I like to pack 2.5 liters with me in my pack during the day and keep plenty of water in camp so I can drink enough water in the mornings before I leave and at night before I go to bed. We’re the only silencer reseller on the ATF advisory board, and have simplified the process involved in purchasing Class 3 firearm suppressors. Tablets are the lightest option. The leg diameters were larger than most, and they weighed less than comparable models. Obviously, there are other items that you will need, but the items I’ve listed above are what I would consider the core. These backcountry areas are bastions of hunting for those that aren’t afraid of a rugged excursion, and taking the road a little less traveled. I’ve done 10 days, but those types of trips are the exception rather than the norm. Packing a super light and inexpensive Therm-a-Rest Z-lite that I cut in half makes it easier to be comfortable away from camp. You better like that person a lot though, because you will be snuggling in a 2-man. You don’t want the first time you put on weight and climb up a mountain to be opening day, or you will likely be miserable. I often get asked why I don’t prefer a one-man tent and what I do with my pack and boots at night. In general though, staples include dry, protein-rich food like beef jerky, peanut butter, trail mix and energy bars that don’t require any excess gear for storing and preparing. It's possible to carry out a boned out mule deer and camp in one trip, but it sucks. On long hunts, in hot weather, and in physically demanding situations, drinking enough water is an essential task that needs to be taken seriously. You are either going to do it, or you aren’t. But, the practice certainly isn’t for everyone. Basically, this is always thinking one step ahead and planning the next move before you need one. And, while it is exciting, knowing the dangers will help you better prepare and stay safe in the wilderness. Consider a deer – even a smaller whitetail buck will require three to four trips, hauling 100-lb. on your back and then crossing a four-wheeler trail you didn’t know was there. The majority of the backpack hunting I’m doing is 3-5 day trips, and I bet the majority of you reading this likely would fit into the same category. Other things, like magazine extenders and scopes can come in handy with minimizing reloads and increasing accuracy. I’ve grown to love it, even crave it, and have been fairly successful. If you’re ready to test your skills as an outdoorsman and hunter, load up your backpack, toss it over your shoulder and plot your route — here’s the beginner’s guide to backpack hunting. If a tent would allow you to feel more comfortable and get you out there when otherwise you may not, there are a lot of good options for tents. Talking with forest rangers has also been helpful in finding out what trails have been cleared recently or are nearly impassible with livestock. It is YOUR BACKPACK! You don’t want to be stomping around mile after mile in soggy, blister-causing footwear. Remember, we want to keep our packs as light as we can. A Better Approach to Hearing Protection for Hunting. Another aspect of a good hunt is properly packing your backpack to supply you with the essential gear and resources to accomplish your mission. The great thing is that everyone has access to this land, much of it free, and there are millions of acres open to explore. Sometimes I will sit in the same spot and glass for an entire day (or even days) if I know there is an animal I want to take in that area, and a good, sturdy tripod is a must. You literally pump water out of a water source and into your bladder/bottle. If you never have considered it, you might want to check out a previous article I published here on the Exo blog: “Why You Should Consider Backpack Hunting”. There are a ton of things to be said about exercise plans and getting into shape and you can probably figure a lot of that out as it pertains to you personally. You are … If you’re planning on collecting any water, be it rain, lake or river, you’ll need a way to purify it. A good sleeping bag will allow you to sleep comfortably and may also save your life. Drop some tablets in your water from the stream, creek, river, lake, etc., let them sit for the recommended time and BAM! I tell my wife all the time, “My life literally may depend on my gear, so if you would like to keep me around, I need good gear.” Good equipment can be pricey, but in my opinion, if you are serious about increasing your chances at hunting and regularly harvesting, it’s a must. We quickly obtain inventory and expedite interactions with the ATF so you can spend less time waiting around and more time hunting the big game. Most of us train to get into backpacking shape, so what’s the point if a well-conditioned body doesn’t get what it needs most to perform? They may not handle the extreme weight as the other brands listed, but might be a good option if you have a backup meat hauler pack. By the end of that trip, I found that I was feeling more confident, sleeping fine, was seeing more animals and loving it. For this reason, I think it is extremely important to pay attention to physical fitness before