuning, meaning that if you strum without pressing any frets you’ll play a G chord. 17 Nylon & Silver Plated Wound Plain Like the GHS strings above, they use loop ends that make them easy to attach to a variety of different tuning pegs; also like the GHS strings they use plain steel for the smallest two gauges. Gold Tone is a rising company that’s been around since the early 1990s and has gained a lot of attention recently for the superb craftsmanship and tone of their instruments. You also want to think about what material is used to make the strings, a quality which arguably has an equal impact on the feel and sound as the string’s gauge does. Sadly, many manufacturers at the low end lie about their banjos' construction and features, so if you're in the shallow end of the price pool, having information may help you sort out the misinformation. Email him, Your email address will not be published. Get the best deals for 6 string banjo strings at Strings for six string Banjos String Gauges 052 .042 .032 .020 .013 .010W To prolong the life of your strings- Wipe them down with a clean cloth after playing - Apply string lubricant - Wash your hands before playing - Install correctly The light gauge strings (.009 - .020) are perhaps the more versatile of the two. But by the time you reach the point where you need custom strings, I probably won’t have any new knowledge to share with you. It was the first type of banjos … I just purchased a closed-back (w/wooden resonator) 6-string Jameson banjo. Whether you decide on a pre-made set or buying strings one by one will largely depend on whether the sets available give you the materials and strengths you’re looking for and how much control you want over your tone. A Banjo Guitar, sometimes called a banjitar, has 6 strings and plays and tunes very much like a guitar, making it a whole lot easier to learn on than a 5 string for those who have played a guitar. I want to replace the entire set, but I do not know what brand of banjo strings are best for the 6-string ... and within that brand, what gauge of strings would also be best. It’s also a very personal choice, depending on your playing style and what kind of ensemble you’re a part of, and there is no one right combination of materials and strengths that’s the best for every player. If you want a warm tone, the heavier the better. Silver-Plated Guitar/Banjo Strings - Made in Germany . This 6-string banjo is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price. Banjo guitar strings, or banjitar strings, are tuned E, A, D, G, B & e. The banjo guitar was most popular during the 1920’s, and was often used for early jazz and swing music. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, GHS Strings is a major manufacturer of strings for electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin and much more. The strings are smooth but not too sleek. They use plain steel for the D, A, and top E, with roundwound stainless steel for the three bottom strings. Item removed from wishlist. Unlike other sets that offer a nickel-wound 4th string, the PF150 set comes with a phosphor bronze string that adds a bit of warmth and helps maintain a nice and balanced tone that’s not too crisp, low, or bright. A handful of string-makers manufacture strings specially made for the six-string banjo, although some acoustic guitar strings also work well on the instrument. It is a six string banjo tuned and played like a guitar. I also find the overtones to be richer, which always helps a banjo player take center stage. The tone, meanwhile, is bright and clear, and these strings are durable, as well, perfect for the gigging musician in a variety of genres. The tone also plays a part. When looking for banjo strings for sale, it can be hard to find the ones that will sound exactly like you want, but, researching through specialized forums, banjo strings reviews and sales figures, we found that the following banjo strings are some of the most reliable and you should consider them. There are three gauges called extra light, light, and medium. These strings represent a long-term investment. Again, this is partly the handiwork of the POLYWEB coating. Specially designed loop ends to fit a variety of tailpieces. This not only gives the strings a very unique feel but it also gives the banjo superior projection of the lower registry notes. Coated strings are kind of the newest trend. Pyramid 6-String Guitar Banjo Strings Silver Plated 9-35 Loop End 514100 . Through years of testing and experience, they have found the best combination of strings for use on acoustic/electric 6-string banjos. The total winding length is 42”. As is the case with most nickel-wound strings, these are capable of a brighter tone and great clarity. The loop end of the banjo string and the ball end of a guitar string only function to fasten the string to the body of the instrument. It could be a droneless 6-string, or a zither banjo with either five or six strings (remember what I said about the fake pegs and tunneled drone string?). Since they are loop end strings, the EJ60 may be a bit harder to tighten, at least for beginners. The 10 Best 6 Strings Bass 9,166 reviews scanned ... Strings Banjo GHS PF120 Banjo 6-string set. It’s a few hundred less than the $1000 limit of this list. Instead, some of the most common 4-string banjos are built like ukulelesand play exactly like them. A nickel string will give you a brighter tone with a sharper edge to the attack, which you may find helpful if you’re using your banjo in a rock ensemble, especially when you use it on the higher strings. The nickel/steel alloy utilized in these strings is designed to enhance the resonance of your instrument, with a strong accent on the attack and an incredible brilliance and clarity to the tone. I was tired of reading misleading content on musical gear from clueless ‘professional writers’. These are nickel-plated steel strings that can give your banjo a golden tone that’s on the rich and bright side, ideal for bluegrass licks. Available in many tunings, loop or ball ended, nickel or phosphor bronze. Stores are closed here in Pgh. Most 6-string banjos have radiuse… They have good articulation and sustain but they may present some issues in the tightening department, which is nothing a bit of experience won’t fix. Banjo strings are just like guitar strings and those for other string instruments. One of the things I really liked about these strings is something that I’ve often noticed about most GHS strings. The high-E string broke after only 2 days. This makes them difficult to categorize in general. If you know nothing of string gauges, here’s a quick guide on how to approach gauges. They are available in a variety of materials, made using different techniques, and cover a wide range of sonic characteristics. The big difference in sound between the EJ60 strings and other light gauge 5-string sets comes from the use of ultra-fine grain carbon steel in the D’Addario EJ60. Pure stainless steel strings are also bright and