ABORIGINAL LAND RIGHTS ACT 1983 - As at 6 December 2019 - Act 42 of 1983 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART 1 - PRELIMINARY 1.Name of Act 2.Commencement 3.Purpose of Act 4. So this bill allows that land in question to be granted to the relevant Aboriginal land trust under sections 10 and 12 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. What he found was that, when they had the pressure of a death in their family and sorry business, there would be pressure in their home life and from their family to have to attend, and then they would feel too ashamed to come back and work for him because they'd feel that they'd let him down. Some state governments followed the lead of the Australian Government and introduced their own land rights legislation. I myself, being a farmer, have—though not to the historic extent of our Indigenous brothers—that understanding of what land can mean and that sense of place. The native title holders have agreed to surrender any exclusive native title rights in the former stock routes and stock reserve in return for acquiring title under the land rights act to an area of land currently forming part of the pastoral lease. Land Rights Act key for Mirarr traditional owners Sep 3, 2020 Subject: Land Rights. There is still a lot to do, but things have improved—because we have started to listen and work constructively to help people get involved in the economic activity of this country and we have an understanding of what land rights are and what that means to them. See the rates to advertise in the only newspaper to reliably reach Aboriginal people in remote Central Australia. She remained hopeful agreements could be found before the more costly path of litigation. Volume 4, Number 1. If you head north out of Alice Springs and then head out on the Sandover Highway, 200-odd kilometres north-east of Alice Springs you come to this area. Land Rights News is published by the Central and Northern Land Councils and is distributed free to communities in the Northern territory. '�+����\�2Q6��.A��K�q����E�6$��K�٢�R��n�MY61P����IJ��N3u��Y��(,��Y*���z�F��[@v%��Ȏ`��ۅ�������a���x�+STH� W��+�����4�X ��vti;w��$-�����_�S�O����#�x�jƦ)�)3D�s�#5��ylg�3�Q:i��Kw��c�`�{���G�N�媪T%���� ������&%�$��%�4�bB�1{�)� �(�Jc�C�8�sa�a��@���A��V(�A� dwG� �! Reality Bites Whether legally or morally right or wrong in his position, Mr. Burragubba and his group have apparently not seen what can happen to protesters in 2019. The honourable member opposite will remember what the member for Lingiari said during his contribution when that bill passed. This region of Australia is special. “Since the first colonisation of Australia, Aboriginal people have been dispossessed of property and culture, [but] only since 1975 has the loss of native title become compensable.”. Luke Gosling (Solomon, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source. The Summer edition of the LRNCA features the latest news and views from central Australian Aboriginal communities. The Native Title Act came about after the landmark “Mabo” decision in 1993 overturned the British claim that Australia was “terra nullius” – nobody’s land. The amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 will enable the implementation of a native title settlement in the Northern Territory that has been agreed between the Aboriginal traditional owners and local stakeholders. The agreement area covers about 193 square kilometres in the vicinity of Ammaroo Station, about 250 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs. Page 4 Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment (Elections) Regulation 2019 [NSW] Schedule 1 Amendment of Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2014 Published LW 5 July 2019 (2019 No 315) (4) The elector must, before 6 pm on polling day: (a) post the envelope, or (b) deliver the envelope to the returning officer. The government has provided the necessary resources to all stakeholders, including an additional $1 million to the Aboriginal Land Commissioner to ensure that the delays experienced under previous governments no longer hold back this important process. As they took the notes, they were trying to work out whether the federal government at the time would buy a fishing boat for the Yamatji people of the Gascoyne and Murchison region so that they could have purposeful employment. We appreciate the fact that Indigenous people have rights to their land. This is a good example of what can be achieved when parties take a pragmatic and cooperative approach to resolving native title issues. It is a positive example of people working together to support the recognition of Aboriginal land and the advancement of economic opportunities for the region. He would take young Aboriginal kids and give them meaningful employment. This report is furnished to the Minister for Indigenous Australians (the Minister) pursuant to s 61(1) of the . ABORIGINAL LAND RIGHTS ACT 1983 - As at 6 December 2019 - Act 42 of 1983 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART 1 - PRELIMINARY 1.Name of Act 2.Commencement 3.Purpose of Act 4. 1. ��Č�܏� |�l �c�~�ꈕ@s� ��. Labor support the bill. “Native title” refers to the rights of Australia’s indigenous people to their traditional land and water recognised by Australian common law. See the rates to advertise in the only newspaper to reliably reach Aboriginal people in remote Central Australia. They have some incredible artwork at the moment from this region that we are talking about. (September 2019)Indigenous land rights in Australia, also known as Aboriginal land rights in Australia, relate to the rights and interests in land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, and the term may also include the struggle for those rights. I thank the government and I acknowledge the member for Lingiari's advocacy. I paint the dried flowers and bushes from last season as well as the new plants that come after the rain. Any other statement in column 2 has effect according to its terms. Land Rights News Central Australia is published three times a year and distributed free to remote communities in Central Australia. Act No. Newsletter. Lawyers, including those representing mining companies, said the ruling in favour of the Ngaliwurru and Nungali Aboriginal groups – from a remote part of the Northern Territory – paved the way for billions of dollars in compensation nationally. Subscribe to the latestnews from the Central Land Council. This bill is associated with the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Bill 2017 which the House passed on Tuesday this week—19 February. The bill delivers on an agreement between all parties that allows for the continued operation of Ammaroo Station, supporting the important pastoral industry in the Northern Territory, and at the same time provides for the recognition of Aboriginal ownership of land for traditional owners. Volume 3, Number 2. 2 Commencement (1) Each provision of this Act specified in column 1 of the table commences, or is taken to have commenced, in accordance with column 2 of the table. h�bbd```b``}"��@$��d��,�@dP(��g���$c�6;�DF��0F��C�H.u0"9�@$�2���g ����� ����A��FF��_�i�(�F�gx*x � N endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 7623 0 obj <>stream Volume 2, Number 2. Scheduling of the land is consistent with the terms of the Ammaroo Indigenous land use agreement executed by the relevant parties, including the affected pastoralists, and registered with the National Native Title Tribunal. The first thing they did as a married couple was head off and do Aboriginal mission work in the early seventies in Western Australia—Norseman, Onslow, Carnarvon, Wittenoom and all over the place. Aboriginal Land Commissioner | Report for the year ended 30 June 2019 1 ABORIGINAL LAND RIGHTS (NORTHERN TERRITORY) ACT 1976. I'm proud of our commitment to the Kakadu region and to showing regions like Ammaroo Station to the world.