taking on such an endeavor. Another note concerning water is that I do not use a Camelback or Platypus-type bladder. Have a plan for your water intake and water gathering frequency and stick to it. The elements do what they want, with little regard to your situation and even the best-laid plans. Being adequately prepared for your hikes and hunts may prove to be essential in your well being in the field, as well as your safety. But you do need to have a decent fitness level, and you need to train. Being able to carry your pack around without it being painful is crucial. Try to strike a balance between practicality, weight, and price. The most popular option for backpackers is probably a pump filter. I’m not going to touch much on food, other than that my personal preference is one Mountain House freeze-dried meal for every day I’m out. A pack that is 4500-6000 cubic inches is about the s… It’s also important to remember that you may risk losing vantage points and auditory cues from potential kills or even dehydration if you don’t know where you are in proximity to a water source. The nation’s largest silencer dealer with 15+ years of experience and innovation, Silencer Central takes the confusion out of purchasing a silencer. The last tip I am going to give you here, is to pull the trigger and make it happen. One final note is to commit to a healthy diet now. We’ve all heard someone say, “You can’t kill what you can’t see,” and that’s usually followed by “buy the best optics you can afford.” Both are true, and having good optics will certainly serve you well, but adding a tripod and binocular adapter for it will make a tremendous difference. I recently pulled off a 7-day elk hunt with that exact pack. So make sure to pack properly. A few other options might include Gregory and Osprey packs. Basically, what I’m doing on my backpack hunting trips is managing dehydration more so than hydration. Also, I do not carry a pillow; however, I always pack a high quality, packable down jacket for the chilly early morning and late night glassing sessions, and I then I stuff that into my sleeping bag stuff sack for a pillow at night. While I do tend to take it a little easy during midday on warm-weather hunts, I’ve been rewarded many times for keeping an eye out from a strategic resting location and spotting a bull out feeding or heading for water. They will ensure you have a nice time in the wilderness, and that you do everything properly. This guide is meant to help you figure out what aspects of the hunt you should focus on, how to prepare before going out, and how to keep yourself safe in the wilderness. If you like the idea of a backpack hunt, but are struggling to figure out how to start, these are what I believe are the high level steps you need to take to get from “I’d like to”, to “I’m going”: When it comes to backpack hunting, there is no such thing as trying. Modern technology has resulted in gear your grandfather would have killed for, and it literally can make or break your hunt. If you go this route, I’d suggest breaking up the weight of the tent and having your partner carry the poles and stakes, while you carry the vestibule and tent. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. Backpack Hunting Tips, Hunting can be a dangerous hobby or profession, and being adequately prepared before-hand is crucial for your wellbeing, as well as Most people will spend thousands on guns, bows and optics, but balk at the thought of paying a little more for a quality, lightweight backpack and a good pair of boots. State game agency websites provide information related to each area including hunting boundaries, maps, harvest data, male/female ratios and so on. Notice I didn’t say you need six pack abs, and biceps that can crush a Toyota Yaris. I use a 24-degree down sleeping bag. I can break my gear down into four key categories: pack, sleep system, food/water, and equipment. Then the next I would buy a stove and so on. Getting the current forest travel maps has also saved me some serious pain by knowing what roads are open and closed, which can make a huge difference in knowing the best way to pack out an elk or access an area. How to Scout Backcountry Hunting Locations, Backpack Hunting Tips for Use in the Backcountry. The logistics of hauling all of your camping and hunting gear, let alone hauling out an animal on top of that keep many hunters from taking the leap. Take into consideration the terrain you are going to find yourself in, the nearest water sources, lakes or rivers, and such criteria. Even if there’s a new place that you can’t find information on, joining these forums lets you post your own questions and get feedback from fellow enthusiasts. Fear of the unknown is completely normal and you shouldn’t let it hinder you. If you're on the fence, or thinking about trying out backpack hunting, give it a try. We will get into this more in the future, but there is no getting around this one. After coming home so many times and hurting from the pack I was wearing, I ponied up. They make high-quality carbon fiber tripod legs and heads. These rules and guidelines are specifically made to ensure that your safety is not compromised.