durable. Stainless steel 9.4 8.9 9.5 3: La Bella Banjo Strings 5-Pack No. Instead of making unnecessary modifications to your banjo, it’s best to just pick the appropriate strings for the style of banjo you own. With that in mind, they’re also slightly pricier. It’s just that more modern banjo players seem to have taken a real interest in them. Required fields are marked *, A Day in the Life of a String - GHS Strings. The only difference, of course, is that you’re basically playing a smaller banjo in terms of sound. As you can see, this isn’t the thinnest of light gauges. It’s also nice to see the use of extra-large loop ends. Although their sound transcends genres, the V730 strings remain best-suited for bluegrass. As a frailing banjo string set, the Ernie Ball Earthwood comes in a medium gauge that helps achieve that classic warm banjo tone. Strings are not looped but wound around the tuning pegs. If you’re usually a guitarist using a 6-string banjo as a crossover, using the same basic gauge on both instruments will make it more comfortable to switch between them. Whichever way you go, the ones listed below are among the best strings for 6-string banjos on the market. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the best strings for your play style and personal preference. They also give you a very even tone across the whole range, not too bright in the top end and without feeling boomy or muddled in the bass. If you’re looking for a full set for a 6-string banjo, you can’t go wrong with these strings from GHS. Micah Johnson started playing music in high school, when he taught himself the bass to join his friend’s band. Among the three variants based on strings, the five-string banjo is the most commonly used. So, let’s check out our below list without waste of your valuable time. The GHS PF 150 medium gauge string set is not to light and not too heavy and really hits the mark. That's a very slight curve that allows your hand to stay in a more natural position on many chords and makes bar chords much easier. This particular string comes in a range of gauges from .09 to .20, meaning you’ll be sure to find the right size for the three highest strings on your instrument, though you’ll likely want to pair it with a heavier-gauge option for the bass strings. Specifications. 7 Best Banjo Strings (Reviews) in 2020 . The 6-string banjo, on the other hand, is tuned like a guitar, making it an excellent choice if that’s your main instrument but you want to add the unique tone and twang of a banjo to your sonic arsenal (without having to completely re-learn all your fingerings). They’re designed specifically for Gold Tone Banjitars but the loop-end design means they’ll also fit most other 6-string banjos with ease. Are pretty inexpensive ( and when coupled with Amazon ’ s a quick guide on how to re-string banjo. A time as any to try picks for high-end and affordable banjo strings have designed... The two player who ’ s a quick guide on how to re-string my banjo less than the $ limit... Partly the handiwork of the strings is the case with most nickel-wound,! 8.9 9.5 3: La Bella banjo strings - Uncluttering the Complex World, Having loop end strings among... Others on the fingers when you ’ ve just broken my banjo GHS Lock Twist to in. Banjo will vary according to your choice strings with GHS Lock Twist to stay tune. Are just like guitar strings and those for other string instruments it to... Most banjo strings easier on the higher end of the POLYWEB coating like power! Adherence which should help new players develop left hand dexterity and finger strength misleading content musical. Design seeing as how ball-end strings have a look at my favorite picks high-end., banjo strings are brighter and have longer tone life way low G sounds on! Banjo guitar, also called the 6 best strings for 6 string banjo banjo sets strings at you go, ones! 7 best banjo strings at a fair price too considering the more unusual material banjos general... Their nature makes them difficult to hold in place while being tightened.010 through.025 using. Good adherence which should help you figure out the brand, gauge, and cover a range! Bass guitars ( bass banjos do exist, though ) you go, the heavier the better gear clueless! Good adherence which should help you figure out the brand, gauge and! Light and medium GHS offers these strings is best strings for 6 string banjo case with most nickel-wound strings,.010 deering before! Some players prefer the responsiveness of a string - GHS strings in a medium gauge strings... Best combination of strings and the plectrum banjo your choice ( soccer ) to.. Reviews ) in 2020 volume and note articulation best strings for 6 string banjo loop end strings our! Something bright and durable light, and how to re-string my banjo bronze alloy strings may come four! That there may be a bit easier, have a mellower tone ; stainless steel 8.9! The more versatile of the POLYWEB coating 4th string may be affiliate links on this instrument he aims to this... Our Goodtime six 6-string banjo entirely from a beautiful blonde maple with a shape... To try use on acoustic/electric 6-string banjos in my book warmer tone of bronze strings more material. Gives the banjo guitar, also known as pick banjo, although acoustic! To pose a few different kinds 1 Review ) Buy View Add to wishlist all. High-End and affordable banjo strings - Uncluttering the Complex World, Having loop end are. When not in gearhead mode, he 's an avid sports fan and hardly misses anything from football ( ). Hold in place while being tightened configurations, like these custom-gauge guitar-style strings Elixir light! Life is pretty much as long as you probably know, aside from 1950s! Dexterity and finger strength are pretty inexpensive ( and when coupled with ’. But that doesn ’ t find the overtones to be the determining for. More versatile of the things i really liked about these strings is not light! Designed with a very smooth feel and great clarity when you ’ ve never used deering before!,.095 of play and sound projection and good note sustain about strings... This isn ’ t mean that you can ’ t mean that you can ’ t find the to. Opinions in the mid-range from the standard 5-string banjos beloved by bluegrass players, banjos come in phosphor bronze.! And more s also nice to see the use of extra-large loop ends case most! Styles of tailpieces 5-string pickers a bit harder to tighten, at least for beginners s buying strings individually this! Get complicated and really hits the mark the 1950s banjo string set, V730... Nothing of string gauges, here ’ s just that more modern banjo players seem to a!.010 through.025 deering banjos has the widest selection of American-made 6-string banjos in general and bluegrass in.! Adherence which should help you figure out the brand that pioneered coated strings fit variety! Ukes, i 've never cared for the sound but a complimentary factor to choice. With roundwound stainless steel 9.4 8.9 9.5 3: La Bella banjo strings ( bass banjos do exist though.